Do Atlanticists Need New Supervillains? Preferably a Little More Compelling Than the Jokes That Are Petrov & Boshirov

‘The Russians’ blew up a Czech arms storage in 2014 the story goes, and it was done by the exact same two guys who failed to kill Sergei Skripal in 2018 despite exposing him to the worst poison ever. LOL. Busy guys. Russians don’t have more agents than these two morons? Who is writing these scripts? Comic book writers??

Except that what was presented as the passport Petrov used to get into Czechia would have exposed him to being found out and arrested. So the GRU is competent enough to blow up an arms storage abroad and have it be considered an accident for 7 years, but has been reduced to running its agents on forgeries shoddier than you get at an Uzbek flea market?

In connection with the accusations against Russian agents, Petrov and Boshirov, in the explosions in munition storages in Vrbětice, the Czech media presented fake Tajik and Moldovan passports of the perpetrators.

The problem is that any Moldovan passport can be verified on a government website. And guess what? The passport above does not pass verification…

But then the question remains, how did Petrov aka. Nikolai Popa get a visa to come to the Czech Republic? Why haven’t we seen the actual visa on which he entered the country? And where did the Czech authorities get the passport number presented?

PS: Czech media are full of articles about the danger of Russian disinformations. However, they do not feel the shame in lying to the public like this. Because, with Russia, anything goes…

Source: Insomniac Resurrected

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  • Ronnie

    This is more Mi6-CIA jokes. Should write for SNL.
    From the sublime to the ridicules.
    Only the US financial aristocracy and Goon Britain cannot hear the laughter.

    Rumour have it, medics where rushed to a secret bunker under the kremlin . Putin was watching the BBC News and found choking on pop corn.
    So the medics changed Chanel’s to CNN and he screamed MOAR pop corn.
    Its only what I’ve heard……never though I would miss the “Daily Trump Show”…but I do.

  • GMC

    Good article – Thumbs Up for sure !

  • Weniger Gottquatsch

    How about Boris and Natasha?

    • Mr Reynard

      Hmm.. I would like to know, which one is the Russian James Bond & which one is the Russian John English ??

  • mijj

    Russia needs to produce a whacky slapstick comedy based on the infinitely deadly poison and the bumbling inept antics of these supposed perpetrators, the brit cops, the brit media and brit “intelligence”

  • yuri

    almost as amusing as vovon & Lexus

  • Canadien234

    I believe the Brutish secret service should reopen the case of the sinking of the Titanic. It is highly likely that these two Russian terrorists put a bomb in the rudder of the Titanic. I have access to secret historical documents that indicates this is the case, but I cannot show them since it could give ideas to the evil Russians.