Germany Wants to Mobilize Ukraine to Fight Its Migrant Problem For It

How many eastern marches are supposed to work on Germany's migration problem?

SDP wants to employ Ukrainians as guards for German camps. Has worked in the past

Nils Schmid, a foreign policy expert with the ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD) faction in the German Bundestag, suggests involving Ukraine in solving the refugee problem on the Belarus-Poland border. This was reported by Deutschlandfunk.

According to him, it would be possible to agree with Ukraine on the reception of refugees while their application for asylum in the EU is being considered.

“This way we can make it clear that not every refugee will automatically join the European Union,” Schmid said.

At the same time, the politician criticized Poland’s treatment of migrants trying to enter the country illegally from Belarus. According to the German politician, Poland must adhere to international norms, in particular, provide the needy with basic humanitarian protection and the right to consider an asylum application.

Earlier, on November 8, Belarusian journalists published a video of a large crowd of migrants heading to the Polish border. It is noted that, according to preliminary estimates, several hundred refugees were heading for the border. There were children among the migrants.

Due to this, the Defense Ministry of Poland has increased troops’ combat readiness. At the same time, migrants say that their ultimate goal is not Poland, but Germany.

At the same time, on November 10, the number of servicemen on the Belarus-Poland border increased to 15,000.

Source: 112 Ukraine 

Let’s get these guys to run camps for brown people for Germany…
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  2. nnn says

    Where is goddamn Putin “Never again”

  3. ken says

    Is there much difference between medical fascism or old vanilla fascism?

    Is there much difference between Jews being singled out in 1940s Germany or the unvaxxed being singled out in 2021 over the entire world?

    Is there much difference between building concentration camps in 1940s Germany or quarantine camps in 2021 Australia or FEMA camps in the land of the free?

    Is there much difference between dying in a gas chamber or injected with a poison?
    Dead is Dead,,, yes?

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