Australia: Police Knock a Man Down With Their Car, and Stomp on His Head. He’s Now in a Coma

State Premier Dan Andrews: "All of this can be avoided if people don't protest."

I’m sure the ten of thousands of Australians who protested police brutality in another country three months ago will pour out  any time now again

The father of a man brutally stomped on by police in Melbourne has spoken out about the shocking ordeal.

“I couldn’t sleep last night, I was so upset,” he told Neil Mitchell from 3aw.

The victim is now in an induced coma while the hospital conducts brain scans for potential injuries.

The distraught father says his son suffers from bipolar, and police were called to the hospital when his son went outside to meet his friend.

Witnesses say the man was intentionally hit by a police car before being tackled and stomped on the ground.

This comes as police tactics are widely being condemned in Melbourne in response to anti-lockdown protests.

Earlier this month, a pregnant woman was arrested in front of her children, and an ex-soldier had his door kicked in for posting on Facebook.

I was tackled to the ground and arrested while doing a piece to camera last Saturday.

More to follow.

Source: Rebel News

  1. xmil derangeluius says

    Los puercos. Try that in Detroit scumbab.

  2. xmil derangeluius says

    Tough s. Try that in Detroit. Have un bueno dia va cay.

  3. Afshin Nejat says

    And what more, the average size, shape, color, and overall appearance of these people who stand up are the very descriptors being maligned right now in all Western countries as privileged people who have to take a back seat to invading illegals sponsored by your police state “leaders” and “elites”. If you do NOT do what is necessary to get those damn criminals off your backs and stand up EN MASSE against such barbarity then YOU will be guilty of the same act you just witnessed!

  4. Afshin Nejat says

    No, no one is effing kidding you. If you Crown Subjects don’t start standing up for yourselves, you are going to hell in a handbasket with a guilty stamp on your foreheads. That means when someone DOES stand up for himself, he is standing up for all of YOU, and your failure to do anything more than record it is damning of you. You better find some sort of sliver of your ancient DNA that stood up to all tyrants both foreign AND domestic and start DEFENDING YOURSELVES!



    1. Al Carbone says

      bullshit. US gun owners biggest cowards in world history

      1. Tom Bombadillo says

        Cowards like Kyle, right douche?

        1. Al Carbone says

          kyle is a kid and will get 5000 years in jail. the country has been in the middle of destruction for 50 years and one kid with mental problems shot 3 guys. yea that is the winning ticket

      2. Badger Badgerism says

        You don’t know that yet….you can’t call a game in the 2nd quarter….yes the programming is deep…but when you take everything away from a man and there is nothing left to this broken down system but tyranny…a man will rise up…if for nothing other than suicide by cop…. because they want to end the suffering with a just cause…I have had this thought myself…if I find myself starving to death..I am going to go out in a blaze of glory and cause as much damage as possible on the way out…the Japanese did that during WW2 ….they were the Kamakazi and they died with honor

        1. Al Carbone says

          you made a good post but the only way to save the white race and the US is not to let it get to the point where you are starving with your back to the wall. there is not much time left

        2. Tom Bombadillo says

          If you find yourself starving to death, look at it as an opportunity to lose weight and as an opportunity to become more resourceful. You never know what you can do until you actually try.

  6. brian niziol says

    These men have names and addresses someone should pay them a visit and return the favor.

  7. Jihadi Colin says

    Please don’t expect us to feel the slightest bit of sympathy for Australia. Australians, for all their alleged independence, have always been slaves by choice. Even after their theoretical independence from their British masters, they automatically joined in Britain’s wars of choice, and the moment Britain declined, instead of asserting their freedom, they switched to being slaves of the Amerikastani Empire. Remember that Australia sent troops to join in the Amerikastani invasion of Vietnam, something even the British sat out, and of course Afghanistan and Iraq. How can anyone feel the slightest bit of sympathy for a country that chooses slavery of its own free will?

  8. cechas vodobenikov says

    Australian like amerikans has always derived from the most incompetent classes, except Jews—Nancy Isenberg: ‘white Trash: the 400 year untold history of class in amerika’
    in murkika they want to defund police—the nation w the most violent/non violent crime per capita (FBI rejects violent crime statistics from the 4 most violent cities since they under-report)

    1. Tom Bombadillo says

      Do I detect a slight whiff of odious ethnic supremacism in that post? Why yes indeed, it’s true!

    2. James Scott says

      Of course white trash built the greatest nation the world has ever seen. You are delusional.

      1. Tom Bombadillo says

        Those who stay behind in the Old Country are the corrupt, entrenched, lazy, unimaginative ones who get everything for nothing. Then they jeer at others.

  9. Thomas W. Paine says

    Head stompin works when you want to quiet someone down fast… And remember; when in Australia do as the Aussies do… Remember they all came from criminal ancestors and they don’t take any crap from anyone, especially Aussie cops… Have you ever seen the STOMP ? That came from a Brit who fits the image of Aussie Stomper Cops.


  10. Sharon Marlowe says

    Here’s some more of the video:

    It shows the “father of three” on some bizarre rampage. He walks through pepper spray like it’s water. Why was he doing this? We’re not getting the full story.

    1. Mensch59 says

      The Anglosphere is going full overt police state.

      1. Sharon Marlowe says

        True, but this example of it is filled with questions. Was the guy protesting? Did the police do something to him to make him start running around like that? Like he’s trying to break windows of a police van or ambulance. He’s punching out at the police as they try to grab him. Pepper spray has no effect on him. Why? Is he just filled with adrenaline at that point? Is he on a drug? I read in the comment section to the video I posted, that he was a “mental patient”. Is this so? Is he on medication with an adverse effect?
        Did the police act thuggish to him earlier to set off his behaviour? Had he been attacking innocent people before this? Had the police been attacking innocent people so that it set him off?
        The context of this is not at all clear to me.

        1. sabelmouse says

          is there ever an excuse for stomping on someone’s head?

          1. Mad Hatter says

            I have a few in mind….

            1. sabelmouse says

              ok, fair enough. have you ever seen the film ”drive”?

            2. Mad Hatter says

              No. I’m joking of course.

            3. sabelmouse says

              i know!
              the film has a horrendous head stomping scene. i’ve managed to look away every time.

          2. Sharon Marlowe says

            No. But if I find out that the man is a rapist, child molester, or torturer, then I won’t care if he’s stomped on the head by anyone.

            1. Tom Bombadillo says

              His own father stated that he is bipolar.

            2. NWOD says

              A torturer – like those pigs? So those pigs should get stomped on the head? Oh, wait, you’re defending those savages.

            3. Sharon Marlowe says

              One thing I can’t stand is being manipulated. The first video showed psychopathic cops in Australia attempting to murder a man in broad daylight with lots of witnesses. The extended video I watched showed a man on some rampage eventually caught and then stomped on. I still don’t know from where this all began. I need more information than that.
              Oh, and “pigs” are sweet darling animals. I used to visit two of them growing up at my gandmother’s home. To equate them with cops/torturers makes zero sense.

            4. sabelmouse says

              firt we must be sure that that is the case.

            5. Sharon Marlowe says

              One thing I, and I hope many people, have learned from analyzing propaganda is that you have to be satisfied that you’ve gotten the whole story, and not just have your emotions be so easily manipulated by edited videos, sabelmouse;)

        2. Tom Bombadillo says

          In the article, the man’s father stated that he is “bipolar”, so he must have been having an extreme episode related to that.

  11. LS says

    Everyone of these cops should face a rope someday.

  12. ke4ram says

    Wonder how much more the cattle in Australia will take. Looks to me like nothing they do evokes any emotion other than follow the rules. — note, I did not say laws as in passed by legislature–

    I’m sure they have many lamp posts that need decorating. The little boy Andrews and his playmate The honorable Morrison would make perfect decorations. But alas,,, not going to happen. The cattle are too skeeeeerrrd of the fake virus. 816 deaths out of a population of 25 million for a death rate of 0.00003264. Or for Victoria: 729 deths out of 6.6 million for a death rat of 0.00011.

    But hey,,, check out the 2020 Flu deaths. Only 36. Looks like the Covid cured the Flu. hmmmmmm

    Back in 2019 there were 800 Flu deaths. From Sonic Health Plus…..

    “On a more serious note, by October 6 more than 800 influenza-associated deaths had been officially recorded, the majority of these were due to influenza A (96%, n=782) and the ages ranged from under 12 months of age to 102 years.”

    So you don’t lock down for 800 flu deaths but for 816 Covid deaths you lock down and you have your police beat people unconscious.

    Are Australians really this stupid…. sure looks like it.

  13. Sharon Marlowe says

    I cringed when I saw the Israeli swastika in Avi Yemini’s comment. It immediately makes me think of nazis.

    1. Kevin Rangi says

      At least Avi called out the behaviour of the police which is more than you did. You seem more concerned about having to look at the “Israeli swastika” than looking at a guy get his head jumped on.

      1. NWOD says

        I wonder, why would he display the ZioNazi flag if he is not a ZioNazi? Hmmm? Aww, don’t tell us, you have a soft spot for ZioNazis.

      2. Sharon Marlowe says

        Whenever I see articles about police acted like thugs in other countries, I automatically think of the U.S. and Israeli thugs.

      3. sabelmouse says

        where do you get that?

    2. James Scott says

      Avi Yemini is controlled opposition. He does not care about Australia. His people are in charge and behind the police brutality over the flu.

  14. James Willy says

    These pigs need the LA treatment. The dude that shot them 2 pigs there is the hero of the usa right now. More like him need to step up to the plate and target more pigs just the same way.

    1. Tom Bombadillo says

      No, cops are not here to be shot at.

    2. James Scott says

      The loser who shot the cops in LA is following a false narrative. What is happening in Australia is different. Police protecting themselves and the public from feral criminals is not the same as police attacking citizens for being outside. Its not even close.

  15. robert burns says

    There’s never a shortage of anti-american stuff. No big deal. I would remind the anti types that had the USA not won the Pacific War against Japan, Australia would be having a very different situation. There is also the potential that China, once it takes Taiwan, will feast its powerful eyes on the small country of Australia with all its resources. You might hope the USA is still around to stand in the way of that. New Zealand too. Cheers all.

    1. Tom Bombadillo says

      Australia … resources … it’s just chock full of oil wells and stuff. /s

      I’m hoping for an oil well in Israel. Now that would be something to see.

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