Pfizer Contract Forces Governments to Acknowledge Vaccine Is Untried and Side Effects Unknown

But if you repeat the same you are a 'truther' or a 'denier'

The standard Pfizer-to-government vaccine contract has been out since January 2021:

There are many iffy parts but here’s the one that’s the most interesting:

“Purchaser further acknowledges that the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are currently not known.”

Pfizer makes the governments explicitly acknowledge that long-term effects can not possibly be known at this time AS A CONDITION OF SELLING TO THEM. Yet governments take to the podium to say that vaccines are “safe and effective”. How can they possibly know? Are they clairvoyant? What do they know that even vaccine makers do not??

In the very contract they sign they agree that neither efficacy nor side-effects are presently known. But if you as a private individual point out this obvious truth you are crazy/stupid/evil.

Sorry, but I’d feel a lot stupider believing the crap the governments are selling but do not even themselves believe.

That would make those who are buying actually as stupid as the government believes them to be.

  1. Sally Snyder says

    As shown in this article, one of the key RT-PCR tests cannot distinguish between the seasonal flu and COVID-19:

    Given that the entire pandemic was built on the RT-PCR testing foundation, this should concern us all.

    1. Dale says

      PCR can’t detect anything other than fragments of a mental construct. Put another way: never mind false positives, it only delivers false.

    2. Craig Martin says

      It is not even a test but a biological manufacturing/multiplying tool as per the inventor. Kary Mullis (the inventor) when he was still alive called out Fauci for using it as a diagnostic test/tool and was adamant that Fauci was an absolute fraud. He “tested” them, turned up the cycle count (how many time it doubles it) to get a “positive”, then give them his “cure”, then turn down the cycle count and viola they are now “negative”. Cure in hand he (or those who’s bidding he does) sells to the masses. Is there any wonder that the root word of pharmacy from the Greek is sorcery?

    3. Elder Son says

      They repurposed the Flu, into the Covid.

      Then they exacerbated the Flu with the lockdowns and face diapering. The whole purpose of this scamdemic was, and only, to introduce the Gain of Function SPIKE PROTEIN Gene Therapy “Vaccine”.

      It is all pretty simple if you unwash your mind of the incessant 24/7 day after day Tele-Vision, MSM, Covid, Covid-Delta, Covid-Epsilon, Covid-Gamma, Covid-Lambda.

  2. ken says

    Humans are strange creatures. They invented this thing called government and regardless how many distruths their government spreads they still relay on it solely for their information.

    The PCR test for example. I cannot count the number of times I myself and others have said the test is useless. The inventor himself said the test could not tell a live virus from a dead virus and thus could not determine if the virus was replicating. In other words it cannot determine infection. Videos are out there with Kary Mullis explaining this.

    But no,,, People believe in government,,, believe every word government and its bullhorn media say. Government says that not only can the PCR determine infection but that it can determine infection from those that have no symptoms.

    Now government comes out and states the PCR cannot determine infection and cannot determine the flu from covid. BUT, they’re still using it until Dec 31! Yeah, they finally admit the test does not work but are still going to test thousands with it.

    Worse thing is People still believe every word they say. They’ll still get tested and they’ll still believe its results.

    And still, they take the vaxxecution! Why…. cuz government says so.

    1. Helga Weber says

      so true!

    2. Tom says

      Yes and by a strange coincidence, Bill Gates and George Soros just bought a Sars/Covid/Flu testing company, how convenient!

  3. Helga Weber says

    worth watching:

  4. Leethal says

    You have been warned. I still am wondering what happened to the 2 senior citizens that were proudly telling each other how they got vaccinated. I looked at them to see how an older fool looks.

    I hope to see them again. They’ll probably be dead or in a wheelchair.

    1. Plutonium says

      You cannot educate stupid

  5. Plutonium says

    They know it’s about depopulation vaccinations! It’s been planned a long time ago!

  6. GMC says

    Buyer Beware ! Means nothing to Sheep.

  7. Steve Kastl says

    Further vaccination with the mRNA vaccine is now a crime against humanity due to facts coming out about micro clots. Stop vaccination until the mRNA experimental medication is safe.

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