PODCAST: Trump Vetoes the Iran War Powers Resolution

Another step towards war

On FPF #491, I discuss Trump’s decision to veto the Iran War Powers resolution passed by Congress.

The resolution was passed after the killing of Iranian General Soleimani. Trump’s veto is now one of several vetoes he has used to keep Congress from attempting to put minor constraints on the presidential war powers.

Congress must continue to try to pass legislation that will reign in the president’s ability to start aggressive wars with countries that do not threaten America.

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cechas vodobenikov
cechas vodobenikov
9 months ago

democracy in amerika—a fiction….hofstede ranks uSA the most individualistic society on the planet….”any amerikan that has not read Tocqueville is a twerp”. Kurt Vonnegut….tocquevile observed that individualism—the greatest threat to democracy produces a self-doubting (ontologically insecure=RD Laing), conformist, antagonistic and anxious (fearful neurotic) people…Koestler compared amerikans to 5th century Romans: “a similarly contactless society populated by automatons…a similarly soulless, politically corrupt, everybody for themselves society”
obviously an empire on the verge of collapse