Russia Has Sustained at Least 1744 KIA in Ukraine

That would be 30 dead and 90 wounded per day but the real number is higher.

The Russian MoD last publicly announced its losses on March 25 when it admitted to having suffered 1351 dead and 3825 wounded.

By now the number is considerably higher.

Going through announcements by local authorities and local media made by April 25 a team of researchers tallied at least 1744 Russian military deaths in Ukraine.

78 belonged to Rosgvardia. 20 were jet pilots and 7 were helicopter pilots.

For 582 or 33%  the type of unit they served in was not given. 351 or 20% were from the airborne (VDV). 91 or 5% from naval infantry. 45 special forces. 24 engineer troops, 15 sailors.

At least 300 were officers including 44 who were Lt. Colonels or higher. 2 were Generals.

The VDV 331st Guards Airborne Strike Regiment from Kostroma sustained at least 49 dead including its commander Colonel Sergei Sukharev.

The VDV 76th Guards Air Assault Division from Pskov sustained at least 40 dead including three lieutenant colonels.

The date of death was present in about 700 announcements.

If these are an indicator then the bloodiest stage of the war (on a per-day basis) were the first three weeks until mid-March. On March 12, 38 of the deaths for which date is indicated occurred, followed by February 24 (the opening day), February 28, and March 7.

The real number is considerably higher because some regions like Moscow and Sankt-Petersburg have publicized only a fraction of their deaths. Others like Dagestan (125 dead) and Buryatia (85 dead) are much more transparent.

Age of the deceased was indicated in about 1000 of the announcements.

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