People Are Flocking to South Dakota

47th by population size. 4th by influx

South Dakota is dealing with a rapid influx of people looking to see each other’s faces, worship, earn a living, spend time with loved ones, and do all the other things that make human life, well, human.

A survey by United Van Lines this month ranked the state fourth in the nation as a destination for people moving across state lines. That’s pretty significant considering that South Dakota ranks 47th in states by population.

Other states that people moved to were those like Tennessee, Florida, and Arizona, while people were fleeing states like New Jersey, California, New York, and Illinois.

I wonder why that could possibly be?

The survey closely resembles a similar report from U-Haul this month, showing people flocking away from lockdowns and regulations and toward places where they can be free. It turns out, people have a penchant for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Realtors in South Dakota – where Gov. Kristi Noem has refused to implement lockdowns in favor of trusting citizens with their own health – have confirmed that the housing market is booming.

“We had a strong market to start the 2020 year,” said Lori Barnett of VIP Properties in Rapid City. “However, after COVID-19 hit and cities and states across the country began to implement massive shutdowns, people in those areas started looking to less restrictive states. Gov. Kristi Noem has certainly taken the laissez faire approach in dealing with COVID-19, which has definitely drawn attention to our state and our area in particular. People tend to be searching for a place to have more autonomy, be less populated, great outdoor recreation, and not having a state income tax is definitely a plus.”

Local media has reported on this strange phenomenon, which experts tell us was called “Liberty” by people who lived long ago.

“Black Hills area realtors and builders say there’s an influx of people who are relocating permanently or buying land in the region — and the trend isn’t expected to slow anytime soon,” said the Rapid City Journal. “Newcomers from California, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Texas, Michigan, Colorado and Virginia along with Minnesota, North Dakota and Wyoming are leading the trend of relocating to South Dakota.”

There’s also the fact that Leftist leaders have been warning their citizens of a “dark winter” and lamenting how horrible and evil and corrupt America is, while Kristi Noem has said controversial things like this:


Ahead of South Dakota in the United Van Lines survey was Idaho, South Carolina, and Oregon [All three are much larger in population terms]. I assume most who moved to the later were freedom-loving Americans looking to support the bid for eastern Oregon to split from the socialist coastland of Portland and join the great state of Idaho.

Remember, the last ones in California and New York have to turn off the lights!

Source: Not the Bee

  1. ken says

    Good Kristi didn’t lock down but bad she had the Civil Air Patrol fly in the fake vaccines. I was in the CAP. Used to be fun,,, working with kids that were interested in flight.

    Here,,, take this shot,,, it doesn’t work,,, you will still spread the plague,,, still have to wear the holy rag,,, still have to antisocial distance,,, only works to prevent mild symptoms for 4-6 months,,, may kill you but needed to buy, sell, work and travel.

    Yet no one seems to be able to see the BS. Walk around like zombies peering out from above their rag, destroying their immune system and killing what brain cells they have left because of excess CO2 due to the mask, and over working their heart and lungs. You tell them to check it out on OSHA and MSHA websites and all you get is that light on, nobodies home stare. These have got to be the stupidest people ever to populate this planet.

    They’re flocking to Florida as well,,, a state with no mask mandates yet 99% of the maskholes don them. It’s now a religious thing. Pope Fauci recommends it. We need those morons from other states they destroyed coming down to destroy ours like we need a hole in our head.

    Stay where you are,,, you voted for these tyrants,,, take your punishment and leave us be.

    1. Ray Shields says
      1. I live in Rapid City and even though there are no mandates, there is probably a 80 to 90% “compliance” rate. These folks mandate their selves. I guess that sheeple are sheeple, wherever you go.
      1. Black Pete says

        Fluoride in the water did the trick

    2. guest says

      some of us DO see the BS! That’s WHY people are moving! I didn’t vote for any of these tyrants! So, I’ll move if I want to!

    3. osa says

      Bravo !
      Well said !

  2. Writers Alive says

    Good. I’m glad they’re going there and not here to a neighboring state where I live.

    1. guest says

      Well THAT’S the ol’ American spirit! The world is filled with selfish people such as yourself!

      1. Timmy75 says

        But sadly, they are vastly outnumbered by vapid, virtue signalling frauds accusing them of being selfish for desiring a goodly amount of space between themselves and morons.

  3. August says

    Enjoy you heating bills, and good luck getting any taxpayer funded utility assistance/welfare from the greedy evil churches.

    1. Joseph says

      what makes you think I use welfare? I prefer states with no income taxes for a reason.


    HERES the DEAL

  5. felixx says

    don’t allow leftists to infiltrate S Dakota

  6. John M says

    I live on Long Island, 30 miles east of the world’s most disgusting city. I’d love to get out of the sprawling suburbs, but I would really miss the ocean on the south shore and the sound on the north shore. I don’t think I’d adapt well to the open prairie. Nevertheless, having visited South Dakota three times, I really like the state, and I tell people one of the best vacations they can take in the U.S. is to spend a week or two in the southwest corner of SD; there’s a great deal to see and do – the Black Hills, the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally every August. (I’m not a biker, but I attended the rally once and highly recommend it. It’s pretty crazy – the modern version of the Wild West!) The last time I was there, in 2012, I figured I’d have a look at Pierre, and the state capitol building. Pierre gets very few visitors, because it’s in the middle of nowhere, a half-hour drive off I-90, and quite frankly it’s not too interesting. I entered the capitol about 6PM on a mid-summer Friday evening. There was a sign saying it would be locked at 7PM. I walked right in – not a soul in sight. No security guards, no metal detectors, no cameras. I had the whole place to myself. Every door, except the door to the governor’s office, was unlocked. I went into a few rooms and poked around. I couldn’t believe it. It was like being in my own house. In how many state capitols can you do this? (Actually, Montpelier, Vermont comes close, but certainly none of the others I’ve been to.) This is what all America should be like, I thought to myself. By the way, Ken, I agree with you on Kristi; she’s an angel for refusing to lock down, but why the hell did she fly vaccines in? And Ray, sorry to hear about such a high percentage of sheeple in Rapid City. 80 tp 90%, eh? That’s about what it is here. Sometimes I just feel like giving up on our species.

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