Australia Has Lost Its Mind to COVID

"In few other jurisdictions has the brutality of the measures imposed been so disproportionate to the level of the threat"

Few images better capture the idiocy of Australia in a time of plague than the snapshot of a Fiat 500 parked outside an outback hotel last week, halfway along the Birdsville Track.

The 320-mile stock-route from Birdsville in Queensland to Marree in South Australia crosses three Australian deserts. No sane person would tackle it in the heat of summer without a four-wheel drive, two spare tires, a stack of jerry cans, two days food and water and a long-handled shuffle.

Yet scores of stranded citizens from the state of Victoria have been risking their lives to drive home from Queensland on this tortuous and dangerous route to avoid the nonsensical border closure with New South Wales imposed by their panicky state government.

Residents of locked down Britain might be wondering what level of transmission nanny is prepared to tolerate before leaving us to live our lives in peace. The disappointing news from Australia is that for health bureaucrats risk is ever present, even when the number of new cases reported each day falls to zero, the hospitals are empty and no one has been killed by the wretched thing for months.

The existence of 100 or so so mild cases of Covid in NSW, none of which occupy an intensive-care hospital bed, was enough for the Victorian government to evoke emergency powers to declare its borders with NSW shut in the middle of the Christmas holiday.

While it is doubtful if this iron-fisted measure made on the run will have prevented a single case of infection, the misery of innocent, healthy citizens barred from re-entering their home state is immense and entirely predictable.

Cloddish bureaucrats have made matters worse. Passengers flying home to Melbourne from airports in NSW were declared Red Zone arrivals and inexplicably detained in gate lounges for hours. Questions about how long they would stay there or where they might apply for an exemption were met with shrugs. One young couple made the brave decision to leave the terminal and make a run for the border. They later handed themselves to police in NSW, and are now subject to $38,000 in fines.

Victorian state bureaucrats, incompetent on a good day, have been granted extraordinary powers under Victoria’s much-abused emergency provisions allowing them to detain or fine at will. Hapless arrivals at Melbourne Airport have discovered that they have taken on the role of sentries with relish.

A friend reports that she was held in arrivals for five hours, before sitting on a stationary bus for another three waiting to be taken to detention. She tells me she had to beg to be allowed to go to the toilet, and even then suffered the indignity of an escort in the manner of a child on preschool outing.

It should come as no surprise that a decision made at 3.30pm on New Year’s Eve should find a system so woefully unprepared. The deceptively named Public Health and Wellbeing Act, under which they are detained, says appeals against detention decisions should be made in writing to the chief health officer, but he was on holiday and his office failed to respond to emails. The official response from the Department of Justice is that the Department of Health and Human Services is in charge, while the DHHS refers inquiries to the Department of Justice.

My friend was detained against her wishes for a week in an airport hotel, the ironically named Holiday Inn as it happens, for the crime of wanting to return to her own home after a Christmas with relatives in another state.

The callous disregard for the right of habeas corpus in the name of fighting the plague is not unique to Australia. In few other jurisdictions, however, has the brutality of the measures imposed been so disproportionate to the level of the threat. With a mere 35 deaths per million, Australia is the 132nd least dangerous place to sit out the coronavirus. Yet the extreme lengths to which state governments have been prepared to go in a futile attempt to stamp out every trace of Covid-19 puts Aussies up there with the best of them. In the state of Queensland at the weekend, for example, there were just 28 locally acquired cases. Yet residents of the capital Brisbane risked fines if they were caught without masks, even if they were driving their own cars or stepping to the edge of their front lawns to check the mailbox.

What makes it stranger is that as recently as last March, the Queensland health authorities were advising the very opposite. ‘There is no evidence that wearing a face mask will prevent you from catching a virus like the novel coronavirus Covid-19’, they assured us. Such inconsistencies would once have demanded an explanation, but in times of plague no one in a position of authority feels the need to apologise.

The level of compliance with these ridiculous rules might seem strange in the nation that gave the world Crocodile Dundee. But there is little use in complaining when the sun is shining and the pubs are mostly open. In most states it is currently against the rules to imbibe alcohol while standing up for some obscure reason. But for now, at least, masks may be removed for the purposes of drinking.

Source: Spiked

  1. ken says

    As long as the fake virus is touted as “real” this will continue. Nothing,,, NOTHING other than declaring this scam for what it is can stop it and I am not even sure at this point this will work considering the insane number of imbeciles that exist today.

    1. Vonu says

      As long as the imbeciles are not stupid, they can be educated.
      Unfortunately, education is not a part of the remit of most public information sources.

      1. Rabbitnexus says

        Imbeciles are always stupid, that is the definition of imbecile.

    2. Rabbitnexus says

      The media are complicit and will not do the job they are expected to. They will censor anything which challenges the tyranny and the tyrants will use the tools they have usurped for their war against humanity and the coups against our one time democratic nations. They have stepped away from the only thing which gave them any authority, the law we have collectively crafted, including specific laws related to pandemics and public health. They are relying 100% on bluff to create a false reality and using that to frighten people into submission with behavior and encroachment on their part which we would never have accepted if we had been properly and honestly informed. I say they have abrogated their legitimacy and should be overthrown with prejudice. If we need to burn down our country to do it, we need for our own lives sake, and for our children’s futures to put an end to this now! There is no time to waste. With every passing week we are going deeper and deeper into the mire from which we will find it increasingly difficult to extricate ourselves.

      Expect no co-operation from police or military. These will have to be treated as obstacles to our freedom unless they demonstrate support for our humanity. WE ARE THE NATION, The government pigs and their thug pigs are NOT Australia, we are!

  2. Vonu says

    Thymus Gland Hormone Demonstrably Raises T-Cell Counts, Slashes Deaths by 272% Among Severely-Ill COVID-19 Patients Without Side Effects; Also Could Be Cancer Cure; Can Be Mimicked With Zinc Pills”
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  3. Mr Reynard says

    If Australia will ever have a Pol Pot, then I can see it in Dan Jong Un..He will gladly murder 50% of population with good intentions & for a good cause ? Look at his eyes, the eyes of a psycho on a par with Norman Bates..

    1. Rabbitnexus says

      The entire government at this time is as close to Pol Pot as their own limitations allow them to be. Including the fact they are allied with and take orders from Washington.

  4. glib1 says

    In 20years, they will greet the Chinese as liberators.

    1. Rabbitnexus says

      I would do so now, if the Chinese would arrest and execute all the swine in Canberra. In the end I’d rather live under an honest self confessed Communist regime than a bunch of lying scum pretending to be a democratic government with the interests of its people at heart when they’re just criminals serving foreign billionaires.

  5. jm74 says

    Australia gone to pack and ruin; happens frequently to vassal states of the US.

    1. Rabbitnexus says

      They broke our nation and stole our future as an independent nation and guarantor of peace and stability in the world via the non-aligned movement. The stab in the back and regime change forced upon us when they took down Whitlam is the greatest infamy in our modern history. Gough Whitlam was the last genuinely nationalist PM we have had. All the rest just opportunistic sellouts who knowingly gave away Aussie interests every day they were in office. I’d see their graves rendered to unmarked ones and the remaining ones put in their unmarked graves after a full public trial where their acts of selling us out and treason were made clear. Temporarily re-introduce capital punishment for the exercise and maybe we will have a few decades where no subhuman scumbags will dare to try and shaft the people who elected them to care for our interests, not theirs, not Washington’s or Israel’s and not Billionaire eugenicists like Bill Gates of Hell and Great Soros.(sorrows)

  6. yuri says

    a prisoner’s colony; the ex-warden moved to South Dakota….they elected covid the new warden

    1. Rabbitnexus says

      We have not been a prisoner colony for over 150 years. Those trying to make it one now are at this moment in time overdue for lynching. The fact we have a lot of bovine mentality gutless herd animals who actually want to have such bastards make their life decisions for them and take charge of their economies, their children and their bodies and health, PLUS would demand everyone else do the same have a slave mentality and they should not be allowed to even vote.

  7. Eddy says

    Awesome article. Explains the reality on the ground in the Eastern States of Australia to a “T”. However, I’m disappointed Western Australia did not get a mention.We have not had a passed infection since March last year.We don’t wear masks and are free to do as we wish, drink, dine excercise tour the country side whatever suits your fancy. In fact if you stay away from the MSM and the T.V. you wouldn’t know there even is an ALLEGED virus running rampant. Business as usual.

    1. Rabbitnexus says

      @Eddy I am a Perth resident and business owner. Please don’t be so blind to reality. The farcical shutdown we had not so long ago was enforced by police and army! FOR WHAT? That is something you need to think about and also presumably you don’t have your wife overseas in a dangerous location and are struggling to get her home for many months. I do and am.. Make no mistake, the same things being tried out in Victoria will be coming to us all as they artificially ramp up this thing. This they do by testing more, and increasing the cycle threshold of the test, which gives no useful information anyway. It is an entirely manufactured crisis, they have stopped keeping flu stats since it began so they can slot any flu deaths under the COVID category and the truth is we have probably not had anyone die at all from this alleged virus. They are actively keeping the truth from us, including a cheap and 100% reliable cure. This truth is being hidden from the world. Anyone can prove it too by doing an online search for “Corona-virus, quinine, zinc” BUT you will need to limit the search to prior to 2019. Since 2019 the pages of studies, peer reviewed articles in science and medical journals and human trials reports have been buried by an active campaign of denial and debunking, even some trials which were deliberately made to fail by not including zinc and in some cases they knowingly killed participants of the trials in the process with massive doses of quinine which would be known to be deadly, and of course withholding zinc which is the critical element. Every time some official denied this cure works, they were telling lies which potentially were killing people and they did so to protect profits of large drug makers who envision a huge profit when they have vaccines they can force on everyone. The info is on the net in spades, but it has been hidden and denied since this garbage fake pandemic began. This is an immense crime against humanity and it is easily proved. Just do the search. If you include dates after 2018, you won’t find it but from 2005 to 2018 the information is ubiquitous.

      A secondary reason they do not want us to know this, which they discovered via SARS research by the way. Is that all bio-weapons are corona-viruses. That there is a cheap and effective cure for them all, is a huge problem for the war criminals. It means all the billions in bio-warfare research are wasted if people knew this.

      PS,. Azithromycin is needed for severe cases but it works great and fast. A very reliable anti-pneumonia drug and I was given it when I contracted pneumonia from this virus. I have good reasons to believe it was BS-19 even though it was in July/August of 2019. The symptoms were spot on, and I had not had any viral infection in 38 years. That this one can slip past my otherwise exceptional immune system is due to the HIV insert which indicates it was made in a lab by the way. We now know it was circulating worldwide one or two years before it was seen in Wuhan. It also did not come from China. It originated in Fort Deitrich in Maryland. The first US cases were those supposed vaping deaths which symptoms were also the same as this thing. That disappeared from news only a week or two before Fort Deitrich was shut down by the CDC for “failure to contain deadly corona-viruses” and the US Army team for the Wuhan games were training next door at the same time. It explains why all five known strains were found in the USA, when only one was known in China.. the fact is our treasonous Canberra parasites are colluding with Washington swamp rats to manufacture public consent to a major war in the middle of everything else they’re doing to us.

  8. Kev says

    “New Zealanders moving to Australia “raised the IQ of both countries”. Sir Robert Muldoon.

    1. Rabbitnexus says

      Yes, I can go with that. Mind you a busload of either nation’s denizens would double the average IQ of the USA.

  9. John says

    Regrettable that most of Australia has no idea of liberty or consider there Govt. could lead them to their grave. So why be agitated over what doesn’t matter or is unbelievable? Australia a walk in the park for installing brutal restrictions and seeing stuff all opposition. Even intelligent friends, as though talking with a thick lump of wood when revealing the crime of the non existent pandemic and what’s behind it.

    1. Rabbitnexus says

      There might be a few double Gs in that walk. I am only one. There are others. Only loosely connected we are preparing and networking bit by bit. The time is maturing fast. There is no doubt we may be in this struggle for years once it begins and no assurance any of us will see the end of it alive, but that is even more reason to act.

  10. Sharon Gibbster-Monster says


  11. Dr. Stromberger D.S says

    Yea, but they have the hotties on YouTube that live downunder and always post their “bikini haul”. WickedWeasel.

    1. Rabbitnexus says

      I’m Aussie and have had three wives from three other cultures. I haven’t had anything to do with Aussie girls since high school. No antipathy towards our ladies, but I have high standards of femininity and they’re not commonly living up to them frankly. I have no idea what anyone sees in our women, they are average mongrel mixed Euros on the whole (as am I) and I think it is the sight of them wearing less clothes compared to colder climates where the white Europeans tend to live that fools a lot of juvenile minded blokes from others. Virgin men should try not to act like virgins in my opinion.


    no not at all…THIS IS VERY CALCULATED
    got to get the masses accustomed to how life will be
    in the NWO
    NEW WORLD ORDER….you won’t like it

    1. Rabbitnexus says

      It is definitely a global phenomenon and anything you see in one place, if it works, expect to be seeing the same where you live eventually. They are testing our responses to one method after another but the end goal is obvious. Everything I said in my first comment refers to everyone on earth in fact.

  13. Rabbitnexus says

    So far in Western Australia we’ve had one hysterical lock-down of Perth which was enforced using police and army. There were very few cases then and at any time we’ve had from half a dozen to zero cases. Still the insane restrictions on travel and gatherings have been gradually tightened. This despite the fact this BS doesn’t amount to a pandemic at any stage, according to our own legal definitions and most of the measures being demanded are specifically forbidden by our laws, even if it was a pandemic. I am part of a class action lawsuit on its way to the High Court. It is a slam dunk case, it simply is a straight forward black and white case. The law is clear and they are in breach. All states and our federal government are acting outside the law and also international human rights treaties we are part of. If as I suspect the suit is given short shrift or tossed out, it will be a clear indication/admission we no longer follow rule of law, and that our laws are being selectively applied and arbitrarily made. One law for some and none for others. None of us ever agreed to this, we did not vote for it and we have previously voted against any of it via referendum. For the goverrnment to do this, they have abrogated their right to govern. This right is one we grant them and we have every right to take it back. Some laws are universal and do not require being written down and tabulated. they are the natural right to freedom and self determination. They are a birthright given from God. I will fight for and sacrifice my life if need be to secure them, but nothing makes it worth submitting to them.

    Should this prove to be the case, I will be taking that as confirmation we no longer have a legitimate state, that our legal system has been abandoned and the government along with their police enforcers are no longer legitimate and are owed no obedience but instead must be brought down and prosecuted if there are any left alive once this is done. I urge all Australians to consider this, to recognise we will not be getting our lives and country back from these people and to understand they are now our enemies and we as a nation must do everything we can to take it back. Treat them as the traitors and tyrants they are and take care of business. We can sort out the mess and redo constitution etc the other side of this. If you think you can sit back and wait for things to sort themselves out without you participation, you will only be a part of the problem and should understand that as such, you will also be in the line of fire. It is time we earned our freedom. We have been treated as convicts long enough. Stop cooperating with your own would be slave masters. If the law is broken, by their abuses, don’t fear the law, recognise they have resorted to violence and tyranny now and act accordingly. If you support them against your neighbors and family, you are of them and should/shall be dealt with accordingly as well.

    We are having a war waged against everything we hold dear, our freedom, families and friendships. Our economies and our health. Even our bodies are being confiscated and made subject to their will and whim and we may not even choose to be captain of our own bodies. I do not concede such authority and power to anyone. I refuse to be told where I may go, what I must wear or what is done to my body. I will have no issues with dying in such a struggle and I shall have no issues with killing either. Every man who wants to assert he is a man, had better make up his mind and commit to something similar. Any who will not are no men and shall be treated like feeble little boys at best or enemies of our freedom if they cross our path. The country we forge out of this will have no place for such, and they will be requested to leave and go live in a place which wants their kind.

    1. Roka says

      Brilliantly written – all need to take note! Truth!

    2. Dee says

      I recognise your fighting spirit. What is in you is a mirror of what is in me. Unto death i will fight. I will never surrender. A word of advice, one must be careful in regards to whom they trust. There are many wolves in sheeps clothing. I wish you all the best. D.

  14. Union Pacific says

    Cloddish bureaucrats’ what a strange term to use? so mild and almost jovial. If these thugs were Stalin’s henchmen I doubt such fluffy language would be used. These Australian henchmen are clobbering the people with a hammer to control a mild virus. They are like mindless sadists of Pol Pot who put Cambodia through horror for no reason. When there is no reason the act of cruelty is harder to take

  15. jerry wayne carver says

    Sputnik V does not alter genetic material and is the safe way to go. Id like to take it myself if the damn lunatics in DC would allow it into the country. Its a traditional vaccine and the cost is $20 for the 2 doses.
    Sputnik V uses a weakened virus to deliver small parts of a pathogen and stimulate an immune response.

    Also this doctor claims niacin cures covid.

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