Draghi Decrees mRNA Therapy for 28 Million Italians Over 50 Is Non-Voluntary

€100 fine for existing while mRNA-untreated, €1500 if caught working

Everyone currently aged 50 and over in Italy, as well as anyone due to turn 50 by June 15, 2022, is now required to get a Covid vaccine.

According to multiple Italian news outlets (the decree itself still has yet to be published), the text is explicit that the rules apply to all those resident in Italy – not just Italian citizens.

Whilst Italy has one of highest Covid vaccination rates in Europe (74 percent are fully jabbed) it’s estimated that around 2.3 million people aged over 50 in the country have still not had a single dose. From February 15th, workers aged 50 and over will need to produce a ‘super green pass’, which shows the bearer is vaccinated against or recently recovered from Covid, to enter their workplace.

Employees over 50 caught in their workplace without the super green pass are subject to fines of between 600 and 1500 euros.

Those barred from entering the workplace because they don’t have a pass can’t be fired, but will be marked as absent without leave and will have their pay frozen until they can produce the pass and resume their employment.

Aside from these worker-specific penalties, the decree states that anyone living in Italy over the age of 50 who is found to be unvaccinated by February 1st can be fined 100 euros. The decree doesn’t currently appear to specify whether this would be a one-time or recurring fine.

As far as workplaces are concerned, it’s the responsibility of employers to ensure their staff are complying with Covid restrictions.

Employers that fail to do so face fines of between 400 and 1,000 euros. All workplaces are subject to periodic checks by police to determine whether the rules are being enforced.

As for 100 euro fines for unvaccinated residents over the age of 50 – it’s unclear at this stage exactly how this will work in practice.

Currently Italian police are authorised to conduct random spot checks on public transport to check that all users are in possession of a basic ‘green pass’ (showing the holder is vaccinated, recovered, or recently tested negative for Covid), and may issue fines to those without a pass; it’s possible a similar protocol may be introduced for vaccine checks, based on possession of the ‘super green pass’.

Source: The Local


Also adopted was a requirement that anyone working or obtaining services in beauty parlours and similar establishments must have a negative virus test if they aren’t vaccinated or haven’t recently recovered from COVID-19.

The same rule will apply to stores in shopping malls and to banks and post offices.

  1. Ultrafart the Brave says

    Sounds to me like catching the alleged Corona Chan bug would be the smart thing to do. Just dose up on Quercetin and zinc and Vitamin C beforehand.

    As for these draconian fines imposed on the most vulnerable by Mussolini-wannabe Draghi – how much does a bullet cost?

    1. Mr Reynard says

      & they will tell you, how awful was Mussolini ??

    2. Cap960 says

      And vitamin D

  2. GMC says

    Operation Gladio – by Paul Williams – a most interesting/must read, in order to understand how to connect the dots. There are a lot of them – too.

  3. ken says

    Note, they’re getting rid of the older folks as they are broke,,, they have squandered everything of value away. All currencies are being ruined as the printers are running at unheard of speeds.

    Why in God’s name are people putting up with these satanic puppets of Klaus Swabs WEF!? Where are the men? Draghi and ilk deserve what Mussolini and his wife got.

    Why are police and military enforcing ‘rules’ and/or obviously inhumane, unlawful legislation?
    Why are physicians and hospitals killing people for worthless fiat?
    Why are church pastors closing their doors of God’s house, obeying the pharisees of evil rather than their King they supposedly represent?
    Why are families breaking up over a alleged disease that even the demons acknowledge have a recovey factor of 99.87% and children almost 100%? Even old coots (> 80) have a 95% recovery rate!

    Why, why, why, why,,, why!

  4. Rebel Forever says

    Trying to kill ‘em off, huh? Bill Gates is euphoric.

  5. Dial M for Mordor says

    Mario Draghi CV on his personal WEF page –

    World Bank; 1991-2001
    Formerly, with Goldman Sachs International
    European Central Bank
    Bank for International Settlements

    Mario Draghi | World Economic Forum (weforum.org)

    WEF and CFR are nothing but private world govt.
    The financial conquest of the US under Warburg is simply being expanded globally by a Fiat backed Cabal.

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