CNN Repression Expert Says Life “Needs to Be Hard” for the Unvaccinated

Says the quiet part out loud

For those who have not yet chosen to line up like cattle and take their experimental gene therapy shot, “life should be hard.” That’s according to CNN’s medical “expert” who wants everyone injected.

We know that the gloves are off now when it comes to the pressure to get this vaccine. CNN medical contributor Dr. Leana Wen suggested Saturday that life needs to be “hard” for Americans who have not received a COVID-19 “vaccine” and individuals who refuse to get shots should perhaps face weekly testings. Weekly testings with the 100% inaccurate PCR tests for refusing to take the experimental gene therapy?

We saw this coming.  In October of 2020, a medical journal said that those who refuse to take this shot should be “punished harshly.”

It will ramp up until they can convince the remaining half of Americans to take the shot. “It needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated,” Wen, the former Planned Parenthood president, said. “Right now, it’s kind of the opposite.” Unvaccinated people, she fretted, can at the moment go about their lives as normal without any consequence.

Oh, the horror! Human beings going about their own lives making their own choices with their God-given free will? Looks like there’s too much freedom on this slavery planet, folks.  Wen also said Joe Biden should force “vaccine credentialing” in a Nazi-like “show me your papers” scheme designed to further coerce the masses.

Wen’s comments piggyback off an op-ed she wrote in the Washington Post urging President Biden to mandate vaccinations nationally and scolding him for not more aggressively using his platform. She argued the White House Independence Day event would have been a perfect opportunity to share that message.

“The celebration could have been a chance to show that vaccination isn’t just an individual decision, but one that affects the health of others — including those already vaccinated,” Wen wrote. –FOX News

Say what? If this vaccine is truly a vaccine and provided the person who took the shot with the immunity from a virus, why would those who refused it be of any concern to those who have taken it? It’s still a question that hasn’t been answered.

Wen is nothing less than a tyrant like Dr. Anthony Fauci.  They want free will to be eliminated completely from the human consciousness, it appears. They need willing, obedient, sheep in the New World Order.  Freethinkers threaten to bring down the system. Not those who line up and comply and obey. Continue to use critical thinking. That will eventually lead us to free our own minds.  That’s what terrifies the rulers the most, is knowing we deserve our birthright: freedom.

Source: SHTF Plan

  1. Meter says

    Live for the unvaccinated is not going to be anywhere near as hard as for the perminantly ill ‘vaccinated’, for those that live longer than 3 years anyway.

  2. Oilman says

    Ban CNN completely from your television set and computer. Drop their ratings down to nothing and watch them suffer. Next to no ratings, no ads. Watch them die of a slow death.

    1. Helga Weber says

      yes, I wish more people would do that.

    2. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “Ban CNN completely from your television set and computer. Watch them die of a slow death.”

      That is such a passive response. Sort of like “being successful is the best revenge”.

      Although “revenge” isn’t a legitimate issue here, proportionate consequences for crimes against humanity is.

      They tried and hung a good many complicit media professionals at the Nuremburg trials.

      1. Mr Reynard says

        Actually, do what I did 16 years ago. I put my Idiot Box on hard rubbish collection ..& Boy oh Boy, I missed intellectual shows, like Big Brother, MAFS, Bachelor, My Kitchen Rule, house renovation ?? Boy I really did miss it all this ??

    3. Eileen Kuch says

      I second the motion, Oilman; CNN must be totally banned from everybody’s TV and computer, as it’s a Bolshevik media network.

  3. Raptar Driver says

    I will make it hard for the Covidians to live!
    Darn, I think the shot has already done this

  4. ken says

    She needs hanged like the media assholes that assisted the Germans.

    A Nuremberg II is necessary to try not only the Fraudci’s but those in government and media assisting in this genocide, all legal like, and then hanged.

  5. Terje M says

    She is a World Economic Forum Young Leader from 2018. People who are willing to front these measures have been handpicked and groomed for leadership from those higher up.

    1. Terje M says

      And I bet she receives massive undisclosed fees from Big Pharma&co for appearing on CNN, like those retired generals who were paid to appear in MSM to sell wars and occupations.

  6. L Garou says

    Chicom poorly disguised as an American..

  7. yuri says

    CNN international compares to CIA propaganda for the 12 year old mind

  8. abinico warez says

    I will never vaccinate. And guarantee you that 2 years from now I will be sitting pretty – very pretty.

  9. yuri says

    sociologists have long described amerikans as “mean and bitter”—something obvious for anyone that has had the misfortune to live in USA

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