Blessed Are the Covidians

"The Covid panic has revealed the real plague on American society. It is the plague of mentally unstable individuals searching for a purpose to their lives"

“Five years from now the same people lecturing us about mask wearing could very well be lecturing us about the dangers of allowing untested drugs onto the market”

Back when the Covid-19 panic started, a clever fellow pointed out that one possible way out of it would be a vaccine that did not work, but with enough effort could convince people it did work. The rulers could claim it is 80% effective at preventing infection and there would be no way to know it was a lie based on medical statistics. The vaccinated who got Covid would just be those for whom the vaccine did not work. If the producer could keep the secret, no one would be the wiser.

The reason for this is simple math. The claims about the infectiousness of this virus were always nonsense. A year of aggressive testing has resulted in about 10% of the public having tested positive. We know that the false positives are very high, but we also know many infected people never get tested. Either they have no idea they have been infected or their symptoms are so mild they ignore it. Like the flu, Covid can be expected to infect around 20% of the public in a year.

If your vaccine is 80% effective, then that 20% is miraculously accurate. A clever ruler could roll out a fake vaccine and claim it is doing as it claims. The gullible media and research community would fall for it completely. Unless someone in on the scam spilled the beans, no one would know. In the age where the media is just the marketing department for the corporate state, whistleblowers are ignored. Given the money involved, a fake vaccine program is not a bad bet.

One problem with this scheme is that Covid quickly went from genuine public health concern to lucrative racket. Billions are being made maintaining the panic. It turns out that reorganizing the economy around lock downs is hard to reverse. Then you have the celebrity Covidians. Guys like Dr. Fauci are never going to let go of this thing as it is making him famous and rich. Of course, Covid is now a stock part of the media, like the weather or the previous night’s sports scores.

Then you have the Covidian problem. The fervent, but mentally unstable, have gravitated to the Covid panic as a new religion. The people who used to carry their groceries in grimy canvas sacks in order to show their love of Gaia are now wearing eight masks when alone in their car. They really care and they really care most about making sure you know how much they care. Take away their masks and they have no way to tell you how much they care.

This has created a perfect storm. The racketeers are pushing the vaccine, but also saying that nothing changes. Once everyone is vaccinated, according to people like Fauci, everyone will still have to wear masks, stand an arbitrary distance from one another, and carry on like the atmosphere is poisonous. This pleases the Covidians no end, who arf like seals at this idea. Millions are rushing off to be vaccinated so they can keep wearing masks and staying home.

Since most of the media has now joined the Church of Covid, they are looking for proof that their plans for your future are science! This story from the New York Times says a member of the unclean caused a pandemic among the faithful, despite the fact they had performed the proper sacraments. They were vaccinated and they were wrapped in layers of shrink wrap. Despite that, the mere presence of an unclean made Covid angry and she took out her wrath on the nursing home.

A reasonable person would look at this and wonder why anyone is bothering to get vaccinated when you still get sick. In fact, many people are wondering why we bothered with the vaccine at all, given that everyone will have to keep pretending this is the zombie apocalypse. We stopped using the iron lung and lumbar punctures once the polio vaccine was created. That is the point of a vaccine. You get vaccinated so you are no longer at high risk of contracting the targeted disease.

Of course, the Covidians are never giving up on this new religion, so their take is that the vaccine only works when the sinners are forced to be vaccinated. Again, it is not science with these people, even though they are fond of telling us how much they trust science, peace be upon her. You see, this miracle of science only works when everyone believes in it. If just one heretic refuses the blessed sacrament of vaccination, the whole community, maybe the whole world, is at risk!

Those with a taste for history cannot help but notice the Puritan notion of communal salvation running through this panic. The idea that a community can be brought low by the presence of a lone sinner has been with us since the beginning. It was the justification for the witch trials. Today it is the justification for the media destroying the lives of people who donate money to the wrong sinner. Soon, the unvaccinated will be forced to wear a scarlet letter-C on their chest.

The Covid panic has revealed the real plague on American society. It is the plague of mentally unstable individuals searching for a purpose to their lives. These are people who would have been religious fanatics in another age. In this age, their disordered minds cause them to seek the order of ideology. Toting around grimy canvas sacks, displaying pronouns on their e-mail signature and wearing eight masks in the car are about the need for structure to give them a sense of order.

Does any of this mean the vaccine is fake? Probably not. The drug companies are craven enough to try it. The media is dumb enough and cynical enough to go along with what they are told, but none of these people are creative enough to think of it. The more likely scenario is the drug makers dummied up their studies knowing the FDA was under pressure to play along. These vaccines are probably not all that effective and probably less effective for the old than the young.

Allowing crazy people to call the shots is never a good idea. Time will tell if it was a good idea to vaccinate the public with a hastily conceived vaccine. It took about five years before the monstrous effects of thalidomide became clear. Five years from now the same people lecturing us about mask wearing could very well be lecturing us about the dangers of allowing untested drugs onto the market. The solution to their current panic will be the cause of their future panic.

Source: Thezman

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5 months ago

“Five years from now the same people lecturing us about mask wearing could very well be lecturing us about the dangers of allowing untested drugs onto the market”

Five years from now they will be lucky if they are alive with no adverse effects. When they tested these gene editing drugs in the past, all the animals died which was why they could never get FDA approval. Now with the “Emergency Use” crap the morons taking the shots are the animals.

“Does any of this mean the vaccine is fake?”

Absolutely. Considering this is not a vaccine, (why does this have to be constantly repeated?). This is an EXPERIMENTAL GENE HACKING CONCOCTION. Experimental being the operative word. Remember, it was the nazis that said if you repeat a lie enough,,, it becomes the truth!

In fact everything about the scamdemic is fake.

“If your vaccine is 80% effective, then that 20% is miraculously accurate.”

The author apparently does not know how these things are calculated. In fact the best “real” vaccine has maybe a 20% effective rate.

“A year of aggressive testing has resulted in about 10% of the public having tested positive.”

The PCR test CANNOT determine if a virus is replicating,,, therefore it cannot determine infection. Two court cases have recently concurred. And to be infected you must have symptoms.

Before this condemic, if you went to a doctor, the doctor would ask what symptoms you have. If you told him no symptoms, that you purchased a test that said you were sick he would have run you out of his office. There is no such thing as asymptomatic. You may not notice any symptoms but you have them. Even Typhoid Mary had symptoms.

And even IF the disease was real,,, who in their right mind would take an experimental gene editing concoction for a disease with a 99.9% recovery rate if under 70! And even then it’s a 99.5% recovery rate.

And most that died were misdiagnosed,,,(like;y on purpose),,, that is, they died of pneumonia, heart attacks, cancer, flu or whatever. Most were elderly,,,(useless eaters),,, and the medical nazis changed their records to indicate “Do Not Resuscitate”. Yes,,, these are the people that love you!

Boris in the UK bragged on how much money was saved with the elimination of these unwanted folks.

In the States governors are competing with each other over how many useless eaters were killed.

We need Nuremberg II trials as most ‘leaders’ today are of the same caliber as those in the original Nuremberg trials.

Last edited 5 months ago by ken
5 months ago
Reply to  ken

Very well said Ken. The truth of this hoax is there for all to see if they wish. Many do not wish to. I fear we cannot help them. So I focus on talking to those who suspect something is wrong but are unsure what it is. And no…I do not wear a panty shield on my face. And have had some very funny encounters with True Believers. I point out I once believed in Santa. Learned the truth and from then on I have preferred knowledge to beliefs.

Ilya G Poimandres
Ilya G Poimandres
5 months ago
Reply to  scott

The problem with seeing the hoax is seeing conspiracy within the whole system – the corporations, the regulators, the legislatures, the international bodies.

I am now (since cracking my glass floor in 2018) considered a deranged conspiracy theorist by my family. They keep pleading that wealthy people don’t have ulterior motives, and even if driven by a profit motive, consider their human compatriots blah blah blah.

They don’t care for any peer review on the ineffectiveness of masks, the medical and economic risks of lockdowns, the fact that asymptomatic do not spread disease. They don’t remember they called me a conspiracy theorist yet again when last year I said lockdowns would last for a lot longer, that the goal posts would move (such as deaths to cases), that vaccine passports would become the norm, that mandatory vaccination is on the horizon.

Frankly I am tired of people with such lazy thinking. Many have taken these experimental therapies, and as much as I wish them well, if they start getting ill from them – there are only so many times you can plead with someone driving a car that there is a cliff up ahead, and that they should slow down, turn the lights on, and maybe turn with the curve of the road.

April Preston
April Preston
5 months ago
Reply to  ken

“In the States governors are competing with each other over how many useless eaters were killed.”

This is an interesting statement. I should think this to be rather important. I suppose it goes with the narrative, so most he accepted.

I believe the word of YHWY that discusses the scales that cover the eyes of nonbelievers. Reaching these people is now in the hand of Him.
I watched a fascinating video where the woman sages the same word, but it is taken differently depending upon what we, “want ,” to see.

The enemy is so powerful that audio and visual are awash of sights, sounds, symbols, rituals. It’s a, “carnival of sights to see. Makeup on their faces. Actors took their places.”

The heart of each man has now lead him to the precipice. We are looking from different views.
Maybe we can not grasp any longer at those rushing toward the inferno and slipping over the edge. Instead, we need to hold one another’s hands who share our beliefs and some how continue to rise above the collective fear that they have.

Fear is their disease. Oh, how horrid it is.

But, Ken, are those very same governors dosed?

5 months ago

The mentally unstable individuals, who compose a majority of Americans, will find survival becoming the main purpose in their lives.

Christopher Schulz
Christopher Schulz
5 months ago

Well, thankfully, naproxen blocks sars.