Zhirinovsky Says He Has Injected Himself With 6 COVID Vaccine Doses So Far

“I’d inject into my eyes, if there was nowhere else to stick my skag”

LDPR chairman Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that in a year and a half he had made seven vaccinations, including six from COVID-19. His words are reported by the Telegram channel URA.RU.

As the politician admitted, the first three vaccinations he received were Sputnik V vaccines. He injected the third dose when antibodies began to decrease. Six months later, Zhirinovsky was vaccinated with two doses of another Russian vaccine against coronavirus – EpiVac. As soon as his number of antibodies decreased, Zhirinovsky made the third vaccination with EpiVac. The seventh vaccination is the flu shot, which Zhirinovsky said he gets every year.

“But before that, I had six vaccinations in a year and a half! The very first did! And the flu is common – every year – I did it too. Seven vaccinations! Of course, this is a burden, it is difficult, but we must secure each other, ” said the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party.

The politician also noted that it is impossible to stop the disease if the Russians are not “vaccinated”. In his opinion, the “infection” will go away if you get vaccinated.

Earlier, Zhirinovsky suggested that three parties – the Communist Party of the Russian Federation , Fair Russia – For the Truth and New People – pay the cost of non-working days, which will be introduced in the country from October 30. Zhirinovsky wrote that, according to some estimates, the non-working day regime will cost the Russian economy 60 billion rubles. This amount, according to him, can be recovered from those organizations that, before the elections to the State Duma, “parasitized on anti-vaccination sentiments, which led to an outbreak of morbidity.”

Source: Lenta.ru

  1. ken says

    The politician also noted that it is impossible to stop the disease if the Russians are not “vaccinated”. In his opinion, the “infection” will go away if you get vaccinated.”

    We’re supposed to believe this malarkey! A blooming idiot thinks all of us are idiots?

    First off he had to have a booster after the first two killshost and even then his antibodies decreased so the moron then gets another couple of shots from a different pharma drug dealer,,, and once again needed a booster.

    Now the question is… why does he need more ‘boosters’?

    Because moron,,, all viruses, especially corona viruses,,, mutate so rapidly the pharma clowns can’t keep up. They are always catching up,,, they are never ahead.

    Then add in the absolute clown shit,,, assuming the Russian shots are mRNA,,, they do not prevent the disease nor the transmission. Straight from the US CDC.

    So how does moron think their gonna stop the alleged virus. I say alleged because even the great Russian scientific community has not purified Sars Cov 2 to a single virus and therefore have no Genome sequence. Probably using the same garbage ‘contrived sequence’ the Chinese gave the WHO.

    These people are nutzo! Not one disease has been proved eliminated by vaccines. Better healthy food, better sanitary conditions, better access to vitamins is likely the cause for many of the decreases.

    Lenta.ru must be a subsidiary of CNN which is owned by good ole AT&T.

    Old school Tyranny vs Today’s Tyranny,,, brought to you by an Australian comic writer. If anyone is an expert on tyranny,,, it would be an Australian… especially one who got fired for doing the comic.

    1. yuri says

      the moron amerikan—vitamins—LOL

    2. GMC says

      Putin ” there is no cure for viruses”. And Ken, you left out 1 other important thing – 12 Bioweapons Labs sitting in Ukraine, Just might have something to do with the recent flood of ” covid deaths” in Crimea and Russia. But Don t let the Russian military hear this – they might look the other way.

  2. yuri says

    despite what morons believe many vaccines are safe and effective

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Despite what morons believe, all vaccines are not safe or effective.

    2. steve kastl says

      Sir, the mRNA vaccine is different from the other traditional vaccines. It cannot be proven safe for another two years, at least. It never completed the original safety tests and probably won’t be granted a permanent license because will probably kill recipients within 3 years. I’m a retired physician and the malpractice surrounding the mRNA Covid vaccine is mind boggling. I do not trust this current crop of physicians because they are all employees of big hospital chains, HCA, Humana,…… They are afraid of being fired. Cowardly physicians.

  3. GMC says

    This old gentleman is on Russian talk shows alot and you have to give the guy Credit for hangin in there. He likes the vaccines because he can feel the boost to his body that the jabs are giving him – pravda – I could feel it too when I took Sputnik. Seriously.

  4. Jerry Hood says

    This khazarian jew cannot be trusted any word which come out his mouth! Jew always stays jew, no matter what he does or tries! Satan servant and liar!

  5. jimbogoofball says

    Stick him a few more times so he dies and we dont have to look at the goof anymore. Send a van to him and take 10 more you stupid fukkur.

  6. Peter says

    At the same time he drunk 1 liter of vodka – so any harm of vexinnes was neutralized. 🙂

  7. Richard Monette says


  8. Erik Nielsen says

    They gave up the opium trade in Afghanistan. Too much public attention. So these shots are just another drug trade to make you addicted.
    The boosters makes you feel happy, you own nothing and have nothing to loose………LOL. 

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