Zelensky Finds Time to Chat With Sean Penn for Documentary Amid Russian Offensive

The battle must be going well then

Ukraine’s comedian president Volodymyr Zelensky took the time to speak with actor Sean Penn as part of a “documentary on the Russian invasion” as his military was being destroyed.

Zelensky released the embarrassing video himself Thursday on Instagram, writing: “The more such people in our country now, true friends of Ukraine, who support the struggle for freedom, the sooner it will be possible to stop Russia’s treacherous attack.”

“Sean popped up Thursday in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, after the Russians invaded … and Ukraine’s government says Penn is there to capture the conflict on film [for a documentary],” TMZ reported.

Zelensky reportedly never ordered a full mobilization of the Ukrainian military because he thought Putin was bluffing.

Source: Information Liberation

  1. Hungary Guy says

    Probably will recieve many likes from the Brainwashed Quackcinated western Libtards worrying for Ukraine…
    We got the same see- eye- ah Actors in Hungary, too: no real job/ effort done, just facebooking, tweeting, etc.
    Washington’s Puppets all the same everywhere.

  2. Chacko Kurian says

    The great leader of the ‘free world’ who can’t even pronounce Kiev was not able to give a press conference when the Russians moved because he had gone to bed-perhaps the next afternoon. Boris J signals his support for Ukraine by flying the Ukrainian .flag at Downing St. In the meantime the priorities for US, UK military are to instill wokeness in their soldiers and staff.
    Any wonder Ukraine was not given membership of NATO-it would mean they would be obligated to defend Ukraine if Ukraine was a NATO member. No problems with those illegal and immoral wars against Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc.
    All the virtue signalling from western leaders is simply disgraceful.

    1. Stephen says

      Very well reasoned and stated. Thank you!

    2. Geraldo says

      they know nothing else, now reality has shaken them to the core, they feel they need the safe space of twitter/facebook/IG adulation, mostly from brain dead minors who yesterday couldn’t point to ukraine on a map. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so serious but it is the West now I’m afraid. I watched Stultifiedburger and Ven der leyen after attitude adjustment lesson began on Thursday, have I ever seen two people so scared? but were they scared for the ‘people of ukraine’ whose good will they so blatantly abused and who they abandoned so quickly. No! they were worried only for themselves, their careers, that such a cataclysmic event could happen on their watch and that they were completely complicit in western arrogance and ignorance which caused it to happen. Poor dears, they are obviously not suited to their lawyerly technocratic station and so obviously lack the gumption for the military consequences

  3. anon says

    presumably this is zelensky’s understanding of the term ‘theater of war’..

    Most political crony frontmen throughout world history have always taken time out from the worlds ‘stage’ ..

    always making the time , mid blitzkreig, to chat with withered has-been hollywood blowhards with poor anger management and inflated opinions of themselves.. it’s their values and who they are.. it’s demockracy..

    Zelensky is funny all right, but not in the way thinks..

    1. Steve Ginn says

      Not “funny ha-ha”, but funny like a funeral.

  4. guest says

    How did the degenerate get into Kiev ? did he bring an edible tie ? how is he getting out ?

    1. Geraldo says

      CIA are still running the show, some mercenaries, they’ll have got him in and will evac him out when the shooting starts. you see this is how US military works, like Hollywood, fake stories, high profile social media bs. No wonder they don’t know how to fight wars anymore. the plebs are all flying ukie flags on social media, ‘praying for Ukraine’ they haven’t got a clue why, or about the nazis, just the western brain dead public being lead by the security services. such a bunch of sheep. but it makes it hard to get the opposite side across. IG is full of the psyops mob abusing anyone who protests or tries to show whats going on in the east. we are seeing now what FB et al are all about, tools for the thought police to gaslight the masses into supporting US hegemony and whitewash their multiple war crimes

  5. anon says

    shlomo penn Straight from promoting injectable genetic cocktails and maligning those who reject the jew jab, to propping up yankee placeholders in eastern europe.. as they get smashed back into the stone age..

    Nato’s secret weapon hehe..

    by the way if anyone doubted that the zio-yankee ‘entertainment’ operation and the stooges it employs and promotes wasn’t part of the MIC..

    you can unburden yourself of such delusions..

    1. Bright Midnight says

      Like I said, he’s either gone full retard, or he’s honey trapped. Wasn’t he on the Lolita Express?

    2. zio-yankee doubter says

      “zio-yankee entertainment operation” is exactly what it is. Thank you kind stranger!

  6. Bright Midnight says

    Sean Penn has gone full retard, that, or he’s honey trapped.

  7. Marco says

    How many know that Sean Penn is a Jew?? He’s a big fan of the “covid” Jabs too. His politics are pure Zio Garbage. He’s a traitor to Freedom & the USA. A Punk.

  8. JC Denton says

    No worries Mr. Zelensky, Twitter and Hollywood are on your side!

    1. Hungary Guy says

      … and don’t forget the Western Leaders with blue- yellow lighting on Monuments!

  9. edwardi says

    Just two CIA operatives having a quick chat.

  10. ken says

    Never have I read so much BS in US/Western media. They have knocked RT offline but Sputnik is up so I don’t trust anything that site has to offer and Fox,,, Jeez,,, a complete disaster. I am waiting to read about Russians killing babies in incubators.

    Read where Russia has a portable incinerators to burn up the bodies of fallen soldiers as it is cheaper than shipping them home. It’s really sick and the worst part,,, most comments were buying into it. Americans are soooooo fking gullible and downright stupid.

    The US caused this entire shitshow but Americans think it’s all Russia. They conveniently forget the Coup d’etat the US organized and funded. They forget the billions of dollars in weapons sent to Ukraine. They forget the training for Ukrains Armed Forces that obviously didn’t work. They forget the Minsk agreement Western governments (the US/UK/France) told Ukraine not to abide. Talk about dullards!

    Millions of brainwashed hypochondriac war mongers. Biden finally woke from his nap and has been saying stupid shit. He is going to punish Putin. More sanctions? So they shut down NS2,,, what about the Western banks that loaned on that project? What? Going to print up more counterfeit and give to the banks? The dollar is crashing faster than Ukraine. Then what if bad boy Putin stops the flow on NS1? What about the average Europeon freezing to death?

    What if they cut Russia off of Swift payment system. No problem morons, you can pay for the gas in Rubles or Yuan or Gold.

    In the US Biden blames high gas prices on this little conflict blip. The US gets no oil or gas from Ukraine so they are talking out their ass and the oil corporations are cleaning up ripping off dumbass Americans while those same Americans are still clinging to their masks, taking the killer vaxxes and watching their loved ones in hospitals being hospicided with remdeathivir and ventilators for CDC/Gov buckeroos.

    I have never ever in my over 70 years on this planet seen so much stupid. We’re talking 5D Chess stupid here. How have we managed to pick the dumbest rocks on this planet to be our ‘leaders’!

    I hope Jesus returns soon because at this rate and with these ‘leaders’ humanity doesn’t have long…..

    1. Steve Ginn says

      Ya got the situation pretty well covered there, Ken. The average Yank is certainly dumber that dog shite and braindead enough to believe all that the MSM feeds them!

    2. KillJoel says

      What about the Rusian tank rolling over civilians cars in Kyiv’s Central Square???

  11. GMC says

    In this case – History again will be written by the Jews in Hollywood, not the victorious Jews , like in the other World Wars, but Hey, the Jews always win regardless- $$.

    1. zio-yankee doubter says

      I’ve been in France, and they call it the Jew-S-A….

  12. Geraldo says

    Sean brought in a new supply of coke for Ze. Snorting degenerate. It would certainly explain the ‘bravery ‘

  13. Kointel Killah says

    Shill War Better? Glory to the zeros…

    Dec. 2013.

    Ukraine: McCain tells Kiev’s protesters “I am with you”

    Jan. 2022.

    Echoes Of McCain In Maidan: Large Group Of Senators Travel To Kiev In “Message” To Russiazerohedge.com/geopolitical/echoes-mccain-maidan-large-group-senators-travel-kiev-message-russia

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