MI6 White Helmets Co-Founder Found Dead in Turkey

"Former MI6" killed by fall from his not particularly high balcony

James Le Mesurier, founder of the Mayday Rescue group, was found dead early on Monday in central Istanbul’s Beyoglu district, a Turkish source with knowledge of the case told MEE.

The Turkish security source told MEE that the former British army officer was found dead outside his home on Monday morning.

“He appeared to have fallen from a height. Current information suggests he had committed suicide,” the source said on condition of anonymity.

A second Turkish source with knowledge of the case told MEE that the building was only accessible by using fingerprint identification.

Preliminary evidence suggests that the system was only accessed by Mesurier and his wife overnight.

“Mesurier and his wife appear to be alone in the building at the time of the death,” the source said.

A security source told Reuters news agency: “Le Mesurier’s wife told police that she and her husband had taken sleeping pills around 4am and went to bed.

“She said she was later woken by knocking on the door and discovered that her husband was lying on the street surrounded by police,” the source added.

The privately owned Haberturk daily reported that the police, checking the security footage, couldn’t detect anyone other than Le Mesurier and his wife inside the building.

Meanwhile, another source told the privately owned Turkish news-wire Demioren News Agency that police had found his face had been cut by a sharp object.

In an official statement, the Istanbul governor’s office said “a comprehensive administrative and criminal investigation on the death of English citizen James Gustaf Edward Le Mesurier” had been opened.

Raed al-Salah, the leader of the White Helmets, confirmed the news to Middle East Eye.

“He was found dead outside of his house this morning,” he told MEE. “The police is investigating it. We don’t have any certain information on what has transpired.”

Last week Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova accused Mesurier of being a “former agent” to the United Kingdom MI6 intelligence agency and said he had connections to “terrorist groups”.

The White Helmets, known officially as Syria Civil Defence, have been credited with saving thousands of people in rebel-held areas during years of bombing by Syrian government forces and its ally Russia in the country’s civil war.

Mayday Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation with offices in Amsterdam and Istanbul whose projects have been funded by the United Nations and various western governments.

Mayday Rescue did not immediately respond to an emailed query by Reuters about Le Mesurier.

Source: Middle East Eye

  1. Peter Jennings says

    A nice little going away present from Erdogan to Assad and the Syrian people?

    It could have been an accident. However i am quite prepared to let my wishful thinking get the better of me. If it was suicide, he didn’t put in much effort and could have picked a better spot.

    I think this also sends a message to the terrorist Helmets scum to stay away from Turkey.

  2. cap960 says

    A well deserved death… His victims can finally Rest In Peace.

  3. getreal155 says

    White helmets are terrorists and all should fall.

  4. CHUCKMAN says

    People who read widely have known for quite some time that The White Helmets are a fraud.

    There are countless tidbits of evidence for the claim, but you have to search them out. You won’t find them in any of the corporate press in America or the parts of Europe, like Britain, which are under America’s thumb.

    Most of the Western corporate press goes on praising them, and of course dear old Hollywood even gave them an “documentary film” Oscar.

    That’s the very same Hollywood that each year holds a big gala dinner to raise millions and millions of dollars for Israel’s army. The army whose main job is to harshly occupy millions of people who have no rights, and an army, over the last year, which has weekly busied itself ambushing unarmed Gaza protesters from behind a fence, killing about 300 and wounding thousands.

    I wouldn’t doubt Hollywood even supplied expertise and supplies for the make-up work used in White Helmet films, but I don’t know that.

    The job of The White Helmets has always been to promote local divisions inside Syria and to create provocations that can be used to justify more American or British bombing at desired locations.

    They mounted and filmed several “rescue operations” from poison gas attacks which they staged themselves, trying to incriminate Syria’s government. They film their own stuff and distribute it to the Western press. Undoubtedly, they also perform other covert work such as “bomb spotting.”

    Their films all have been frauds, using everything from child actors (documented by some critics) and Hollywood make-up to other mislabelled footage.

    This outfit represents a true ethical low point in America’s diligent efforts at hybrid and proxy war in the region, a fake humanitarian organization to promote real death and destruction.

    How absolutely fitting that it was founded by one of the creeps from MI6.

    1. silver7 says

      One of their own filmed them working along side Alqaida by mistake. He had been drinking up on a good bottle of paid for wine. Pockets stuffed with cash looted from somewhere.

  5. JustPassingThrough says

    what, no white helmets to the rescue?

  6. Aurum Cimex says

    Anybody believe he wasn’t “Clintoned”?

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