“5D Russia” Bloggers Deny Reality, Fail to Predict Anything That Has Just Occurred in Ukraine

Source: The Slavland Chronicles

Russia has abandoned most of the Kharkov oblast/region/territory. More specifically, they lost the Oskil bank.

But you wouldn’t know that following the accounts and posts from the usual bloviating boomer bloggers who sit like fat leeches in this niche corner of the internet. Now, I’ve ragged on Saker several times before, so let’s start expanding the scope of our scorn going forward.

Slavyangrad has been around since around 2014, if memory serves.

I used to read it religiously.

The guy running it is a literal Stalinist-tier Communist and believes in all the retarded nonsense that this entails wholesale. Now, Commies have a very tenuous grasp on reality in the best of times, but I can only conclude that Marxism has rotted his brain from the inside which is why he has been spouting nonstop bullshit since summer started.

His stunning recent analysis:

There is no truth to the following claims:

(1) Russian/DPR troops have withdrawn so as to allow Ukrainians to directly approach Yasinovataya (Bullshitter Anatoly Sharii). On the contrary, DPR troops are in the process of encirlcing Avdeevka on the Donetsk front, and there is a Yasinovataya settlement in the Kharkov region, Balakleya-Kupyansk-Izyum triangle (SEE MAP), where there is fighting outside the settlement. Sharii—a Ukrainian—knows the geography of his own country less than I do.

(2) Izyum has fallen, Kupyansk has fallen, Ukrainians bla-bla-bla. Garbage and nonsense. Don’t worry about it. The usual “Kherson has fallen” oeuvre. [Note: Izyum and Kuyansk and the entire oblast has been taken by the UAF.]


Gleb Bazov — the author of this channel — wrote this at 21:00 Moscow Time yesterday (the 9th).

The entire region was literally in the process of being abandoned as he wrote this and, as always, clever people with much smaller channels on social media, imageboard sites and so on – people without ideological cockroaches running wild in their heads, that is, were able to look at the news and a) predict the time and location of the initial Ukrainian attack on the weak point in Russia’s line b) quickly realize that Russia was completely abandoning everything on the Kiev side of the river.

Here’s where we’re at now, about half a day later.

Everything in red beyond the squiggly purple line has been abandoned already.

Someone fetch the dunce cap, ASAP.

These bloggers have no shame, really. For months they have been feeding us bullshit and trying to tell us what we want to hear. Everything that they have said up to this point should be called into question now. Do they have sources that we don’t? If they do, they’re clearly inferior to what some autists on 4chan can scour up themselves by monitoring social media accounts of Ukrainian soldiers.

Here is what Gleb, one of the Big Five 5D Russia analysts said soon after it was clear that the Russian army was in full retreat:

Surrounding the Russian grouping in Izyum would be a disaster. The decision to withdraw militarily is absolutely correct in the shitty circumstances. Let me remind you that this is an episode, tragic and bitter, but an episode of global confrontation. So we need to get everyone together, not just those in the SMO zone right now. Everyone needs to do THEIR job properly.

So, first, anyone who states that the retreat is happening is a NATO shill. Then, anyone who is against the retreat is just wrong, apparently.

Do these people not understand that we can SEE what they wrote literally hours prior? Do they have such a low opinion of their audiences? I know I do, but clearly that sentiment is shared, lol.

[UPDATE] – the cherry on top:

The main chat comment timer has been temporarily increased to 15 min. Please think carefully before posting.

Censor people for asking uncomfortable questions. A classic 5D Russia blogger move.


As of now, the chat at Slavyangrad is closed to comments. We will continue to provide updates and not shy from the truth or the reality. The “discussion” of armchair generals has become less than constructive at the moment, but we hope to reopen the chat as soon as possible. We thank all of the hardworking people who made the chat a place to engage in constructive analysis. You will be remembered. We thank everyone for their contributions and we hope to speak with you again. Until then, our thoughts are with the brave men fighting through the hardships at the front.


Folks. Here’s the thing.

Once again, we have a colossal intelligence failure on our hands. The Kiev Campaign was a colossal failure. The killing of Dugina and the sabotage ops across the border were a colossal failure. And now this.

Worse, we are continually being gaslit for being right! We can see the obvious, whereas we’re supposed to be seeing 5D chess shenanigans and placated by talk of secret many-move plans. It’s ridiculous that these bloggers and self-styled analysts continue to get away with being so wrong again and again and again. It’s ridiculous that people who actually matter in Russia BEHAVE THE EXACT SAME WAY.

Bloggers and siloviks both ought to lose their heads over this and for other similar fuck-ups.

But no, the higher-ups in Russia dig their heels in and insist that this is a “policing operation” and try to force reality to bend to their political maneuvering. Then, the 5D Russia bloggers eagerly lap up the bullshit and hurl it up for their internet audiences to sample and coo over.

Look, the business model of these 5D Russia bloggers is to take information provided by the government and embellish it a bit to appeal to Western tastes and then re-sell it to clueless, disaffected Westerners of an older age demo. Frankly, I believe they fail to do even that part well and have had to stoop down to appealing to Third World malcontents, judging by the quality of the English that you see in their comment sections. But that’s their MO in a nutshell.

Instead of doing that you have people like myself, Marko and Slavsquat who rely on alternative sources of news – mostly from within the patriotic community in Russia.

So, one group of bloggers relays to you what incompetent bloated bureaucrats in power are burping out over official channels and the other group is giving you the perspective of patriotic dissidents – people just like you – who paint a totally different picture.

Who to believe?

The choice is yours, of course. But I’m going to keep reminding people about this latest shining moment in 5D chess blogging right up until the next egg lands on these peoples’ faces.

The only reason that they’ve been able to get away with lying to their audiences and puffing up their ego for so long is because there was no competition and because they could smear all alternative information as an Ukro-Nazi-Shmuel-Fascist-Bantu-Cathar-Hmong-Agarthian psy-op.

Well, no more.

I’m calling in the boys and we about to roll up on these punk-ass clowns.

You with me?

  1. Abraham Lincoln says

    Pro Jewish supremacist empire website funded by George Soros etc., denies reality, fails to predict anything that has just occurred in Ukraine as over 4,000 Ukrainian troops Killed, 8,000 Wounded Since September 6, in the so called glorious Kharkov offensive just as with the glorious Kherson offensive.

    I am so glad you hve outed yourselves as agents of the racist supremacist global Jewish Judeo Nazi satanic slave empire dictatorship.

    “Wars are the Jews harvest, for with them we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 million of them, and the end is not yet.” (Chief Rabbi in France, in 1859, Rabbi Reichorn.)

    1. Inkan1969 says

      Right, Rolo is the racist supremacist here….

  2. peterinanz says

    “…the business model of these 5D Russia bloggers is to take information provided by the government and embellish it a bit to appeal to Western tastes and then re-sell it to clueless, disaffected Westerners of an older age demo….”
    Correct. I’d add “..who are desperate for some copium in their, increasingly, uncomfortable lives”.

    So, re
    “..I’m calling in the boys and we about to roll up on these punk-ass clowns.”
    Why? What good it will bring, really?
    The folk you accurately pointed to above won’t benefit from it. The rest don’t read those bloggers.

    “You with me?”
    Not really.
    You boys, of course, please, keep providing invaluable information and insights. Personally, I”ve found your material excellent.
    But, not to prove some people wrong and show other people how disillusioned they are. The former don’t care; the later…that’s all they have to cope with reality. Let those oldies enjoy their illusions.

    I believe that better use of your effort would be focusing on Russian people who are the major losers of this debacle. And it will get worse.

    1. Oscar Peterson says

      Exactly right.

      The Great Game is in play and Marko is waging a war against “5D bloggers.”

      The funny thing is, right or wrong, these bloggers are more or less on the same side as Marko. But perhaps because some of them attacked Marko early on and since, Marko has become vengeful.

      It’s absolutely meaningless.

      As you say, the material here has been, and continues to be, good.

      But one would think that if Marko’s pessimistic view is ultimately proved correct–and there are obviously indications that it may well be–he would be more concerned that “the Empire,” against which this site had been dedicated, will have scored a major blow against the forces who hope to resist its world-dominating ambitions. And what about the simultaneous campaign to embargo high-end and intermediate microchips to China? And the decision to drop any pretense of resuming JCPOA?

      The “Empire” is attacking on all fronts with who knows how much ultimate success. Is the “Empire” invincible after all? Are the forces of resistance destined to be crushed?

      But never mind all that, because “5D bloggers!”

      1. Agarwal says

        I’m coming around to it being hopeless for the likes of Russia or even China. There were lots of signs before but it never hit me with full force, Putin is the king of half-measures. That’s all the whole Judo thing comes down to. And he is about to Judo himself out of power and Russia into being defeated and broken up. China is staying on the sidelines, “look away, this has nothing to me with me”, but they are next in line and an isolated China has no chance. USA + EU + anglosphere + Japan + South Korea + Taiwan is after all a very formidable grouping.

      2. Field Empty says

        The only side I am on is the side of my readers who deserve to get good info. I’m not an info warrior for anyone. I am just a chronicler of our time.

        I have a personal bias which is acknowledged in the name of the site, but I’m not narcissistic enough to think our pages move the needle in the real world to any extent whatsoever so that I would need to censor myself or lie lest what I say “undermines the good guys”, etc.

  3. Traveller says

    in a 2 weeks, when sthe scale of destruction of ukrainian troops become known, the guy who write all texts on this website (marjanovic or something) will again take one month vacation.

    1. Mr. Sunshine says

      Remember when Marjanovic’s name used to be displayed as author? Now it’s just “Anti-Empire”. The name Marjanovic doesn’t appear here at all anymore… also author used to talk to us in the comment section…

      1. Field Empty says

        Yeah that’s how I signed until people started commenting that AE should stop letting Marjanović write, which is a little bit strange because I am the site. So now I sign with AE so people understand this isn’t some guest writing and that if they don’t appreciate the texts they’re welcome to seek greener pastures.

    2. Jonathan says

      Yep, that is exactly what’s going to happen.

    3. Field Empty says

      Bold prediction. Let’s revisit in 2 weeks.

    4. Field Empty says

      My break was connected to my June fundraiser failing and thus my having to relocate back home.

      I’ve paid a real price for telling it how it is, and still I persist.

  4. Adam says

    I have always been saying Russians are psychologically inferior to the west, they have an inferiority complex and a colonial mentality. Russians are highly incompetent, lack accountability and mindset to win a war and ignorant of history.

    When Agostino Netto went to Castro for help ,on the eve of Angolan independence against the south African military and western sponsored terrorist groups. The Angolans asked for guns to defend themselves to defend themselves, but Castro told them they did not understand the imperialist they are dealing with and that if the attempt to defend themselves with riffles and guns, they would crushed like bugs. The weak pussy Russians forbade the Cubans to get involved, Castro ignored them and sent out 400,000 Cuban soldiers with every weapon available to the Cuban government and fought the south Africans and their western terrorist groups to a standstill. That was in 1975. And in 2021 the Russians went out to invade Ukraine (about 3 times bigger than south Africa and armed to the teeth by the west, with less than half the Cubans sent to Angolahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1kQ5aIaUcg&t=318s ). Putin is incompetent and not fit to be the president, Putin knew all along he was going to invade but left $300 billion in western banks, instead of taking that money out to built the Russian army and purchase equipment’s.

    Putin is incompetent and needs to be impeached for sending Russian soldiers to their death without the appropriate weapons and soldiers in the quantity needed to win the war. And also fought a war like he was on the side of Ukraine, instead of total destruction of infrastructure and war like the US fights wars to win, he fought a war like he has always behaved, inferiority complex towards the west and always looking the approval of westerners (his so called western partners as he always calls his ops). Like a puppy looking for love and approval, instead of ruthlessly defending his nation.
    Imagine if Castro was the president of Russia today,

  5. Jonathan says

    This is the most accurate analysis of the current military situation you will read anywhere:

    By Russell Bentley’s Friend and Comrade “Radio Paul”.

    The myth that Russia did something wrong with the Ukrainian counteroffensive is flawed.

    The fact is Russia has a “strategic threshold standard” and while I don’t know what it is specifically, it’s clear that it takes the form of when they meet a certain level of resistance from Ukraine, they give ground and then pulverize the Ukrainians, develop a cauldron and retake it. The places being taken by Ukraine are very small areas and of little strategic importance to the overall conflict.

    Let’s not forget that Russia also is fielding an army about 1/3 the size of the Ukrainians and at the same time getting a 5 to 1 casualty ratio against the Ukrainians. Russia has been playing this safe and will continue to do so. Does anyone really think this small list of lost ground won’t be recaptured in days or at most weeks?

    As to this being a PR victory for Ukraine in the West, the Western press has already resorted to outright lying when they need to. The idea that Russia should have taken unnecessary casualties to deprive Ukraine a PR victory is a trap. No matter what Ukraine does it will be announced as a victory. Even now Ukraine has tried to rewrite their failed “counteroffensive” in the south as a brilliant military faint. Russia has been very smart by not allowing itself to be drawn in by Western propaganda in the news. Russia has avoided the propaganda war and been focused on the real one and not taking the bait.

    The US and EU will continue funding this war until they can’t, it won’t have anything to do with Ukraine failing to take a farm or a three house village and we are now seeing the rapid disintegration.

    1. ATBOTL says

      “The fact is Russia has a “strategic threshold standard” and while I don’t know what it is specifically, it’s clear that it takes the form of when they meet a certain level of resistance from Ukraine, they give ground and then pulverize the Ukrainians, develop a cauldron and retake it. ”

      When did that ever happen? Where was the cauldron or retaken ground? You are making things up.

  6. Blackledge says

    Another one for your list is Dmitry Orlov. I once greatly respected Orlov, but no longer. Things started to slip when he tried to BS away the sinking of the Moskva as “just a fire” and “heavy seas.” Is he really that stupid? I don’t think so. Has he become a propagandist? Sadly, yes.

    And, as you have already pointed out, the response to truth telling is A) name-calling/ad hominem attacks and when that doesn’t silence the critical thinkers, B) outright censorship. Orlov deletes the posts of his paying subscribers and then public mocks them, afterward. PAYING subscribers! Any question he is asked about Russia or Russians is belittled, and the subscriber submitting it subject to ridicule, as if Orlov was addressing a foolish child. He seems to fancy himself as something of an Edge Lord, now. He just has no self-awareness at all.

    I had the good fortune to find this site early on, and for that I am thankful. Marko, Strelkov, Kenigtiger, and a good many others warned that the war would be lost if leadership in Moscow continued with its delusions. What did they get for their trouble? Demeaning labels, personal insults, assorted slurs and other defamation, and sometimes threats. All because they were telling the TRUTH.

    And that’s the way it works, now: tell the truth, become a pariah.

  7. ATBOTL says

    The Saker is probably a paid shill. The other people see Russia as a symbol against the NWO and have no concern at all for Russia as a nation or for Russian people in Ukraine. They simply want to use supporting Russia as a kind of way to taunt the NWO establishment. It’s easier for them just to spin anything that happens as a Russian victory because since they have zero real knowledge or interest in Russia, trying to get involved in internal Russian politics would be work they don’t want to do.

    Most people on the dissent right in America are like this when it comes to Russia and Ukraine. They have been 100% duped by the liberal, soviet, anti-nationalist Russian establishment media.

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