Russia Is Rapidly Adopting QR Codes. How Does This End?

“Formerly man had only a body and a soul. Now he needs a passport as well, for without it he will not be treated like a human being” — so observed a Russian exile to Austrian novelist Stefan Zweig some 100 years ago.

What would this nameless refugee say if he saw his country today?

In Sevastopol, restaurants, gyms and cultural venues are off-limits to those who cannot show proof of vaccination or prior infection, or produce a negative PCR test. [Somebody needs a second liberation…] Some parts of Russia are preventing unaccompanied minors from entering shopping centers; in other regions, the unjabbed elderly are allowed outside only to buy groceries, receive urgent medical care, take out the trash or walk their dog — provided they don’t wander more than 100 meters from their place of residence. Starting on November 1, the Republic of Karelia will deny routine medical care to the unvaccinated and those who cannot show that they are not “infected.”

Over the past two weeks, around one-third of Russia’s 85 federal subjects have announced that proof of vaccination, or Covid-negative status, will be required to gain entry to public institutions, venues and businesses. Such controls have been introduced by Kabardino-Balkaria, Chechnya, Perm Territory, Bashkiria, Udmurtia, Chuvashia, Tatarstan, Mordovia, Karelia, Komi, and Sevastopol, as well as by the regions of Nizhny Novgorod, Ulyanovsk, Samara, Kaliningrad, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk, Vologda, Smolensk, Amur, Pskov, Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Ivanovsk, Volgograd, Voronezh, Arkhangelsk, Kursk and Leningrad.

In the capital, workers in sectors such as education, entertainment, health care, transport and hospitality can be suspended indefinitely without pay if they decline the jab — a rule that has been in place since mid-June. Moscow authorities recently started mass-testing schoolchildren, and the city’s mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, is reportedly mulling the reintroduction of QR codes for restaurants. Digital passes had previously been imposed at the end of June but were dropped three weeks later after nearly 200 businesses went belly up.

Close to half of Russia’s regions now have compulsory inoculation policies for workers in public and private sectors. Their ranks seem to grow larger with each passing day.

When mandates were first introduced in June, several regions adopted rules requiring 60% vaccination for designated workforces. That figure has now been increased to 80% in many parts of the country. 

It’s not difficult to imagine where this strategy of gradualism could lead. The Leningrad region, which in June called for 80% vaccination across various sectors, recently announced that all employees of public and private organizations would need to get the shot. Those who refuse must present a negative PCR test every 72 hours. Proof of prior infection is also accepted but is only valid for six months. 

The Kremlin appears to be fully supportive of what’s happening. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on October 7 that “any measures that can encourage more people to get vaccinated are good.” A week later, Peskov lectured the 65% of Russians who remain unvaccinated, accusing the majority of the country of making an “irresponsible” choice that “kills.”

Many people are unaware of the Russian government’s position and incorrectly believe that inoculation remains entirely voluntary in Russia. We cannot fault them. The “alternative media” have either been completely silent on this subject or worse, have misreported what is actually happening here. Many outlets and analysts have gleefully relayed that Vladimir Putin opposes mandatory inoculation, or “declared” that the jab was voluntary. It’s true that the Russian president said that he doesn’t think anyone should be forced to get the shot, but this opinion has had no effect on actual policy; in fact, for months the Kremlin has been talking out of both sides of its mouth. 

On June 17, one day after Moscow announced its mandatory inoculation regime, Peskov explained that the “principle” of non-obligatory vaccination “generally remains,” but Russians are not proactive enough about getting the shot.

A day later, Anna Popova, the head of Russia’s consumer rights protection and human wellbeing agency (Rospotrebnadzor), described compulsory immunization as a “new tool” that can be utilized as the government sees fit. 

There is certainly a persuasive case to be made that a Russian living in the outskirts of Moscow will fare better than a New Yorker in the coming years, but the widely held belief that the Russian government is acting as a bulwark against the radical measures and controls being imposed worldwide should be carefully re-examined. Proper treatment of this question requires further investigation into a number of variables, including the vaccines themselves.

But we must start with understanding what is actually happening in Russia. It is concerning that analysis on this topic is so completely lacking in depth, when all available evidence suggests that Russians are being subjected to a slow boil. The policies embraced by the Russian government may seem benign when compared to the violent and unapologetic crackdowns in countries such as Australia, but this is hardly a consolation if the end result — the implementation of a digital ID that dictates all aspects of life — is the same.

The discussion about Russia’s role in the “Covid” and “post-Covid” world needs to be recalibrated to ensure that it is guided by evidence, not ideology. There is no excuse for weaving elaborate theories when the Russian government has been surprisingly upfront about how it sees events unfolding.

In all countries of the world, including Russia, life will become “less convenient” for the unvaccinated, the Kremlin’s spokesman predicted on September 30.

On this matter, we see no reason why we shouldn’t take the Russian government at its word.

Source: Russian Faith

Riley Waggaman is a Moscow-based writer. He writes for Russian Faith, Anti-Empire, and recently started a Substack that will be dedicated to covering underreported developments in Russia. He previously worked as a Moscow correspondent for Press TV and as a writer and editor for RT and Russia Insider. 

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  • ken

    Russians should be used to submitting. It’s in their blood. Even the so called orthodox Christian church are 100% for this tyranny.

    “Those who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19 are committing a sin they will have to repent for the rest of their lives. That’s according to the Russian Orthodox Church, whose spokesman said rejecting a jab is selfish.” The head of the Russia Orthodox Church’s Department for External Church Relations, Metropolitan Hilarion.
    July 5, 2021.

    And the Vatican is no better,,, now requiring the green pass. I wonder if they’ll keep Jesus out if he doesn’t have the pass….

    And most evangelical churches in the West require their ‘believers’ to take the holy shots. Will they miss out on the Rapture without the passport? God only knows!

    It is simply amazing how far ahead of his time JC was. No,,, Here’s the fact. God requires you to fight tyranny but that scripture won’t be coming from too many churches that have replaced God with Money.

    I’ll take my chances with Jesus….

    • iconoclast

      unfortunately, both politics & religion share the same toxic, propaganda driven bed & are both human constructs.

    • Raptar Driver

      The Orthodox church, The original church, all of them have gone apostate.
      This is predicted in Revelations.

    • yuri

      obviously you know zero…we are natural anarchists that only obey rational laws unlike submissive anglos where there is no individuality…something obvious to anyone familiar with current Russian philosophers and those of the past 2 centuries—Tolstoy, Leontiev, Belinsky, Herzen, Doestoevsky, Dolbroyov, Pisarev, Chernayevsky, Saltykov-Schedrin, Berdayaev, Solviyov, Kojeve, Levinas, etc
      Lenin observed that it was the spontaneity of the Russian people that produced the Russian revolution
      “amerikans have lost the capacity for spontaneous feeling” Erich Fromm
      “amerikans are threatened by complicated feelings”. Richard Sennet
      “of all peoples in an advanced stage of economic civilization amerikans are least accessible to long views always and everywhere in a hurry to get rich they give no thought to remote consequences they see only present advantages…amerikans do not remember. amerikans do not feel: amerikans live in a materialist dream”. Moisede Ostrogorski
      “busy busy numb–amerikans cannot feel themselves alive unless they feel themselves busy. amerika is a vast goo of meaningless stimulation”. Thomas de Zengodita
      Santayana was so disgusted with the puritanism in your nation that he lived in Europe his last 40 years…..”idleness is the devils handmaiden” according to your puritans–today you are more afraid of the devil…you even protest for sexual repression…100 famous French females describe your “me too” protests in a letter to Le Monde as “puritanism”
      “amerikans are the most prudish in western civilization—they sublimate their desire by chasing the dollar, amerika is gigantic–a gigantic mistake”. S Freud
      “amerikans love big because they feel so small. the artificial sexual scarcity in amerika derives from the amerikan money neurosis”. Philip Slater
      amerikan insecurity and cowardice observed by everyone from Tocqueville, Daniel Boorstin, Christopher Lasch, David Riesman, Richard Sennet, Geoffrey Gorer, etc
      “amerikans cannot feel our pleasure”. S Zizek
      “amerikans, especially males are troubled with a basic insecurity inadequately disguised by their boasting and bragging: amerikans are insatiable for reassurance, signs of friendship and love….only in amerika is the father vestigial: the amerikan mind and conscience is feminine: Geoffrey Gorr…who did write an ethnography about Russians also–he found to be -entirely different than insecure feminized over conformist automaton amerikans

      • geo

        Sad joke: “the Russian people that produced the Russian revolution”.
        Did not.
        Not the Rusian people was involved – some mind-corrupted individuals – many Jews and… just jerks and vagabonds… paid by the Babylonian Talmudists.
        What was good in killing million of people to make them “earthly gods”?

      • guest

        Yet, Russia & the people of Russia have been the tool of England in the past 300 years. England used them to fight England’s wars —always against their own interest.

  • yuri

    more dissimulations from pro-empire

    • drb

      Regrettably, here in Samara one of my friends had to get jabbed not to lose her job.

  • nnn

    Putin is an Israeli holop

    • Jerry Hood

      Rus.Putin claims satanic,khazarian= jewish backround! That piece of shit is not only ex- KGB/ GRU member, but also 33rd degree freemason= satan servant!!!!

      • Eddy

        And pray tell, Jerry, how would YOU know this ??? Please give us the link so we too can check out this info ?

      • geo

        Jewish acquired traits – mentally dominated by them from his KGB work “experience”…, this is the key of his dual set of values.
        Basically he proves he is a Orthodox Christian.

  • Raptar Driver

    Russia has been trying to create this image that it is an alternative to the west, this clearly shows that it is not.

    • yuri

      typical stupidity from hillbilly amerikan rat driver
      “the monolingual always confuses style with content”. G Simmel
      uneducated rat hillbilly bad style, no content

      • Raptar Driver

        Smart, smart, STUPID!

    • Eddy

      Really, ? Why would they do that ? Copying the West, is NOT a good idea.

      • geo

        Economic Marxism = Communism
        Ideological Marxism = Capitalism.
        Cultural Marxism = Liberalism/Progressivism and Ecologism.
        How many people can say they know something about Non-Marxist ideologies?

    • geo

      Looks like two paths pointing toward same end.

    • Jerry Hood

      Still,it is a jew crap!!!

  • Jerry Hood

    Orthodox or Catholicrotestant and Coptic, all are satan’s nests= freemasonic lodges!!! Burn them down with the synagogues/ minge and mosques/ wombs…

    • geo

      Not everyone, despite the Hierarchy Apostasy…

  • Mr Reynard

    Humm Is that ?? ” Back to the Future” ?? Or “Back to Judaeo-Bolshevism”??

  • yuri

    Comments reflect amerikan stupidity
    “amerika requires a stupified population”. Christopher Lasch
    “amerikans are ignorant and unteachable”. George Santayana
    amerikans are a bewildered herd”. Walter Lippman
    “amerikan democracy means that my ignorance is as good as your knowledge”. Isaac Asimov
    “amerikans live in a thicket of illusions; they demand illusions about themselves”. Daniel Boorstin
    “amerikans are the living refutation of the cartesian cogito ergo sum. amerikans are yet they do not think. the amerikan mind puerile, primitive lacks characteristic form and is therefore open to any standardization”. Julius Evola
    “nothing can thrive in amerika unless inflated by hyperbole and gilded with a fine coat of fraud. amerikans cannot think except by means of slogans–they identify garbage as quality. the stupidity and ignorance of amerikans has long been a topic of hilarity in Europe”. Paul Fussell
    “in amerika stupidity is a virtue”. Charles Pierce
    “amerika is a culture of stupidity”. Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
    Goffman described the amerikan mind as “Bureacratized”–described all amerikan conversations: “flaccid”…..Horkheimer/Adorno described all US conversations: “shallow, bombastic fatuous”
    Koestler compared amerikans to 5th century Romans: “a similarly contactless society populated by automatons… as similarly soulless politically corrupt everybody for themselves society”
    all sociologists describe amerikans as fake–amerikans now veritable robots sexually assaulting mobile phones

    • geo

      You’re handicapped by “seeing” only Jewish:

      Jewish (mind) 1
      “amerika requires a stupified population”. Christopher Lasch
      Maybe “Stupified” by the Frankfurt School evil ideas – teaching for goym use only! – promotted in every school.
      He was a neo-Marxist…

      Jewish 2
      Santayana was a broad-ranging cultural critic spanning many disciplines. He was profoundly influenced by Spinoza’s life and thought; and, in many respects, was a devoted Spinozist.
      …. where, “Spinoza was raised in the Portuguese-Jewish community in Amsterdam. He developed highly controversial ideas regarding the authenticity of the Hebrew Bible and the nature of the Divine.”

      Jewish 3
      Lippmann was born on New York’s Upper East Side as the only child of Jewish parents…

      Jewish 4
      Asimov’s parents were Anna Rachel (née Berman) and Judah Asimov, a family of Russian-Jewishmillers.

      Jewish 5
      Boorstin was born in 1914, in Atlanta, Georgia, into a Jewish family.

      Jewish (mind) 6
      Evola was aware of the importance of myth from his readings of Georges Sorel,… In 1893, he (Sorel) publicly announced his position as a Marxist and a socialist.
      He moved to working on some of France’s first Marxist journals…

      Jewish (mind) 7
      Charles Patrick Pierce[1] (born December 28, 1953) is an American…, liberal pundit[2] author

      (Disguised) Jew 8
      Arthur Schlesinger Jr. – His paternal grandfather was a PrussianJew who converted to Protestantism and then married an Austrian Catholic….

      Jew(ish) 9
      Goffman was born 11 June 1922, in Mannville, Alberta, Canada, to Max Goffman and Anne Goffman, née Averbach.[3][4] He was from a family of Ukrainian Jews

      Jewish 10
      Arthur Koestler, CBE (UK: /ˈkɜːstlər/, US: /ˈkɛst-/; German: [ˈkœstlɐ]; Hungarian: Kösztler Artúr; 5 September 1905 – 1 March 1983) was a Hungarian British Jewish author and journalist.

      Jewish 11
      Horkheimer was born the only son of Moritz and Babetta Horkheimer. Horkheimer was born into a conservative, wealthy Orthodox Jewish family.
      About Fussel and Adorno – arrogant idiots can be found in any nation, so this is not changing your complete Jewish mindset.

      Fussel “won” from the same awarding first, …
      Albert William Levi won the first of these awards, in 1960 – obviously, a Jew.
      This was his “J” pass for the future appreciations…

      Adorno – evil instigator and inspiration of the Frankfurt School – the drug melting jar of the Cultural Marxism, Jewish toxic teaching for goym, the induced schizophrenia infecting the entire world.

  • yuri

    “in amerika the citizen has been transformed into a client and the worker turned into a consumer”. Christopher LASCH
    “amerikans do not converse (tocqueville) they entertain each other. amerikans do not exchange ideas they exchange images. the problem with amerikans is not Orwellian it is huxleyan: amerikan love their oppression”. Neil Postman
    the same position is taken by by Zygmunt Bauman, Horkheimer/Adorno, Alan Bloom (described as a conservative by Lasch)
    “the amerikan world view is nihilism with a happy ending”. A Bloom

  • Eddy

    Reading this article I found NO DIFFERENCE between what the article was claiming is being introduced in Russia ALLEGEDLY under the umbrella o Covid, and what is being introduced here in my country Australia. No worker is allowed to turn up for work without having PROOF of being vaccinated. Whether they like it or not. So Russia is not unique in this behaviour.

  • Malatok

    If you have an evil “smart” phone nesting like a viper in your pocket or tightly grasped in your simian fist as if it were some kind of extirpated still pulsating body appendage or brain abortion as the case may be, then you are part of the problem and will never contribute anything of worth to stop the real zombie virus that is leading the herd of mutton over the cliff, at least not until you smash your personalized tracking demon to bits. Slouching naked apes thumb jabbing their hand held thingies and drooling over their idiot gizmos are no longer fully human, rather mindless mutton-headed interfaces with nobody home, or seldom available as they spend their pathetic half-lives peering down the black hole of their tacky, third rate NWO Chinese junk shop virtual “reality”. It’s like listening to East Germans, that were surveilled by STASI psychopaths 24/7 before the Wall was moved, explaining how free they became (at least until 2 years back) even as they exhibit the same nauseating “smart” phone ticks and prosthetic brain addictions as their thoroughly brainwashed cousins in the West while they themselves, without question, pay through the nose for this constant monitoring of their lives and interference from goons and “nudging” by the psychopaths that own the so-called “social media platforms” of Fecesbook, Twatter, EweTueb, Goggle and ilk…”safe” spaces where the sheeple bleat.
    Though the STASI orphans should have known better, they too have already been consumed whole by trans humanist Mickey Mouse BS so the logical next step for the reptilians in charge is to pump their graphene oxide and nano dirt directly to their ovine brains and put them under complete remote control where monkey man never again has to miss a Twatter outburst or a Goggle command or Fecesbook “breaking news” fart or whatever crap they get from their blinking, prosthetic, vital organ when they deep dive into their amoled glass swamp. By all means you four-legged critters of the herd do download the “essential updates” in your monthly covaids “booster” death vaxx squirt to become a truly fulfilled silicon meat puppet like the rest of the protoplasm squirming around you. Your viper in residence and its Qr coded commands (straight from the hell that you couldn’t wait to jump into) will indeed award you with the appropriate Chicom slash NWO credits for being an obedient and soulless slave of the hell on Earth they are now erecting for the dying herd as the last stage of this dystopian farce plays out.
    Otherwise kill your diabolic “smart” phone or shut up already. If you can’t do something that simple yourself, as one who claims to “get it”, then why should you expect the herd not to willfully poison itself considering they are no longer in control of anything in their miserable existences other than shoving stuff in their facial orifice or squeezing shit out their sphincter end as the case may be, in between perusing their “smart” phone smut and kitty litter videos, as they proudly and dutifully exhibit their covaids death squirt status Qr code to every jackbooted robopig thug that demands compliance as they go about their shameful and soon to be terminated lives…all in the prurient interest of course of the demons that unleashed this genocide and “watched over by machines of love and grace”. When the 5G towers and soon the 6G towers light up in the coming Dark Winter then the real electronic gulag will become apparent to even the most challenged leg of mutton out there in the pathetic human herd.
    Never let any psychopath in your pocket or your life that is obviously “smarter” than you.
    “Smart” phone macht dumb
    But PfiZer macht frei…..permanently
    Same as it ever waZ

  • GMC

    I can understand that Sputnik V is not a big deal compared to the mRNA jab, but I would like to see some factual data on all Russian Covid statistics. Russia going along with their own PCR type testing also should be in the Lancet, but I can t find any. I think Russia Needs to address those dozen Bio Labs in Ukraine, Georgia and Kazhkstan – IMEDIATELY.! Otherwise the Sputnik V is rather – Obsolete.

  • Julius Skoolafish

    • On Resistance to Evil By Force – Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin. Written in 1925 in the context of the atrocities committed by the Jewish led Bolshevists against tens of millions of Russians, it has only been translated into English as recently as 2018 by K Benois. Maybe I had hoped too much for Russia.