The War on Spam Is Won!

Haven’t had a spam comment get through in a week. Best of all, the solution has nothing to do with the spam filter (which has been flushed) so legitimate comments are no longer getting held up for moderation.

Ability to edit a comment can be safely brought back now. You can edit a comment for an hour after it was posted or until it has been replied to — whichever comes first.

PS.: I also have to remember to unban Yuri after New Year.

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Raptar Driver
Raptar Driver
27 days ago

Yuri is spam personified & magnified.
It would be more beneficial to let bill gates comment on your site.

Ilya G Poimandres
Ilya G Poimandres
26 days ago

Now tell SouthFront how you did it! 😉

Trusted Member
EstibenDelMar (@estibendelmar)
25 days ago

who is yuri?