After 19 Years of Finest American Training the Taliban Have Excellent Trigger Discipline

Let it not be said it was all in vain!

There is a joke meme going around saying the 2021 Taliban aren’t real because they have uncharacteristic trigger discipline that could have only come from the CIA.

I wonder if the meme is correct in that the safer handling of weapons is thanks to the Americans and their 20-year influence on the Taliban.

The US-sponsored “Afghan National Army” was 180,000-strong and lost 25 percent of its strength to desertions each year.

That works out to 45,000 new recruits receiving training each year, or 855 thousand over 19 years. Let’s make that half a million since ANA didn’t reach 180,000 until 2012 and some may have deserted twice.

Of that half a million plenty would have later ended up with the Taliban (or been one all along). Some may have even become the Taliban equivalent of a drill instructor.

The result being that today at least the better Taliban outfits keep their guns in the low-down position and have excellent trigger discipline.

So there you go Americans, do not despair! You could not teach the Taliban women’s rights or LGBT positivity but one of your cultural exports has been remarkably successful. Thanks to you and your $2.3 trillion siphoned off by American and Afghan war profiteers the Taliban of 2021 are capable of remarkable trigger discipline! The NRA would be proud!

Who says the Afghans are not receptive to American influence as long as it’s the kind of stuff both love and have a knack for — namely guns and ludicrous levels of corruption.


  1. Jerry Hood says

    Good for Taliban, bad for the USrael ban there!!! Now is the time to move the military operations on the USrael soil!!! Demon-rats vs.Trumpistas, Blue Lodge vs.the Red Lodge…With ginal God Judgement on both!!!

  2. XSFRGR says


    1. Mr Reynard says

      & then, NEVER pull, but squeeze !

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