Zelensky Signs Decree to Grow Military by 100,000 That Will Never Be Funded

If only boosting a military was as easy as putting 'Zelensky' on a paper

Zelensky vows to grow the military by 100,000 while AT THE SAME TIME reducing the reliance on conscripts, boosting pay for contract soldiers, and taking care of their housing:

According to Zelensky, this decree provides for an increase in the military pay to a level not lower than three minimum wages, Ukraine’s transition to the principles of a professional army, an increase in the duration of contracts, the development of the concept of housing for servicemen, veterans, their families, a career development system for officers, as well as an increase in the Armed Forces of Ukraine by 100,000 professional army personnel in the next three years. As well as the creation of additional 20 brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

And this will all be accomplished by what is perhaps Europe’s poorest state and in just three years. Yeah right. Someone is being gaslighted. Signing decrees is easy, what matters is providing funding.

Meanwhile, a substantial chunk of the Ukrainian armed forces are “territorial defense brigades” which are just a ton of infantry with a few mortars if they’re lucky.

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  1. Eddy says

    L.O.L. If these guys lined up in the Pic are supposed to be their “professional army” I bet the Russians are running scared, they look SO INTIMIDATING L.O.L. especially the wooden cut out weapons. I understood when Ukraine was part of Russia the majority of manufacturing was done in Ukraine. So what happened to all those manufacturing facilities to make the weapons ??????????

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