Australia Cancels Djokovic’s Visa, Detains Him at the Airport

Victoria baited him with a medical exemption then wouldn't sponsor his visa when he actually turned up — classy

Was issued an exemption by two blind panels so now they just won’t issue him a visa

Novak Djokovic had his visa refused and will be deported from Australia after traveling to the country in search of his 10th Australian Open singles championship, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald first reported

Funny stuff. The brain-disease cult is treating a healthy person in top shape as a criminal for not having undergone mRNA therapies that make you more susceptible to C flu infection. He also has exemptions approved by two blind panels. (A tennis one and a government one.)

World tennis No.1 Novak Djokovic will mount a legal challenge to the last-minute rejection of his visa, after spending eight hours in detention at Melbourne Airport unsuccessfully pleading his case to border officials overnight.

A Tennis Australia source claimed Djokovic had been targeted because of his profile, saying other players had already entered Australia with the same exemption he sought.

In comments reported by Russian news agency Sputnik, Djokovic’s father said: “I have no idea what is happening, they are holding my son in captivity for five hours.”

“This is a fight for the liberal world, this is not just a fight for Novak, but a fight for the whole world.”

It seems that what happened was that Victoria (its medical board) granted him a medical exemption, but then refused to sponsor his visa:

A source familiar with the case said the federal government had written to Tennis Australia multiple times informing it that a recent COVID infection was not grounds for a vaccine exemption. This is suspected to be the basis of Djokovic’s claim for a waiver.

“ATAGI [advisors to the Feds] did not endorse the process that the Victorian Government or Tennis Australia put in place,” the senior federal source said.

The Victorian government claimed it rejected a late-night request to sponsor the world No. 1’s visa hours before he landed in Melbourne about 11.30pm.

How utterly classless of Victoria. If they weren’t going to let him in, they should have said so ahead of time, instead of clearing him, then detaining him when he actually arrived. Who’s the real criminal here?

  1. Jerry Hood says

    We have to let know the Australian embassies around the world that their state terrorism won’t be accepted, and they will be excluded from democratic countries and treated as shit!

    1. Ultrafart the brave says

      The problem is – how many “democratic countries” actually still exist on Planet Earth? North Korea is kind of looking attractive right about now.

      I welcome your sentiments, but would be fairly satisfied if someone – anyone – would do us all the favour of permanently incarcerating all Australian politicians, judges, medical beauracrats, bent doctors and crooked cops (ie, most of them) in their own private high security hard-labour prison camp on a remote desert island.

      Either that, or hang them all.

      I’m guessing we’ll just have to do it ourselves.

      1. ken says

        Many are conflating democracy with Freedom. There have been many “democracies” lead by little tyrants. Australia is one of them now.

        Even the Soviets had a Duma….

        Belarus has a dictator but is far more free than any Western country.

        And yes,,, it is the citizens right and duty to change or abolish a tyrannical government.

  2. Cap960 says

    Remember? China bad. Australia Good. Lol What a load of crap!

    1. Matrixdissident says

      Lol exactly. Meanwhile Oz=China with detention camps and social score type punishment. Now holding tennis players like they’re most wanted terrorists. What a power play.

  3. mijj says

    how convenient it is that concern about disease transmission mutates into concern about Submission to Authority.

  4. ken says

    An out of control government never gets better,,, always gets worse. Australia, New Zealand and Austria are pretty much gone, not a good place to go right now.

  5. John says

    Meanwhile fully vaxxed Nikoloz Basilashvili had to quit playing in the middle of his match in Sydney due to chest pains.
    LOL, pretty soon Australia will just be the home of the cardiac arrest tourneys. You’ll watch it for the car crashes – I mean, cardiac arrests…

  6. Mr Reynard says

    Imagine ?? Just imagine , that he would be a Black African & not a white Serb ??
    The howling & screaming from our doogooders would be deafening and above 200 Decibel…

    1. Matrixdissident says

      They would probably still detain him. Maybe claim he’s an Uncle Tom or MAGA supporter. Thought crime now supersedes color as far as I can tell.

  7. Matrixdissident says

    One wonders why on earth he actually trusted such shysters running a tyrannical government? Does he not read the news even the fake news about what is going on in Australia? Talk about zero spiritual awareness.

  8. Matrixdissident says

    Novak (No Vax) Djokovic (Joke)

  9. silver9blue says

    Unfortunately no mention the Djokovics lawyer stated he had covid on Dec 16 after a test. He continued life unmasked attending sports events even a video showing him playing tennis with kids. He looks like a loophole searcher.

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