Canadian Journalist Summoned to Court for Shaking Hands and Laughing

In police's own words

You might recall that last week I reported that I had been served with a summons by an officer from the Peterborough Police Service for covering an anti-lockdown protest in that city back in April.

The summons simply stated that I was being charged under Section 7.0.2. of the laughably-named Reopening Ontario Act. But it didn’t say what, specifically, I was being charged with. How puzzling — after all, I was not the event’s organizer, nor a speaker, nor even an attendee. I was just covering this peaceful protest as a journalist. That’s not illegal. Well, not yet…

Well, I just took delivery of the evidence that the Peterborough Police Service is going to present in court against me. There are pages and pages about me and my actions back on April 24. It reads like a John Grisham thriller. So, let’s jump to the chase: the crime I committed that day is that… I… shook… hands… with people.

And they even have the photos to prove it!

No, I swear, folks. For starters, it is noted that I shook the hands of PPC leader Maxime Bernier and MPP Randy Hillier. Apparently, this means I violated social distancing regulations. By the way, there were about 1,200 people there that day. Shoulder to shoulder. Do you think some of those people could have shaken hands that day? Curious that they haven’t been receiving summonses en masse.

The Peterborough police also noted that I interviewed Mr. Bernier and Mr. Hillier. Shockers!

Hey cops, I’m a journalist. I interview people for a living. How was I supposed to communicate with Mr. Bernier and Mr. Hillier — by using sign language?

As for the handshake, that is the de rigueur salutation in the Western world. Perhaps I could have bowed, but what do you wanna bet I would be criminally charged with appropriating Japanese culture?

But I saved the most egregious offence for last.

You see, the Peterborough police noted that I was seen… laughing on this day. Merciful God in heaven! Why was I not tasered for this crime against humanity?! Because the super-serious Peterborough Police Service obviously deems laughter to be… sinister?

(Note to giggle-prone supervillains such as the Joker and the Riddler: do NOT visit Peterborough. The cops will no doubt give you a Batman-style smackdown.)

But seriously, what makes this incident so disturbing is the political undertone to it. Bernier and Hillier were ticketed because these men are now politicians non grataRebel News was targeted because unlike the trained seals toiling for the mainstream media, we are all about publicizing the other side of the story, as opposed to reproducing the government-approved narrative.

There was plenty of handshaking and laughing occurring on that day, but the cops were not focused on law and order; they were driven by a political agenda. That’s the bailiwick of a banana republic, not a Western democracy.

Of course, we have no plans to bend the knee.

We will fight these farcical charges. And you know something? I can’t wait for my day in court.

And if you would like to help us lawyer up for our latest battle against censorious thugs, please go to and make a donation if you’re able to.

Despite what the Peterborough police think, we still have freedom of the press in Canada. And for that matter, we also have the right to shake hands. And the right to LOL, for that matter — especially when one encounters such a laughable law enforcement operation such as the Peterborough Police Service.

Source: Rebel News

  1. ken says

    From what I gather Canadians have never been much on individual liberty and freedom. They never fought for independence. They bow to every government dictate. And they’ll defend their governments tyranny against them. Their law enforcement minions are absolutely brutal. Their rules for this fictional virus verge on Sci Fi. They are owned and operated by Schwab and his WEF.

    Yes it’s bad in the US but not on a scale like Canada or their sister nations. Hopefully Canada will awake but it doesn’t look promising.

    Living in the free State of Florida I can tell you there are not people dropping dead in the streets. Yes the doctors are still taking government bribes diagnosing covid and putting covid on death certificates but most of us know it’s all bs.

    And horribly, we shake hands and hug,

    1. Helga Weber says

      You are so right, there are hardly demonstrations here in Ottawa.
      People drive in cars and ride a bike with the mask on. They are all good sheep and I am sure they vote for Justin again.

    2. Mark says

      Canadians burned the White House in the War of 1812, when Canada was a British colony. ‘Fact-checkers’ like to say it was British soldiers, and it’s true they were subordinate to the Army of Great Britain, but they lived in Canada and responded to an American invasion of that country. Canada entered World War I nearly 3 years before the United States, and World War II 2 years earlier. I would not say it is fair to characterize us as ‘bowing to every government dictate’ or quailing in terror before the government.

      Florida was a surprising leader in its resistance to the foolish panic over COVID, and an inspiration to other states which followed. But the USA now wants to wash its hands of the whole affair and pretend it never happened, and get back to business just as if there were no panicky lockdowns in America, or stupid overreactions or deliberate misdiagnosis of a respiratory ailment which has about the same fatality rate as influenza.

      There is approximately the same percentage of Canadians – around 20%-25% – that maintain resistance to being vaccinated (despite ridiculous persuasion campaigns like million-dollar lottery prizes which can be won only by the vaccinated) as in the USA.

      1. ken says

        I’m not sure what entering WWI and WWII earlier or sacking the White House is related to my post. I really tried to keep the post to a tyrannical government towards it citizens.

        The wars.

        Canada is part of a Commonwealth with the British. Yes? As the British was getting their rears kicked I imagine that was the primary reason for Canada’s entry early on in both wars. As the US eliminated British rule, (at least for awhile), it would stand to reason the US might want to steer clear of wars started by Briton.

        Sacking the White House.

        There are probably a lot of Americans that wouldn’t mind the White House being sacked today. Go for it! The last ‘insurrection’ was Jan 6 and that was led by our fbi.

        No,,, I was not trying to insult the Canadians that died fighting fascism. They were/are hero’s and they fought well!

        My point here is, what do you think they might say about the present tyrannical despotic government in Canada after dying fighting tyranny and despotism?

        Do you think they might question why Canadians today are not manning up as they did then? Not only the general citizenry but the military and police that are defending the tyranny.

        IMO,,, it is today’s Canadians insulting those brave hero’s,,, same as it is fat assed Americans insulting those that died for our freedoms and independence.

        We all need to man up….

        1. Raptar Driver says

          Perhaps they’re just not that intelligent?

        2. Curmudgeon says

          No,,, I was not trying to insult the Canadians that died fighting fascism. They were/are hero’s and they fought well!

          My fatherand 5 uncles served during WWII. All of them knew the narrative was bullshit. That didn’t mean they thought fascism was dandy, they understood that all wars are economic wars for bankers.
          They fought well, but do you think any of them fought for the shit-hole Canada has become? I suspect that if they ever had an inkling this country would have turnred out this way, they would have never gotten on the boat.

      2. Raptar Driver says

        I kind of thought that it was the British that did that?

      3. freddie Toor says

        I would say allowing government to enter an illegal war against the will of the people for the international banksters is bowing to the tyranny, wouldn’t you

    3. Curmudgeon says

      Why is it necessary to compare everything to the US? “Polite” Canadians may not demonstrate. Instead they just ignore. They will do the required minimum – sort of – to avoid being arrested. It doesn’t mean they agree. If you want comparisons, Canadians have been cynical about their governments for more than 50 years (much longer than the US citizens have been), It’s one reason the number of “old stock” Canadians voting keeps dropping while the “new” Canadians – the approximately 10 million, mainly from 3rd world countries during that time, buy into the myth that the politicians listen to you. I will grant you that there is a legacy trust in government, because there was a time, before the importation of US style politics and political agendas, that governments actually did work for their citizens. We actually did have political parties that has major philosophical differences, now, like the US, they are a uni-party. They are treasonous bastard globalists serving mammon.

  2. Mr Reynard says

    See the Tonton Macoutes of Papa Doc Justine ???

  3. Neil Sutherland says

    the frog in the frying pan, slippery slope, it all started with communist Pierre Trudeau, who switched to the ‘natural governing party’ to get elected. decriminalized murder of babies and sodomy, smoked pot, all first steps to pedo adoption, infanticide, ..then he added soviet union clause (section 2) to the Constitution, nullifying all individual rights to collective rights, also nationalized oil, made british measurements illegal, now Canadians totally conditioned for cv19 tyranny.

    1. Curmudgeon says

      I was never a fan of Trudeau v1.0, but as with Donald Trump, while there may be many things unlikable about him, keep things in the realm of reality.
      The slippery slope started with Lester Pearson, alleged to have been a Soviet deep agent, and his “need” for a new flag. Yes sodomy was de-criminalized, but still illegal. That started with a case in Winnipeg, where a judge refused to convict, because the police went to a released felon’s home, to have a “chat” with him, and saw the couple engaged in an “unnatural act”. The judge said that the police had no legal reason to be there and were, in essence, peeping Toms. That led to Trudeau’s the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation. Smoking pot has as much to do with pedo adoption and infanticide (which there was none) as cow farts have to do with global warming.
      Trudeau didn’t “nationalize oil”, a government owned oil company was created to compete with the foreign oil companies that had a virtual monopoly on Canadian oil production. The Liberals created a National Energy Policy, where none existed. Even the US had a national energy policy. Whether it was the right policy is a different issue. Having said that, in the early days, Trudeau was a civic nationalist, meaning he wanted Canada to be more economically independent. Is there something wrong with that?
      British measurement wasn’t made illegal. The official measurement system of Canada was made metric, much to my disappointment.
      Generally speaking, I was opposed to the Constitutional Amendment, because it gave courts the right to “make law”. People overstate the “individual rights” under the BNA Act. Peace order, and good government always overrode individual rights. Having said that, as bad as the “soviet union clause” may be, given the idiocy of successive governments, it has been a saviour on more than one occasion. Trudeau’s greatest transgressions against Canada were kowtowing to the Bank of International Settlements, and multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is toxic to a nation.

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