Honest Joe Biden Levels With Kiev

Biden is being savaged right now. And for what? For doing something very uncharacteristic for America and leveling with its proxy.

At a White House press conference on Wednesday, Mr Biden said: “My guess is [Putin] will move in. He has to do something.”

The US President said he did not think the Russian leader had yet decided how far to go but that he does not believe Mr Putin wanted “a full blown war”.

Mr Biden reiterated warnings that Russia would face devastating Western sanctions if an attack went ahead, but also said: “It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion, and we [in Nato] end up fighting about what we should do, not do.”

Asked if he was giving Mr Putin “permission” for a “minor incursion,” Mr Biden said: “It did sound like that didn’t it.”

The US will not go to war with Russia over any inch of Ukraine. If Velikorussian troops start pouring into Malorussia the US will be on a C-130 to Germany. This is a fact. Why should Biden be savaged for being very clear about this fact?

US proxies were savaged in the Bay of Pigs waiting for US air support that would never materialize, the South Vietnamese ended up as “boat people” scattered around the world. The Bosnian Muslims repeatedly on US advice rebuked European-brokered peace proposals and fruitlessly persisted in a war with the militarily stronger Bosnian Serbs for years waiting for a decisive US intervention that would never materialize. American-trained Georgians launched a military offensive against Russia entertaining the fantasy that the US would come to their aid. Syrian Kurds thought their relationship with Pentagon made them safe from the Turks only for Trump to offer them up to Erdogan. And just last year some Afghans were trying to hold onto landing gear as Americans evacuated from Kabul. Over and over again US-backed factions end up thinking they have much more ironclad US backing than they actually do. It would seem the American Empire has a bit of a communication problem going on.

Biden shouldn’t be savaged. He should be lauded for doing something very uncharacteristic of the US and fully leveling with a US-backed faction. The very first responsibility of a true well-wisher ought to be to not lead you on, and to not get you into trouble he has little intention of helping you out of.

Zelensky protested with Biden over these words — but why? Zelensky should thank Biden for receiving from Biden honesty very rarely given by the US.

Whom Zelensky should really be looking to condemn is Boris Johnson who just last year sent a warship from Odessa into Russian territorial waters off the coast of Sevastopol, as well as American officials who were fruitlessly recruiting the German Navy for a similar stunt through the Russian territorial waters in the Strait of Kerch.

With those sort of provocations being carried out you could excuse some Ukrainians for coming to believe that Anglo-Americans were actually spoiling for a fight with Russia in places with names like Kharkov and Pripyat. However, rather than condemn these Imperial theatrics as misleading for Ukrainians and provocative for Russia, Zelensky and prior governments were eager to latch themselves onto them and to point at them as proof of what a swell job they were doing of bringing Americans into Kiev’s fight.  — Nope. With a little nudge by 60 Russian battalion tactical groups Biden has revealed the cold hard truth — if invited in the US is only too happy to poke the Russian bear from Ukraine but won’t be anywhere near the place when the poking bill comes due.

Zelensky should be praying there is still time enough to eject NATO, cut military ties to the US, and proclaim the impermissibility of resolving the Kiev-Donetsk conflict through military means. (He won’t because albeit obviously the best play for Ukraine it’s a risky one for Zelensky. It’s better to be the mayor of Kiev than assassinated.)

Also, it’s pretty interesting how in the American foreign policy blob it takes literally a senile person to finally be truthful and truly level with partners. It’s interesting *and* disturbing.

  1. Mark says

    Biden says “Big nations can’t bluff.” For one thing, says who? Has the USA attacked everyone it threatened to attack over the years, if they didn’t straighten up and do as they were told? Well, then, what’s that, if it isn’t bluffing? For another, Russia never ‘bluffed’ anyone. It gathered a substantial number of troops together on its own territory, and because they are near the border with Ukraine, the west – led, as usual, by Washington – simply made up the rest. They can be there for no other reason than for an invasion, when there actually could be many reasons.

    For my own part, I think they were there as a visible warning to Kiev, which might or might not have been contemplating a military lunge to take back the Donbas. After all, it only has to win once, and the west will yell “Touchdown!! Huzza!! Ukraine is whole again!! So it ever shall be!” and the papers will babble how great it is for all Ukrainians that the east is free again. There will be no second revolution, so the breakaway republics have to win every time. Daily shelling from the perimeter is not going to break their will, ever, so the only recourse for Kiev is a lightning strike using overwhelming force, which will roll right over the resistance and all the way to the border. When Russia perhaps sees troop numbers increasing, or maybe gets a tip – don’t forget, Russian is the daily language of more than a third of Ukraine, and nearly all Ukrainians can speak it. Super-patriot Yulia Tymoshenko spoke nothing else until she entered Parliament – they maybe pump up their own numbers so as to say, without saying anything, don’t try it.

    Whatever the case, Moscow has never said “We’re going to invade Ukraine if you don’t stop your bullshit”. Moscow, instead, has said repeatedly it has no interest in or plans for invading Ukraine. And the west’s response has consistently been, sure – that’s what you would say if you were really planning to invade. Russia has said it is tired of being pushed around, and is not going to back up anymore – either withdraw, or fight. And the most logical starting point probably would be Ukraine. But that’s not the same thing at all.

    Instead, what Ukraine probably represents now is the west’s instrument for backing away without losing face by admitting it does not have what it would take to prevail against Russia. We wanted to kick their ass, we really did. And we could. But we decided discretion is the better part of valor, and we de-escalated to protect Ukrainian lives.

    Wait and see if I’m not right.

    1. Jerry Hood says

      U-kraina is pussy land just like USrael and Iskrahell in Palestine! Women with pricks….

    2. Jerry Hood says

      Braun Scheise, you make money for your jews in power and wealth, get lost, goy!

  2. mijj says

    Russia won’t go in.  The US Supremacist Empire has been wishing for Russia to go into Ukraine since the coup.
    It’s all the Empire will consider. In the Empire’s view .. it’s all Russia can do.
    Russia does not follow the Empire’s Lawyer/Accountant mindset.

    Russia will respond to explicit aggression. But Russia won’t go in, no matter how much poorly cloaked pleading the Empire makes.

    Russia’s actions will not be in the form which the US Empire prefers.

  3. GMC says

    Well, we are talkin about Joe the man who likes tomake deals or send his kid out to make deals for the ” Family Biz”. So it’s worth another look, that the weapons that go to Ukraine are for sale to anyone in the world. Afterall, it’s Ukraine , land of anything is for sale – from the military hardware , to the country itself including some of their prettier …..

    How does that old saying go – ” Where there is mass confusion , there is money to be made.” That saying would be a great headline on the Wall Street Journal, NY Times etc. But I doubt the sheep would figure out the Meaning. lol Thanks A E

  4. Jerry Hood says

    Biden , senike oedophile with his son Hunter, should have been long time ago executed for his crimes against children! Tied rope by his nutsack and dragged across Jew Yoke City or District of Crimminals!

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