Belarus Ends Partnership With EU, Will Merge Tax System With Russia & Establish Common Market for Energy

Will Belarus again be able to get Russian crude at Russian domestic prices?

Neighbors Russia and Belarus plan to further deepen their close economic ties by creating multiple integrated markets and working together to unify vital tax and customs legislation, Minsk’s representative in Moscow has revealed.

Vladimir Semashko, the Belarusian ambassador to Russia, explained on Monday that the pair were working towards uniting their energy and transport sectors, and would also be making plans to transition to a joint industrial and agricultural policy. The two nations expect to have concluded this by January 1, 2022, he said.

The move came on the same day that Belarus announced it would be withdrawing from the European Union’s ‘Eastern Partnership’, a scheme designed to pull former Soviet states into Brussels’ orbit and away from Russia.

Minsk and Moscow have been part of a so-called Union State since 1999, when current Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko and the former Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed a treaty and agreed to begin integration. According to the document’s text, the two nations planned to create a joint parliament, court, and cabinet. Since then, unification has regularly been discussed, including the creation of a shared currency, military, and customs space. However, 22 years later, many of these ideas are yet to come to fruition.

“Much has already been done [to integrate] in social policy, economic policy, defense, and so on,” Semashko told Belarusian state media agency BelTA. “Today, we have really reached the time when we have to bolster the economic foundation of the union of Belarus and Russia.”

The ambassador noted that the two countries would work on integrating 28 sectors of the economy, including oil, gas, and electricity. They would also be focusing on unifying tax and customs legislation, he said.

“We are now at a fundamentally new stage,” he noted, explaining that Belarusian-Russian trade turnover had increased by 30% in the past year. Minsk is Moscow’s fourth-largest trading partner.

Further integration of Russia and Belarus has long been discussed, with both President Lukashenko and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, regularly returning to the topic. Discussions between the two leaders have intensified in recent months, especially following the unrest in Belarus after last year’s disputed presidential election and the subsequent Western interest in working with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. Her supporters claim she was the real winner of the contest.

Earlier this month, Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko revealed that negotiations between Moscow and Minsk were “entering the home stretch.”

Source: RT

  1. Raptar Driver says

    Luka Stuka!

  2. Tubular says

    Germany and France better start talking to Russia & China soon, the US is going crazy and we in Europe need to get away from their grasp as soon as possible.

    They will trigger terror attacks fake economic problems and assassinate our leasers, but we MUST break free before it is too late and they have destroyed the whole of Europe with the UKs help.

    1. Gi Joe says

      A win for Russia. Patience has paid off. With Ukraine they will need to fund a counter insurgency as soon as German elections are finished this fall.

    2. kkk says

      Zionist mafia runs the show in the US

      1. Jerry Hood says

        USrael and USAtan….

        1. USA says

          No. the USA runs the USA.

          1. Raptar Driver says

            The harlot rides the beast.
            Until the beast devours the harlot.

        2. USA says

          No. the USA runs the USA. Israel is irrelevant.

          1. joeg says

            Then someone needs to tell Jizzreal/AIPAC to stop spending millions on BUYING US CongressWhores. 🙂

    3. Mr Reynard says

      Hmm… Tubular, you expect Mutti & MaCrotte to talk to Russia ? Can’t be done, Russia’s is persecuting the LGBTQRXYZ, & as well Russia believe only that there TWO GENDERS & this is being against EU democratic principle & against EU declared “HUMAN” (???) Rights…

  3. Mark says

    Nice own goal, EU. I sure hope you didn’t spend too much money trying to suck in Belarus, because in the end your impatience and love of the regime-change game got the better of you. Now you’re back where you started, down a few euros, but have cemented Belarus/Russia ties to a degree that will be the work of decades to undo.

    It’s worth taking notice that this always happens to your ‘soft-power’ projects. The Hello-Kitty crowd works patiently for ten or twenty years, trying to show that western life is soft and fluffy and harmless and that anyone in his right mind would want it….and then, BAM!!! Some guy from Grand Theft Auto rolls in and shouts. “Let’s overthrow their leader!!” And it fails, and the entire effort is wasted. And Grand Theft Auto is not punished for this failure, instead probably getting a cabinet position for his audacity and courage, and the Hello Kitties go patiently back to rebuilding relations from a great ebb. And the wheel turns.

  4. Geraldo says

    Another great success story for western regime change method of ‘democracy’ The only time it works is on their own.people.

  5. joeg says

    Uh oh. Belarus is just begging for Murica to bring “de mock racy” down from the sky.

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