Rebel Pocket Folds, Syrian Army Surrounds Turkish Military Outpost

1 Turkish base neutralized. 11 more to go

Turns out the initial reports of a massive rebel evacuation were true. The great majority of rebels defending the southermost rebel salient in North Hama abandoned the field Monday when the Syrian army enveloped khan Shaykhoun, or to a lesser extent, slipped out of the cauldron after it was formed Wednesday.

Advancing into the encircled towns south of Khan Shaykhoun the Syrian army found them empty and took them without a fight.

This means since Monday huge area has fallen to the Syrian army quickly and with light losses only. The only ground that still remains to be recovered is the actual ground taken by a Turkish military outpost that was previously set up near the front line but now finds itself deep inside Syrian government-controlled territory.

Without a doubt the Turks will have to pack up now.

Situation yesterday:

  1. ArcAngel says

    Thank You “Checkpoint Asia” for your continued coverage of this SAA offensive.
    I scour the net daily for information on the latest efforts of the Syrians to rid their land of this demonic insanity, and your site seems to be the only ones with any decent information and delivered in a timely manner. ANNA news does an excellent job, but I do not understand Russian. Personally I think this action/offensive is as vital to Syria as the Battle for Damascus, and by the reaction of the Turks, would seem to confirm this.

    The speed at which this offensive is progressing is very impressive and I believe some “players” are in a panic mode; Turkey, US, is-ra-hell, Saudi… as 8 years of demonic bloodshed is being undone. The closing of the ‘cauldron’ was a complete surprise. I found it interesting that no one in the Kremlin was taking the Sultan’s calls, after sending in said convoy and it got bombed/strafed. Then Pres Putin spoke, much to the dismay of the Turks.
    Seems the Syrians (and Russians) have enough of Turkeys (NATO) lies and BS and with the help of the RuAF, is taking the fight to the Turks (and USUKEU Reich).
    It will be VERY INTERESTING to see how Syria deals with these Turks now caught behind the battle lines. I’m still trying to find out what happened to Turkey’s convoy…
    In the world of Geo-politics the last week has been interesting to say the least, the next several weeks are going to be crazy.
    2-3 weeks ago I thought this offensive would have been an impossibility.

    1. skinnerreturns says

      No Turks were injured, it appears their Jihadi escort leading them, was hit with an air strike, the Turks claiming 3 to 12 dead “Syrians”.

      SouthFront have some videos and good updates on Syria, Vanessa Beeley writes for them, she is well travelled and connected in Syria.

      1. ArcAngel says

        Hi “skinner…”
        I believe NOTHING the Turks have to say… especially when it comes to Syria.
        As to the SAF “attack on the convoy” I hear/read one of the main terrorist leaders was killed in the attack. If true…NICE.
        Take care

    2. Marko Marjanović says

      Friend, South Front, Al Masdar, Muraselon (, Syrian Civil War subreddit ( and Syria Livemap ( are good places to follow for this.

      1. ArcAngel says

        Marko M
        Thanks my Human Friend. “Southern Front” is on my list of daily checks, and I have seen “Al Masdar” links via CheckpointAsia, but the other 3 I THANK YOU and will check them out and add to my Favorites. The Idlib has been fascinating to follow.
        Thank again.

        1. ArcAngel says

          To Marko M:

          The Muraselon site is amazing.
          The reddit link went #404
          ‘Syria.liveuamap’ went #404, but there was a YouTube site with a map.
          So I hit the link to YT and found another map, showing the entire war in time laspe.
          Thanks again.

  2. JustPassingThrough says

    nothing more to observe,
    solution seems obvious,
    go home.
    watch your own borders.
    these lovely jihadists are coming after your women and children

  3. John C Carleton says

    Turks just need a persuasive friendly reminder which side of the line Turkey is on.

  4. skinnerreturns says

    Have some sympathy for the Turkish sentry on duty in that outpost.

    Guess where the head choppers will be heading for cover! lol

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