Israeli Soldiers Enter Syria, Blow Up Syrian Army Sites

Israeli forces crossed the ceasefire line with Syria last month and destroyed two Syrian regime military outposts, Israeli media reported on Wednesday.

This was in response to Syrian regime forces entering a demilitarised buffer zone near the Golan Heights, according to The Jerusalem Post newspaper. [Which was done to uproot the Israeli-backed jihadis. In any case, both the Golan Heights and the buffer zone are Syrian territory.]

Israel has illegally occupied the Golan Heights region of southwestern Syria since 1967 and annexed it in 1981.

In 1974, the US brokered a disengagement agreement between Syria and Israel, which set up the UN-patrolled buffer zone. According to the Israeli daily, the entry of Syrian regime forces into the buffer zone was a violation of the disengagement agreement. [And what is the constant Israeli bombing of Syria and the backing for jihadis?]

Israeli commando forces from the Nachal and Yahalom Brigades secretly crossed into the area and destroyed the regime outposts on 21 September, according to a tweet by Avichay Adraee, the Israeli army’s Arabic-language spokesman.

Adraee posted video footage of the incursion, saying it took place in the north of the Golan Heights. He added that Syrian regime forces had used the outposts for reconnaissance and “routine security”.

An unnamed Israeli commander said that explosives were planted in the two outposts and detonated simultaneously.

Another commander, Lieutenant Colonel Tal Goritzki, added that the Israeli army feared the outposts could be used by the Iran-backed Lebanese group Hezbollah, which has fought two wars against Israel and intervened in the Syrian conflict on the side of Bashar Al-Assad’s regime in 2012.

“We won’t allow southern Syria to become southern Lebanon,” Goritzki said.

Syrian rebel and Islamist groups used to control areas near the Golan Heights, but the Assad regime took over the entire Syrian side of the buffer area in 2018.

Far-right Israeli politician Avigdor Lieberman, who was the country’s defence minister at the time, expressed approval of the Syrian regime’s return to the area.

Source: The New Arab

  1. NWOD says

    ZioNazi Israel, like the US, is a rogue terror state that follows no law and has no conscience or morality. The only way either will ever stop its endless crimes against humanity and war crimes is if someone forces them too – you cannot negotiate with pure evil.

  2. didactic1 says

    Let us be honest. Syria would love to blow up, say, Haifa, and be embraced by millions of Muslims. They like the Israelis correctly have no use for dainty ignored international law. Syria cant do not even prior to the civil war because IDF more competent than Syrian military. Also, Syria’s lifeline, Russia, has closer ties to Israel than silly BDS fairies imagine. Eventually Syria and Israel will ally. The Turks will be sent back to Tajikistan where they belong.

    1. Frank frivilous says

      Okay……but when you say Turks, do you mean Khazaris?

      1. didactic1 says

        No I mean Turks
        Dimwit anti semites babble about Khazaris gone for 1200 yrs.

        1. NWOD says

          ZioNazis make that claim about Khazaris all the time, but everyone knows the “Russian” and other East Jews are not Semites but Khazaris. They are frauds, liars, and deceivers, because they follow the unholy Torah and the demonic beast Yahweh, their pathetic, evil, genocidal and barbaric god.

          1. didactic1 says

            Everyrone including geneticists do not know your hocus pocus loony crap.

            1. NWOD says

              Actually there are plenty of genetic studies to back up my claims, all you need to do is use the … wait for it … INTERNET! Or even your own eyes – think about it, dimwit, does NutAndYahoo look Hebrew to you (hint: Hebrews look like Arabs)? Zuckerberg? Bloomberg?

              But keep peddling your lies, snake oil salesmen, I’m sure you’ll find a few buyers.

  3. ke4ram says

    Years ago I was pro Israeli before they went full blown fascist,,, like the West in general I blame the US and others as well for funding them. No way could they do what they’re doing on their own. They would have been forced to get along or move along.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      Israel has been full-blown fascist since the UN gave them the green light to do what the Nazis did.

    2. didactic1 says

      Full blown fascist the Palestinians would be ash, moron.

  4. Mr.Evans says

    BD$ I$raHELL . . . ;-(

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