India to Deploy Four Warships to the South China Sea

India is deploying a naval task force of four warships this month that will transit the South China Sea and participate in naval exercises with the US, Japan, and Australia in the western Pacific. The four countries make up the group known as the Quad, which is viewed as a potential foundation for an anti-China military alliance in Asia.

During the two-month deployment, the Indian warships will also hold drills with countries located in the South China Sea, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam. The region has turned into a potential flashpoint between the US and China, with Washington rallying allies to challenge Beijing’s claims to the waters.

Other Western countries are following the US in stoking tensions with Beijing in the region. Last week, a British aircraft carrier strike group entered the disputed waters. Earlier this year, French warships transited the South China Sea, and Germany has deployed a warship that is expected to sail into the sensitive area in December.

The Biden administration is focusing on bolstering the Quad as part of its strategy against China. The four countries will participate in Indian-led drills known as the Malabar exercises. Last year’s Malabar was held off the coast of India and marked the first time since 2007 that all quad countries held military exercises together.

In previous years, India had been hesitant to let Australia participate in the Malabar for fear of sending the wrong message to China. But relations between New Delhi and Beijing have soured in recent years, and Canberra was allowed to join its Quad partners for a show of force in the Bay of Bengal, where last year’s Malabar was held.


  1. ken says

    The new AXIS powers.

    1. Eddy says

      L.O.L. You gotta be kidding us surely ? Do you know anything of Australia’s military ??? It’s a JOKE. Should any REAL shots be fired, Australia’s NAVY would instantly become non existent, and there’s no ability to rebuild their losses within the next 30 years or so. So in effect, Australia has only ONE shot up it’s sleeve and then it’s all over. L.O.L. WOW, guess the Chinese must be quaking in their boots in fear. NOT ! There’s a reason the U.S. ALWAYS cobbles together a group of countries when they want to target someone, it’s because they are unable to do the dirty work on their own, they try to make it legal by co opting other nations to share the blame. B.T.W. I hope everyone KNOWS the U.S, is not signatory to the Freedom Of The Seas agreement, yet still insists others abide by it.

      1. Danny.white20 says

        Australia doesnt have a real Defense force.
        Just a bunch a thugs tht get off on beating up young kids in western sydney for not wearing their face mask.
        Honestly, the best thing for the australian military would be for it to surrender to the chinese and take instructions from their new bosses.
        Would also be the best thing for the country

      2. richseeto says

        Thanks for pointing that out about Australia and the US; points that I know and do my best to educate others.

        Australia can only shout when it has the US on its side and try to show off how brave and full of valour its puny armed forces are.

        If the Spudheaded minister declared he will adjoin US forces in a conflict between China and her rebel province Taiwan and thinks if he does intervene that his country will escape blowback like it has with its invasion of Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, weak countries without any means to pay back, he will be in for the surprise of his life.

        Touch China, and Australia does not need to have Chinese warships come to pay visits as she has ample missiles which can target it within less than half an hour.

        There will be no escape if the Potato head is stupid and arrogant enough to participate in the conflict between China and Taiwan but of course, he won’t be sending his kids to the front line to become Chinese canon fodder.

        The US is really a coward country which always uses other nations to join in its aggressive and immoral acts of invading and plundering other countries but in the end keeps all the spoils for itself without sharing and those nations which enjoins with the Hegemon are stupid in so doing.

        The Korean War has shown that China can hold her own against the world and if needs be, she will even be more capable now that she is fully armed and can also make her own high technology weaponry.

        Any nation which has participated in denigrating China in the Century of Humiliation, Rapes, Thefts, Plunder and Destruction of the China of the past thinks it will be just as easy to do so now in version 2.0; can come to have another go and see what sore heads and broken jaws they will get.

        China is a peaceful nation and all she wants is to mind her own business and provide work, economic benefits and uplift for her own people and to protect her own country and provinces from the depredations of foreign greed. But if any nation is stupid enough to want to invade and intrude into her internal affairs and territorial integrity, China will fight and fight to win.

        Nuclear war or not will not deter her will to win.

        1. sszorin says

          Are you in the employ of the communist government of China ?

          1. Jianhong says

            Are you a brainwashed American?

    2. sszorin says

      You do not seem to have much knowledge.

  2. yuri says

    they are all enriching Russia—until they revert to sailboats their navies require Russian fuel

  3. Ying Jun says

    Indian people need toilets not war ships. Priorities!

    1. Danny.white20 says

      Indian needs to cull about a billion of its useless eaters.
      So many excess humans
      Waste products of a failed nation state

      1. Doug says

        maybe start with you first?

  4. Chinook says

    Will WW3 be fought between these two nuclear Alliances ? China, Russia, Iran and North Korea on one side vs the US, UK, France, India, Japan, Australia on the other side? If so this war is called MAD or Mutual Assured Destruction. Because when a Nuclear Winter sets in there will be no sunlight for at least 6 months. All crops will die. Mass starvation will kill those who survived WW3. Earth will then be free of Humans.

    1. Danny.white20 says

      I hope your wrong.
      I was hoping to see the indians join with the Russians and the chinese.
      When India and china come together with Russian Technology
      They can push the USA NATO war alliance out of Asia, Out of Europe and out of the middle east.
      Then they can focus on booting them from South America.
      They just need to target the civilian populations
      Western civilistions have formed themselves into nice little kill boxes called cities
      It can be done

    2. richseeto says

      As I have said, China does want war and she and Russia have suffered untold millions due to war. But America has been clever to avoid its homeland being touched and only went into the world wars when all the opposing sides have exhausted their men power and weaponry to reap all the spoils.

      WW3 will be the end of humanity and maybe even planet Earth. but…..

      If the Yanks who has a population of less than 5% but consumes more than 25% of the world’s resources are suicidal enough to think that it can forever hold others hostage to its hegemony, now is the time for China and Russia and their allies to make a stand to show the Hegemon, enough is enough and lets show if it can prevail.

    3. Raptar Driver says

      No world war 3 will be fought by the collective armies of the world against the invading aliens.
      Of course there are no aliens.
      The invaders will actually be Jesus Christ and his angel army.
      Yes our great military’s will fight God when he comes back. That’s what they’re building it up for.

    4. sszorin says


  5. Danny.white20 says

    That is a shame

    I was hoping that India would join with Russia and China to take on the USA NATO war alliance.
    If they take Australia, then can use it as a base to hit the USA team in the South Pacific

  6. XSFRGR says

    What ever.

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