Macron Goes for a Zelensky Makeover. And Embarasses Himself

Source: The Telegraph

Inappropriate lust for President Zelensky was already at epidemic levels last week. They say truth is the first casualty of war but, for newspaper columnists, it’s self-respect. You could hardly move for articles breathing heavily over Zelensky’s combat gear, his bravery, his leadership, all conveyed by a slick media operation.

Unsurprisingly this Zelensky-thirst has spread upwards from the general population, through the media and into the political class. One leader above all appears to be suffering from crippling Zelenskyitis. French president Emmanuel Macron has evidently been gazing on his Ukrainian counterpart’s impeccable media campaign with such envy that it clouds his judgment.

How else to explain the bizarre series of photoshoots emanating from the Élysée? Last week, after an unsuccessful phone call with Putin, we saw Macron, in a white shirt, in three poses of anguish: solely clutching the back of his chair in Versailles; pinching the bridge of his nose in anguish; hands knitted in pain in front of his face.

More photos emerged today. Over the weekend Mr Macron’s look has evolved from “corporate burnout” to “hacker luxe”. A faint barbe d’un jour has appeared on his usually hairless features. Was France importing all its razors from Russia? The white shirtsleeves have gone, replaced by a black French special forces hoodie and jeans, as if at any moment he might be called upon to hack a mainframe or launch a Molotov cocktail at a tank.

In one picture he clutches his documents, one eyebrow raised quizzically. In another he talks with purpose into his phone. In the most striking, he stands in his quite literally palatial office facing his advisers with both hands on hips, a stance known to cricketers as the “double-teapot”. Presumably the pose is designed to imply action and purpose, but the effect is closer to a paintball instructor admonishing a stag do for taking their goggles off again.

The problem for Mr Macron, as for other leaders, is that political photoshoots must match the weight of the real-world events. A bit of primping and presentation is forgivable, but the gravitas cannot be forced.

When Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and co were photographed looking serious as they watched the Bin Laden raid, it felt appropriate. Liz Truss in full getup on an aircraft carrier looks like your aunt won a competition. The fraudulence of staged pictures is starker when there is war going on.

  1. Martillo says

    Urupp like USSA is a sad joke. Mr. Bear must be terrified that the Natostan girly men will get aroused and want to join the Ukrop extinction festivities. Meanwhile get ready for the long overdue €urodollah collap$€ and all things anglozionazi.

    If the 2 year covaid$ vaxx plandemic couldn’t save the EUSSR….the Ukrop Variant certainly won’t.

    Onward down the toilet.

  2. Martillo says

    hoe gotta hook

  3. anon says

    it certainly seems that being a rancid little faggot (or a female imbecile) is de rigueur for runnng a zionist yankee satrap.. and that’s certainly true of mrs merkins handbag manny micron…

    or should that be brouillard de guerre jupiter…

  4. Dickie Piano Player says

    There is a lot of truth in these pictures if we pause to think.

Macron, just like Zelensky, has been put in the presidential office like you would put a baby in its baby chair. He has no political background, no political ideas nor convictions. He’s just a flight attendant, or rather a MODEL (e.g. Cindy Crawford et alii). He’s here for the show, for the pictures, for the catwalk, the TV appearances, the skits.

    These ultra-embarrassing pictures and the permanent cosplay are the alpha and omega of Macron’s office.

    Therefore one should not be surprised if he winks at the camera and strikes poses like the silly bitch he is because that’s what he was hired for.

    The main difference between usurper Zelensky and usurper Macron is the latter will (try to) convert to plain media entertainment AFTER his political mandate.

  5. Face of Castlereagh says

    The white shirtsleeves have gone, replaced by a black French special forces hoodie and jeans, as if at any moment he might be called upon to hack a mainframe or launch a Molotov cocktail at a tank.

    He was probably the only young traitor World leader who could have un-ironically pulled-off wearing a jaunty special forces Beret, but who listens to me?

  6. klipfisk says

    CRINGE is the only word!!!!

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