Czech Republic to Repair Ukrainian Tanks

NATO tiptoeing ever deeper into the war

Editor’s note: This isn’t huge news in the sense of how much impact it will have on the war. Tanks will have to be shipped out and then shipped back in. Giving Russia the opportunity to intercept them and added incentive to target railroads. If anything it may indicate Ukraine doesn’t have much of a tank repair capacity left. Indeed the Russians have been targeting its defense industry.

But I would say it is big news in another sense. It is yet another way in which NATO is becoming more and more involved in this war. Repairing tanks for one of the participants is awfully close to being a direct participant yourself. NATO’s participation will continue to increase.

Source: Reuters

Czech defence companies will repair Ukrainian tanks and other military vehicles that have been damaged in fighting or need servicing after long-term storage, the Czech Defence Ministry said on Tuesday.

The Czech Republic has been among the most active countries in supporting the Ukrainian military with donations and sales of weapons and ammunition, including shipments of Soviet-era tanks, multiple rocket launchers, howitzers, infantry fighting vehicles and anti-aircraft weapons. read more

“Small faults or fighting damage will be repaired by the Ukrainian army’s and Ukrainian defence industry’s own efforts,” the ministry said.

“Czech assistance will utilise the capacities of Czech defence industry companies for more extensive works, including overhauls and bringing equipment in long-term storage to service.” [This could be a lie. Ukraine mostly stores T-64s which the Czechs never fielded and are unfamiliar with. It’s more likely the Czechs would be able to help with any battle-damaged T-72s for which they actually have parts.]

The first contract will include repairs of an unspecified number of Soviet-era T-64 tanks, it said.

It said the T-64 tanks would be repaired at privately held arms trading and production firm CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP, which is also one of the sources of equipment sent to Ukraine.

The repairs will be done at Czech firms’ facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the ministry said.


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  1. guest says

    According to the attitude of Russian Imperialists, the Army of Russia has every right to enter the sovereign territory of another country (to bestow a love-gift on them); the Ukrainians have no right what-so-ever to lift a finger in defence (how dare they resist the love of Soloviev !); and no body on the planet has the right to offer any help to the defenders.

    It has been the common and accepted policy of Russia (and all her allies) for 2-300 hundred years (and especially since 1914) that “non-involved” countries supply involved countries. Russia did it in every war; Russia’s allies did it in every war.

    It is now very clear that an equipped and competently managed army would beat the shit into the Red Horde of cluster-fuck in a few weeks.

    So Russia is now indignant. The countries that were liberated by Russia in 1945 are now ready willing and able to resist and demolish the genetically gang-rapist megalomaniacs. Soloviev and friends are livid.

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