Podcast: Lies They Tell to Start Wars

The war state wants conflict with Iran and North Korea

On FPF #445, I debunk lies about North Korea and Iran. On North Korea, the blob often claims the US must take an aggressive position on  North Korea because of North Korean nuclear weapons. I explain how the North Korean nuclear weapon program is a reaction to America’s hostile policy towards North Korea. The war state is also pushing the claim that Iran is getting closer to a nuclear weapon. Iran continues to be inspected by the IAEA and does not have a nuclear weapons program. 

  1. thomas malthaus says
    1. Joseph vona says

      Weather has been weaponized for decades. But CC as a reason for war; probably not.

      1. thomas malthaus says

        Some countries don’t need a logical reason. Perhaps through geoengineering they’ve been weaponing the weather or climate as it were.

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