Israel’s Bennett Told Zelensky to Accept Kremlin’s Terms to End War

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that he recommends Ukraine take the offer made by Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the war – which includes many Ukrainian sacrifices – in a phone call on Tuesday, according to an official in Ukraine’s government.

According to the official, Zelensky did not take Bennett’s advice.

The source claimed that the phone call was initiated by Bennett. “If I were you, I would think about the lives of my people and take the offer,” Bennett reportedly said.

Zelensky’s response was short: “I hear you,” he said.

According to the report, the Ukrainian president and his people did not like the advice.

“Bennett told us to surrender,” said the official. “We have no intention of doing so. We know Putin’s offer is only the beginning.”

In the past two weeks, and especially since Bennett’s visit to Moscow, the prime minister’s office and the Foreign Ministry have been claiming that Israel’s mediation efforts force them to keep an even more cautious and balanced approach. This message was also passed quietly to Zelensky’s office. The official also said that Israel asked Ukraine not to request more military and defense aid because such a request could harm the mediation efforts.

According to the official, however, Zelensky’s office isn’t seeing results from the mediation. He said that Bennett isn’t mediating so much as functioning as a mailbox and just passing messages between the two sides. According to him, a mediator needs to try to put together a compromise between the two sides and make his own offers.

“We don’t need a mailbox,” said the official. “We have enough of those. If Bennett wants to be neutral and mediate, we would expect to see him appoint someone to work on it day and night and try to get a compromise.”

Ukrainian officials believe that Bennett’s involvement in diplomatic efforts comes from his not wanting to take a clear stance regarding the Russian invasion for fear that it will harm Israel’s ties with Russia.

On Tuesday, Ukrainian Ambassador Yvgeni Kornichuk is expected to meet with Knesset Chairman Mickey Levi. The official said that Kornichuk intends to make clear to Levi that the only option, as far as Zelensky is concerned, is a video speech in the Knesset plenum and not a Zoom call which will only include a few MKs.

If the Knesset speech does not happen, the Ukrainian leader is looking at other options. The first is a speech in Yad Vashem, and the second is a speech in Tel Aviv’s Bima Square. Mayor Ron Huldai has already told Zelensky that he would be happy to arrange it.

On Saturday, the Ukrainian negotiator in talks with Russia said Bennett rejected claims Israel tried to nudge Ukraine into caving to Russian demands during talks.

Source: The Jerusalem Post

Russian terms (possibly intentionally designed to be rejected):

According to ZN.UA , obtained from reliable diplomatic sources, Russia put forward 6 demands to Ukraine. The first five of them, as Putin sees it, should be enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine.

  1. Refusal to move to NATO. Neutral status of Ukraine. Russia, which attacked our country, is ready to become one of the guarantors.
  2. Russian is the second state language. The abolition of all laws that infringe on it.
  3. Recognition of Crimea by Ukraine as Russian.
  4. Recognition by Ukraine of the independence of the DPR and LPR within the administrative boundaries of the regions (including the territories currently controlled by Ukraine).
  5. “Denazification”. Prohibition of the activities of ultra-nationalist, Nazi and neo-Nazi parties and public organizations, the abolition of existing laws on the glorification of Nazis and neo-Nazis.
  6. “Demilitarization of Ukraine”. A complete rejection of offensive weapons, under which, if desired, any type of weapons can be brought.
  1. Hostage (Raptar) Driver says

    Surrender now under reasonable terms or be defeated without any terms.
    Of course criminals always double down.

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  2. guest says

    >>> “5. Denazification. Prohibition of the activities of ultra-nationalist, Nazi and neo-Nazi parties and public organizations, the abolition of existing laws on the glorification of Nazis and neo-Nazis.”

    They left out:
    Kiev to be renamed “Zhugashwili”, Lvov to be renamed “Kaganovitse”
    No history book ever to be written without the approval of the ministry of pan-slav truth.

    1. EstibenDelMar says

      what made the ukranians join the germans? i can only wonder.

      1. XSFRGR says

        At the time the Ukrainians had gone through Stalin’s mass starvation of the Holodomor. Understandably the Ukrainians were just a bit pissed off at the Soviets.

        1. EstibenDelMar says

          that is one and the most used excuse though true. there were other details too.

          1. XSFRGR says

            The simple fact is that many Ukrainians thought that Hitler had the right idea, and in many aspects they were right. Today Russia has a National Socialist economy, as does China, and many others. It seems that Feder, the author of volumn 2 of Mein Kampf, was right.

        2. Mr Reynard says

          & you have to remember that the Komissars implementing the Holodomor wern’t speaking Russian, but Yidsdish ?

  3. nnn says

    Rope is crying for bloody criminal Zelensky

  4. Helga Weber says

    If Zelensky would agree to these conditions, it would be his death sentence. He should resign and leave the country. According to some information out of Scotland he has lots of money on the side.

  5. Eric the Red says

    Zelensky is the puppet (along with Hunter Biden) of Ukrainian Jewish oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky. Calls from Israel are nice and all that, but until ‘ol Ihor gives the final orders, Zelensky, the Cokehead from Kiev, will do nothing.

    1. Chacko Kurian says

      I hear that he has some skills after all-like playing the piano with his penis:
      Maybe that’s why Kolomoisky annointed him to be president.

  6. XSFRGR says

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  7. Jerôme says

    Zionist khazar talks to zionazi khazar.

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