Lukashenko Calls on “International Crooks” to End Fake Pandemic

Crooks like Putin?

Alexander “it’s better to be a dictator than be gay” Lukashenko

We must protect him at all costs:

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko advised people not to worry too much if they were diagnosed with coronavirus, and called on “international crooks” to end the pandemic.

“I advise you to not sweat it. I told you a long time ago, from the very beginning: our disease is here, in the head. As soon as you start to groan, gasp and run to God knows where, it’s a disaster. Young people have nothing to worry about,” Lukashenka told reporters on Friday, his words are quoted by the presidential press service.

At the same time, he turned to international organizations: “I want to tell all these international crooks: enough already. They have already turned out our pockets so that there is nothing left.”

The President added that he is observing how the situation with the coronavirus is developing in the world and what various experts say about it. “One either American or Western expert said: ‘If omicron is such a mild virus, let us all catch it, and it will become a vaccine for us.’ From my point of view, an ideal proposal,” Lukashenko said.

The rumors are true. Belarus really is the “real” Russia:

Belarus: Like Russia but If Schwab Didn’t Have Putin Neutered


See you guys in Minsk.

Source: Edward Slavsquat

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    There was a long time under Ottoman occupation that Montenegro was the most Serbian.

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