New ‘Diplomacy’: Why Are Ambassadors of NATO Countries Inspecting Ukrainian Armed Forces at the Front Line?

"That’s generally not the way things are done in what were formerly known as diplomatic circles."

Interfax-Ukraine reported that the Danish ambassador to Ukraine paid a two-day visit to the front line of his host country’s war in the Donbass region. The press report phrased its account of the event like this: “On July 19-20, a delegation of the Kingdom of Denmark, led by Ambassador Ole Egberg Mikkelsen, visited the area of the Joint Forces Operation (JFO), and also met with representatives of Luhansk Regional Military-Civil Administration.” On the latter score, that is the part of Lugansk still under control of the Ukrainian government.

The Danish delegation, for all the world as though its members were military attachés, or military advisors, met with Deputy Commander of the Joint Forces Eduard Moskaliov and toured an observation post of a Ukrainian armed forces unit that is assigned to the Joint Forces Operation, until recently the Anti-Terrorist Operation. (National Anti-Terrorist Operation would have provided a more accurate acronym.)

Somehow it’s difficult to imagine, say, ambassadors to Moscow being taken to the eastern border of the Donbass to meet with Russian commanders and inspect Russian military units. Four days earlier the top American envoy in Ukraine led a similar delegation to the war zone. That’s generally not the way things are done in what were formerly known as diplomatic circles.

The press office of the Joint Forces Operation quoted the head of the delegation of loyal subjects of Queen Margrethe II stating:

“I am very happy to visit the contact line and see everything with my own eyes. This is the front line of peaceful life, the front line of democracy. You protect the security of Europe, so if you are in danger, then we cannot be safe either. I am very glad to meet all of you commanders and soldiers. My sincere gratitude to you for what you are doing.”

[High praise for what amounts to border agents at a checkpoint.]

He might have engaged in a rare moment of candor and acknowledged that plebeian youth drafted into the Ukrainian army to kill and be killed in a fratricidal war with their fellow citizens are in fact preserving the prerogatives, human and divine, of the Transatlantic elites who recognize no sense of obligation to any nation or any people. Self-isolated cosmopolites who only acknowledge other deracinated parasites as their kin and compatriots. The names adopted by the targets of the NATO-supported war, the People’s Republic of Donetsk and the People’s Republic of Lugansk, are doubly anathema to Western monarchists.

When the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was established in 1949 seven of its twelve members were – and remain – constitutional monarchies: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom. The monarchy Spain joined in 1992 and monarchical Sweden, which has recently become a NATO Enhanced Opportunities Partner, might as well be a full member as it’s supplied troops for NATO’s war in Afghanistan and warplanes for its war against Libya. In furtherance of the global geopolitical objectives of what could be called the NATO (Nordic Aryan Teutonic Order) new Wholly Roamin’ Empire.

The current secretary general of the military bloc, Jens Stoltenberg, is a subject of King Harald V of Norway. His immediate predecessor, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, was a subject of Queen Margrethe II. The other living former leaders of NATO were also subjects of their respective monarchs: Jaap de Hoop Scheffer of Queen Beatrix, George Robertson (Baron Robertson of Port Ellen) of Queen Elizabeth II, Javier Solana of Juan Carlos I and Willy Claes of King Albert II.

What the cannon fodder on the Donbass front line have really been dragooned into laying down their lives for is to protect the right of unearned privilege of all sorts, including hereditary rule. To maintain the right to pass down power and privilege through bloodlines. To marry and breed solely within their own ranks. To annually have the lifetime incomes of several of their subjects lavished upon them, in the words of the poet, simply for taking the trouble to be born.

The system, in short, which NATO and the European Union were founded to protect and perpetuate. Oh, yes, and of course something or other about democracy and freedom and diversity and equality. And peace.

Source: Anti-Bellum

  1. Ilya G Poimandres says

    Were I Putin I would turn up in Donbas tomorrow and chat and grab some photos with the grannies chilling on the benches!

  2. yuri says

    Denmark is a US colony

    1. Fred not Reed says

      US is colony of Israel.

  3. GMC says

    Dear Europe – Russia’s missiles are so fast , you won’t even have time to call ” Your Front Line Huckleberries” and order them around — anymore !

  4. Malatok says

    NATO, North Amerikan Terror Organ; that limp appendage dangling from the Pedophile Politburo in Natostan capital of USSA’s flaccid vassal Brussels, seat of the infamous albeit collapsing EUSSR wants to be the global gangster sidekick of the Pentacon thugs but just doesn’t want to pay to play. Will the Germans get suckered for a third time into a global war for their anglozionazi bankster masters and the Washing town thugocracy?  Nah…they finally seem to have figured it and STASI agent “Erika” out as the I$I$ “backed” Saudi Mercan IOU petroscrip toilet paper dollah gets flushed from the global Ponzi sewer of the Potemkin Village (idiot) Mercan “economy” of slaughter for profit of the zero 1%.

    Syria is where the anglozionazi beast and Pentacon Murder Inc. finally bit off more than they could chew and the rest of humanity sees it for what it is. Meanwhile the emasculated pedophile pawns in Natostan huff and puff at Mr. Bear’s doorstep but that is all these Brownstoned pedovore cretins will ever do. It is all over bar the inevitable bankrupt collapse of €urolandia and the long awaited civil war reloaded in Slumville USSA.
    Onward to the co££ap$€ of worthless Pentacon protected fiat filth and the execution of the banksters and political whores that peddle it!

    GLADIO or I$I$…synthetic USSAN terror…same as it ever was

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