In an Unfree Society the Only Place for a Free Man Is Prison.

Your editor gets himself nabbed for COVID detention

Where I’m at we’re having a prohibition going on as part of our “COVID measures” so bars find it wiser to pretend they’re closed (as opposed to pretend that they’re open to serve orange juice):

Anyway about two weeks ago returning from such a “speakeasy” I got myself nabbed by the New Normal goon squads for being outside past the 10pm curfew and not wearing a mask. Albeit my real crime was violating the curfew while riding a bicycle because they don’t ever bother people “rich” enough to ride around in a car.

Since March 2020 this was the fourth time I got myself caught by the military or police for one COVID “violation” or another, but this time I couldn’t talk myself out of it, and off to detention I went.

After a stop at the police station (I rode in the jeep while one of the cops cycled my bike to the station) where I met the rest of the curfew-breaking rascals for the night, we were taken to a processing center which just happens to be a former basketball court (ball sports have been banned for over 18 months now so at least we’re getting use out of them) so we can all be socially distanced like:

There at the basketball court-detention our hosts presented us with the option to either pony up the $20 fine and go home, or for those who can afford the fine — and most can not, especially in lockdown — to hang around until morning and then take a “seminar” on serfs’ duties in times of COVID repression.

As much as I would have liked to have stayed and had more to brag about, it was more of a younger crowd at the court and I’m getting a little long in the tooth for adventures of this type, so I said my goodbyes to the police station crowd, snapped a few photos (then pretended to delete them as our hosts took issue with me documenting their hospitality), and ponied up the twenty and off I went.

With a receipt for a fine paid in my pocket, I was now immune from curfew patrols for the night, but sadly with nowhere to celebrate. The best I could do was load up on icecreams in a 7-Eleven (prohibition extends to stores) then shun taxis despite intermittent rain and take a two-hour walk home instead, basking in the freedom and the immunity provided by the $20 “license to roam”.

As I walked the empty streets at night I was of course sure to sprinkle COVID-19 all along the sidewalks as the bioterrorist that I am.



BTW “COVID measures” — what a truly Orwellian phrase. What they really are are measures for some of the world’s most corrupt politicians to demonstrate how deeply they care about COVID by punishing the poorest for there being a virus. The more you repress the populace, but especially the poor, the more you show how much you really care. Kind of like our Saturday plastic bag ban (because our politicians care about the Earth so much), except if the Saturday plastic bag ban turned back the clock on the poor for 50 years.


UPDATE — Outdoor dining for the unvaxxed second class is here:

What better way to celebrate a 50% adult vaccination rate in the city than by kicking out the unvaxxed disease vectors to eat on the sidewalk.

  1. Maiasta says

    Is this the Philippines?

    1. Field Empty says

      You got it

      1. Ron says

        Phillippines is a US vassal…..but not that it matters. Flips are the most obedient slaves in Asia.

    2. Jerry Hood says

      It is zionazi USrael, California….

      1. Leisure Larry says

        Wrong historical peg.
        These are zioSOVIETS.

  2. James says

    It’s beyond scary that you guys have “detention”; it sounds so much like the “detention” they used to have in U.S. public schools for delinquent kids. It’s but a step away from full-blown, military-style concentration camps, and one suspects they are training us for it. But thank you, sir, for your resistance to Covid tyranny (and for the photos!).

    1. D Hata says

      I think you are spot on correct, sir

  3. ken says

    So bicycling at night by yourself can spread the covid,,, but only after 10PM….

    What a smart virus!

    Next infraction…

  4. Rebel Forever says

    Sacramento – Governor Nuisance’s Gulag?

  5. Greg Follis says

    We don’t have that crap happening in Tennessee. I have NEVER worn the mask!! You have to learn to tell people to mind their own business, or in extreme cases to eat shit!!

    1. Drapetomaniac says

      Panarchism – the humane notion that other people are not your property.

  6. Terje M says

    We are not quite there yet, but something like Chile ’73 will be coming to many places. In the not too distant future people will get a forced J&J injection while being detained.

  7. john223 says

    Well most third world countries such as southeast asia are mostly tyranny. And people brain washed by western media, hollywood, fakebook, gootube, videoke, tiktok and they love and support their tyrants. Plus government education makes them more dumb and zero critical thinking, such as, Tropical Climate countries virus are never active NO COVID. Also Covid does not exist in Tropical countries now there is because of their dumb, greedy, government mandates about vaccination for all. Covid-19 vaccine is (inactive/dried) or mRNA, corona virus injected to their bodies. These poor countries cannot even fix their roads, sewers, and schools and no libraries, no decent meals for the children. Yet dictators followed the extreme protocols of the Covid19 scamdemic by the corrupt W.H.O. which are funded by Bill Gates and China. So these dictators can get a LOAN (1 to 5 $Billions) from evil World Bank and IMF (Inter. Mafia Fund) to pay for the useless vaccines to make the US and Chinese companies $billions. Then again it’s ok to make profits but don’t forced it on us.
    The last this is: These poor countries impose harsh Covid measures, such as facemask etc. to PREVENT THE SPREAD OF COVID? But in the end the dumb citizens of these poor countries FALL IN LINES to get COVID jabs. After that, these dumb citizens FALL IN LINES at the hospitals emergencies for all sorts harsh side effects of the covid jabs. Hundreds died and thousands with debilitating injuries from the jab. That is not counting the long term effect of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and next year the 4th and every year. Then the big pharma will raise their price – got you. Now if you believe in Covid you gonna get Covid. If you don’t, you gonna catch flu or common colds. And if you believe in covid jabs, good for you. But you should pay for it.
    Lastly, all government employees should get pay cut in half or no pay, if they impose lockdowns. Just dreaming…. Peace on Earth.

  8. Jerry Hood says

    The zionazi covid regime of USrael, Isrealhell, Australia and other anglo degenerated white trash ” countries”….

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