Russian Lady Hospitalized With COVID Wins Vax Lottery

Putin used to ridicule vaccine giveaways in the West as undignified and cringe “you can act in a more civilized way,” so what happened?

Bookmarking Edward Slavsquat could set your finances back a zero rubles.

Your humble Moscow correspondent spoke with his old friend, Regis Tremblay [a tireless podcaster based in Yalta, Crimea], about some of the juiciest stories currently coming out of COVID Russia. It was a good chat, we think. The last time we were on Regis’ show we rocked back and forth in our chair like a meth-head—this time there was less of that.

Some fun stories we covered:

  1. The Russian government cracking down on Dangerous Anti-Vaxxers (and also fining a blogger for comparing a pedophile to a monkey).
  2. Putin putting COVID powder up his nose and nobody talking about it or even asking the most basic questions.
  3. The Russian lady who learned she won a vaccine lottery while sitting in her local COVD ward. (She only had one vaccine dose so it doesn’t count!)

… and many other fun topics. Click click click.

Putin on vax giveaways when he was against them

What should we talk about next time?

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P.S. — in our chat with Regis we refer to a RIA Novosti poll that was “pulled.” We thought we read something about it but we don’t see it now; it appears we got our facts wrong on this one. Our apologies.

Source: Edward Slavsquat

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  • GMC

    I noticed some of the malls in Yalta had a security guy checking to see if you had been vaxed and the malls were empty lol. Every Restaurant/ kafe’ business was moving their tables outside. I left last week but will be back since it’s like my second home in Crimea..You re doing a fine Job “Checkpoint Asia” and Edward St. George.

  • Jerry Hood

    In Slovakia, a woman lost her 400,000€ win ticket just to 9 seconds lottery delay in missing to read their ” slogan”…

  • Jerry Hood

    If this jab lottery is real in Russia, fuck that country forever! I won’t support it morally or militarilly!!! Fuck you Russkie!!!

    • Mr Reynard

      Hmmm.. Who’s holding V Putin’s gonads in his hand ???

  • Jerry Hood

    Similarly, a Slovakian covid afflicted woman won the Covidoidiotic lettery there, in quarantine, twice vaxxed! Furthermore, another woman lost 400,000€ due to internet delay of slogan to be read!