Greek Government to Fine the Vaccine-Free Over 60 €100 Every Month Until They Die

Being alive while uninjected is a punishable offence

Greece announced Tuesday that it is mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for residents over age 60 — and those who don’t comply will face a monthly fine.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said the decision was a difficult one but necessary for the more than half a million elderly Greeks who had failed to get the vaccine.

“[The decision] tortured me, but I feel a heavy responsibility in standing next to those most vulnerable, even if it might fleetingly displease them,” he said.

Those who don’t comply with the order by Jan. 16 will be subjected to a recurring monthly fine of 100 euros, or about $112.

Currently, around 63 percent of the country’s 11 million population is fully vaccinated against the virus.

But while vaccination rates have improved in recent weeks, there are around 520,000 people over the age of 60 who have yet to get the jab, according to health ministry data.

“We are focusing our efforts on protection of our fellow citizens, and for this reason, their vaccination will be mandatory from now on,” Mitsotakis told a cabinet meeting.

Greece’s main opposition party, Syriza, blasted the new rule as punitive and too excessive for the elderly, who receive an average monthly pension of 730 euros, or $823.

Source: NY Post

  1. ken says

    Time and time again the producers and CDC has stated the injection does NOT confer immunity or prevent the transmission of the fake virus. They say it simply makes the symptoms less harsh. In fact they changed the definition of ‘vaccine’ to conform to what this injection does.

    So then, why is it so important to get the injection? Why do they insist every living organism get the injection?
    Look at the death toll,,, almost 20,000 reported dead in less than a year. Now they’re starting to inject children,,, they are testing children as young as 6 months.

    Why would real parents risk their children like this over a drug that even they say does not confer any kind of protection.

    For the elderly its an outright killer. Once your in the hospital with a bad cold, flu or pneumonia you are a dollar generator. They put you on a ventilator,,, pump in expensive remdesivir which destroys the kidneys and lungs and you leave feet first.

    Ever wonder how the vaccine makes the symptoms less harsh? IMO because getting sick is part of the immunity process to eradicate a disease from the body. The only way to bypass sickness is to reduce the immune system response or cover it up somehow.

    The spike protein your body cells starts producing from the DNA changes may cause your immune system to concentrate on it and ignore other pathogens or go completely nuts to a particular pathogen. Either way, not good.

    Everything in this injection seems designed to harm you in some particular way. Graphene Hydroxide cuts up your circulation system, causes clotting. Glycol is an outright poison and will cause a reaction. Spike proteins are said to cause clotting.

    It doesn’t make sense to take a drug containing so many different components that destroy different bodily systems,,, components the drug company wants to hide for 50-100 years.

    To force or coerce anyone to take this injection is outright murder.

    1. Dale says

      The claim that it makes symptoms less harsh is, by itself, sufficient to justify mandates. But if the virus is fake, what sort of illness is the vaccine ameliorating ?

      1. ken says

        sigh… So I suppose we will have to make aspirin mandatory? It makes symptoms less harsh as well…..

        1. ken says

          In response to what sort of illness is the vaccine ameliorating….

          I wouldn’t know…. they are saying it lessens some symptoms of the fictional disease,,, not me.

          Since THEY say it doesn’t immunize or prevent transmission can you explain why someone should be forced or coerced to take it?

        2. Dale says

          You’re preaching to the choir.

      2. Ultrafart the Brave says

        “The claim that it makes symptoms less harsh is, by itself, sufficient to justify mandates.”

        No, that claim by itself is not sufficient to justify mandates.

        In order to justify anything, the claim would have to be demonstrably true, and even then, if a person chooses not to be injected with an experimental concoction, who exactly is claiming the right to force that person to take the injection?.

        But that claim is not true, in fact that claim is demonstrably false. The fake “vaccines” don’t reduce the risk of serious illness, injury or death, they amplify it.

        South Australian Nurse – Hospitals are full of “Vaccinated”, not “Unvaccinated”
        [ ]

        Victorian Nurse – Hospitals are full of “Vaccinated”, not “Unvaccinated”
        [ ]

        Queensland Frontline Medical Staff – Hospitals are full of “Vaccinated”, not “Unvaccinated”
        [ ]

        New Zealand Nurse – Hospitals are full of “Vaccinated”, not “Unvaccinated”
        [ ]

        1. Dale says

          I’m disputing the claim that it reduces symptoms. That said, “freedom fighters” are arguing within the paradigm when they lend ANY credence to virus.

          1. ken says

            This is the problem with trying to discuss something online. Rereading your post several times I can see where your coming from but I missed it the first time around.

            And your right about lending credence to the virus if you mean writing/saying things as if the virus was proven real. It is simply amazing the stats people can come up with from a virus never proven scientifically to exist.

            1. Dale says

              Acknowledged, can see where mine might have been misconstrued!

          2. Ultrafart the Brave says

            Although I suspect Fauci and his cohorts paid a lot of public money to develop something in their biolabs, I agree that the fake “pandemic” has nothing to do with any particular “virus” and everything to do with fake PCR tests and poisonous bioweapon injections.

            FWIW, Australian authorities continue to run the fake PCR tests at 40 – 45 cycles, and no-one can clarify exactly what specimen (if any) is being used to calibrate for whatever it is they are supposedly “detecting”.

    2. FewThereBe says

      It’s all a precursor to the mark-of-the-beast. Right out of the Bible; being fulfilled right before our very eyes.

      And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: (Rev 13:16)

      I’m waiting to see if it will be the pope to rise up and start pushing the actual mark; which, I believe, is the micro-needle patch being developed in Australia right now; human trials to start in 2022.

      Self-administered: the government will just mail you the patch; use it or not, up to you. But if you don’t, no admittance anywhere and can’t buy nor sell. Your choice they will say. It’s not mandatory they’ll say.

      Take up the cross and follow Jesus. He is the only way out of this present evil world.

      1. ken says

        IMO ‘Digital’ is the foundation of the beastly system. Anything good coming from digital is being used in evil ways. The church has failed. 99% of them shut down services per Caesar dictate. Most are 501c3 and most received money from government for obeying Caesar.

        IMO Jesus was a radical in his time on earth. He was constantly,,, and still is,,, the ire of the Pharaohs and he for sure disliked bankers. Today they preach the false doctrine of Romans 13. Jesus never wanted anyone to obey any kind of tyranny especially taking a injection that changes your DNA.

      2. Susan Fraser says

        Amen Jesus is coming back soon

    3. Giorgi Kladbishche says

      It’d be great if we could discuss this without descending into “mark of the beast” nonsense all the time.

  2. Raptar Driver says

    Greece is no longer a country!
    It has given up it’s sovereignty to German banks.

    1. Kieran says

      that being the case, it could be German policy that’s driving Greece vaccine mandates given that Moderna is a German vaccine company one of the main players of the Global Vaccine Gravy Train

  3. Ron says

    Seems to me an enterprising person could make a lot of money creating vax documents.

  4. nnn says


  5. silver9blue says

    We could also ask how people are put into a kind of covid trance. Constant fear narratives is one. Make life easier for vaccinated is another.
    arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power could be another.

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