Senator Graham Threatens Turkey With Sanctions He Failed to Enact on MBS

When have we heard Lindsey Graham thunder like this before?

Senator Lindsey Graham:

Strong words. Where have we heard them before? Oh yeah:

(4:35 mark)

I’m sure the Turks are shaking in their boots right now.

As a ‘special treat’ here is Graham explaining (5:38) how US troops “had tears in their eyes” when they were forced by Obama to leave Iraq:

However it wasn’t so long ago that Graham was singing from a different hymn sheet:


  1. Mary E says

    Graham is off his ever lovin’ rocker! He is a wishy washy little fool of a Senator who is not even attempting to represent his flock back in ole South Carolina.
    Of course, Russia should go in there and replace the reckless Americans who invaded the country…unfortunately, the US military will stay, like a bad bacteria, in Syria because of its OIL…Hello there, did someone forget that little tidbit? Russia mainly has Syria’s independence as a sovereign state (which indeed it is) in its intentions, the US should move very quickly out of the country…maybe even forced out eventually, which would be best for everyone! Russia will fill the vacuum that the heartless US has left in its wake….

  2. John C Carleton says

    Ole show me to the Kiddy Playground is upset is he?

    1. Mary E says


      1. John C Carleton says
  3. CHUCKMAN says

    Likely the most absurd man in the US Senate, although there is ferocious competition for that title.

    Extremely dishonest, too, because he doesn’t talk about what really motivates him, bringing to the boil all that sputtering righteous indignation.

    I think he must have received a call from Netanyahu advising him that it was time to perform. Graham is Israel’s official junk yard dog in the Senate, always creating a stir when the interests of that state are being mentioned.

    It is Israel who wants some kind of rump Kurdish state created in northeastern Syria as a way to weaken the Syria emerging from an unsuccessful proxy war that was intended to topple it.

    The concept had multiple attractions for Israel: depriving Syria of its crude oil deposits, offering rule on the far end of Syria by a group who might prove very friendly to Israeli interests, giving a further sense of legitimacy to Israel’s own stolen piece of Syria, Golan, and annoying the hell out of Turkey’s Erdogan, a man truly hated in Tel Aviv.

    But it has never seemed realistic, given especially Erdogan’s acute allergy to Kurds and Turkey’s keystone position in NATO at a time of so many disagreements between Turkey and the US.

    As to Graham’s propensity to explode over the concerns of Israel, I think there are several contributing factors. First, he is simply one of the most kneejerk imperialists in the Senate, always ready immediately to send in the “boyz” and do bombing runs for dear old America and the cause of freedom.

    Second, he may be reflecting the interests of some of his Southern Baptist constituency, fundamentalists with their own special “Second Coming” attitudes towards Israel.

    And, third, I’ve long suspected that he was once the target of an Israeli honey-trap and that he knows some very compromising photos exist, photos that would deeply trouble Southern Baptists since Lindsey is gay.

    Actually, contrary to the opening lines, we have heard Lindsey Graham like this before. But of course, not about anything like the Saudi Crown Prince’s many bloody crimes. After all, the Crown Prince is a Netanyahu favorite, a genuine blood brother.

    1. DarkEyes says

      You are coming in that kind of function when “they” are sure you can be blackmailed and/or you are or have a criminal record.

      You will be a danger to the ‘Deep ‘State, you are independent without burden and can speek out the Truth.

    2. bufallobiff says

      Makes you wonder just what kind of idiots populate that state. They’ve given us Graham and Nikki Haley…….

      1. DarkEyes says

        I am sure, IMO, Nikki Haley is a great danger for the 50 states of the United States of America.
        She is a “Zionist Israhell Lover”.

  4. JustPassingThrough says

    BTW Marko

    i’ve been getting a fair number of these notices:
    “Error establishing a database connection”

    …and veeeeery long “time-to-connect” times
    this has been a problem for the past couple of days.

    1. Mary E says

      Yes, there was a 24 hour period where I had that problem too….prior to that, my remarks came back with “don’t recognize server”…fortunately for us, it was a
      temporary stoppage in CheckpointAsia’s very good TRUE news site..

      1. JustPassingThrough says

        yes it is.
        seems like the DB got corrupted along the line somewhere.

    2. Marko Marjanović says

      That will happen when 130,000 people want to see the site and you’re on a budget hosting.

      1. Mary E says

        There you go! CheckpointAsia has been discovered by more and more
        people! Good for all!!

  5. JustPassingThrough says

    “When have we heard Lindsey Graham thunder like this before?”
    the last time his hemorrhoids were bothering him.

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