Putin Has Deprived the Children of the Elite of Their Political Future

Are those who have studied (and therefore resided) abroad now barred from top offices of the state?

Representatives of high-ranking Russian officials have amicably started to abandon their foreign citizenship and residence permits. One by one, officials disown foreign passports and property after Putin foretold a constitutional ban on second citizenship. But the question remains: what should the children of other officials who successfully study abroad do? After all, now they are effectively deprived of the chance to come to power.

Apparently, the highest executive authorities of the Russian Federation expect even greater haste and discretion. The reason for such assumptions was Vladimir Putin’s idea of slightly changing the Constitution of the country. Namely, in terms of civil-professional requirements for civil servants and the highest official – the President of the Russian Federation.

“Indeed, I believe that it is time to make some changes to the basic law of the country that explicitly guarantee the priority of the Constitution of Russia in our legal space,” announced the head of the country to elites and people through TV.

“What does that mean?” he asked. And he answered that question himself. Rather, he proposed innovations to the basic law of the country: heads of subjects, members of the State Duma, deputies of the State Duma, the head of the government and their offices, federal ministers, heads of federal bodies, and judges cannot have foreign citizenship, a residence permit, or other document that allows permanent residence on the territory of another state.

Putin proposed to impose even more severe restrictions on the future president: to establish the requirement of permanent residence in Russia for at least 25 years and the absence of foreign citizenship or residence permit in another state.

“…And not only at the time of participation in elections, but also at any time before,” he specified.

After this, officials started to amicably abandon their foreign assets and passports. An example of this is the Acting Minister of Labour and Social Protection Maksim Topilin, whose subordinates stated that he did not and could not have a residence permit in Bulgaria.

This was followed by the Acting Deputy Chairwoman of the Government of the Russian Federation Olga Golodets, who earlier was allegedly caught in possession of a residence permit in Italy. She has a 220 sq.m. house in Switzerland (50% shared ownership) and a 250 sq.m. apartment in Italy (33% shared ownership).

But it appears that assets abroad for the country’s top elite are now not as scary as a residence permit. “Olga Yuryevna has nothing of the kind. This is prohibited by the law on civil service,” said the press service of Golodets on January 16th.

The issue is much more serious with the children of high-ranking politicians and public figures, deputies, and simply rich Russians whose children study abroad and have at least a student residence permit.

For example, Ilya Medvedev, the son of former Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, wanted to study at Massachusetts University in the USThe daughters of former Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Sergey Zheleznyak already study abroad: Ekaterina – in a Swiss school, Anastasiya – at the University of London, his youngest daughter also lives in Great Britain. The daughter of the press secretary of President Dmitry Peskov Elizabeta studied in France, and his son Nikolay lived in Great Britain. It has already been reported that the son of new Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin is studying in Switzerland.

We can continue this list for a very long time. And every time it will contain the names of high-ranking children. And studying abroad automatically implies permanent residence there.

It turns out that for all of them Vladimir Putin decided to close access to state power and working in state departments and institutions. And most importantly, none of the children of the Russian elite who have studied abroad will certainly ever be able to become president.

It turns out that Putin has dealt a serious blow to the political class, which, on the one hand, wanted their children to study abroad, and, on the other hand, saw them as a change in Russia’s leadership. It seems that now the elite will have to give their children to the Golden Section, although this, to be honest, is difficult to believe.

Source: Stalker Zone

  1. R Spooner says

    When the female cuckoo wants to lay an egg, she does it in the crow’s nest, while the male keeps watch as she does it. This gave birth to the now common term known as “Cuck”.
    I’m glad Vladimir Putin is aware of ‘Cucks’ and taking steps to prevent it.

    1. David Bedford says

      My interpretation of Cuck is a man who doesn’t mind his girlfriend being fucked by other men.

  2. Jozo Magoc says

    Rus.Putin forgot on those yiddish speaking goyim who have dual ” patriotism”: little bit to Russia and foremostly to IskraHell( sparking hell)= Israel!!! For he himself might be a bastard ” jew”..One he is for sure- a zionist agent in Kremlin!!!

  3. C D says

    The students who they studied abroad they got only a student visa, not citizenship or residence of that country.
    The one, who acquired such passports and residency they did on their own, was not required by law.

  4. Mary E says

    Putin is a very wise leader! He sees what the West has in mind and is now in the process of repressing that idea/move…Russian students can study abroad – go for it – but at their own peril…if they want to have a say in the Russian government anytime in the future…
    Education is NOT better in the US, France, England or Switzerland than in Russia..so let them be educated in Russia to go into their own government with some wisdom and good sense….working for the betterment of their own country.

    1. thomas malthaus says

      An administrative move toward a purging that probably should have been executed years ago.
      It might be an admission that trust levels among cabinet members and low level administrators isn’t what it could be, or what he had hoped for, when someone prompted him to consider this.

  5. CHUCKMAN says

    Putin is a very clever man.

    He could be accused of a kind of “nativism” in this measure.

    But I believe it represents just what the author says it does, a blow to the political class.

    1. Canosin says

      nativism? hmmm……

    2. David Bedford says

      CHUCKMAN you are handsdown my favourite commentor of this site. Props!

      1. CHUCKMAN says

        Thanks for the kind words, David.

  6. LS says

    Does not go far enough, but it is a start. Let me suggest military service as a necessary qualification for any elected office above the level of dog-catcher. I would also set minimum testosterone and IQ levels.

  7. Garry Compton says

    Yes, but let’s look at what happened in the US white house today – there are two Mossad twins that are part of the foreign policies – Jared and Ivanka – and that could, end up being Igor and Valentina in the Kremlin. Why would anyone want to take a chance – with ones country ? Time for Russians to get the hint – the West and other slime ball countries – want your country. This means CYA at any costs. The ” Opposition” would love to teach your Russian kids – their ways. Look at where Navalny studied – at the school , where the CIA recruits. I’m sure , most kids studying overseas are learning more about the International world – but those that do the teaching , could be Enemies.

    1. thomas malthaus says

      Enrollment in either a US public or private university usually means an indoctrination into liberal political and social values.

      You probably knew that. Just another reason. . . .

      1. Garry Compton says

        I went there in the 50s and 60s – it was different then – there were actual debates back then. And a lot of public protests against the USG. And if you were brought up in the city streets – street sense was valued.

        1. thomas malthaus says

          The overt hostility to opposing conservative viewpoints is what sets it apart.

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