Zelensky Calls Up Reservists

Too late

Ukraine’s 2nd line reserve brigades are being called up. On paper, the reserve component of the ground army has 7 maneuver brigades and 2 artillery brigades armed with older equipment. That is, even a little bit older than what the active component has.

Why Zelensky has waited this long is a mystery to me. Is it because he was in denial about the reality of the situation, because he feared giving Russia a casus belli, or something else?

Zelensky is literally talking about training camps for the mobilized reservists:

According to the decision of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, training camps for reservists of the defense system will be held in the near future.

This is too late. It’s an open question of whether the Ukrainians can even get the units stood up and positioned in the field before the Russian operation and Zelensky is talking about “training camps”. This is a joke.

The reserve brigades should have been activated way back to allow for weeks of refreshment training that should already been very much over by now. By now the reserve ought to have been in their assigned defensive positions instead of only just being woken up. This is too late.

Zelensky also declined to declare a general mobilization. That’s the right call. You can “mobilize” hundreds of thousands of civilians but it doesn’t make them into a fighting force. That would take months, would take officers and specialists that will be occupied elsewhere, and even then would only net you masses of all-infantry units that have zero chance on the modern battlefield. The course of the war will be decided in the first 2-4 weeks by artillery fires from 10 to 50 kilometers and taxi drivers with Kalashnikovs with an effective range of 500 meters backed by nothing but other guys with Kalashnikovs have no place in it. You may as well be charing machine guns with spears.

PS.: The guys you see running around with wooden rifle cutouts are the Territorial Defense. They are a joke. Lambs to the slaughter. Or maybe a PR stunt. The army reserve is a much more serious force, and heavily equipped (albeit with semi-ancient gear). Had it been stood up sooner, and were it facing a 1980s opponent it could have been a very significant obstacle.

  1. edwardi says

    Again this ‘author’ is cheering on this Kiev nonsense, utter head up the behind stupid. Is he Ukranian ? Maybe a left behind Gladio warrior. ? If Russia takes off the gloves here it will be over in 2 days time and if necessary Kiev flattened and Zelensky running with tail between legs like the Oligarchs. Retreat is the only option. Then make peace with Russia and throw the US and all Western influence especially NATO the hell out of the country, forever. Prosperity lies with aligning with the Russia/China new initiatives, it always has, Maiden was a Nazi minority operation and not at all in the best interests of Ukraine, unless of course they wanted ( and evidently did ) to be treated like the rest of the EU Cucks, serving US interests while destroying their own.

    1. Yury says

      LMAO, this author told you there was going to be an invasion when everyone was saying there wasn’t. He’s not dumb

  2. guest says

    It is a tragedy that these occupying aliens are sacrificing the people of Ukraine. As if their lives weren’t bad enough thanks to these child-rapists, sex-slavers and all around anti-humans —now a large-scale outdoor blood-sacrifice.

    While Russia is at it, why not a common border with Hungary ? (the central government & Court in Brussels just told Hungary “no money”) Refurbish the train-tracks and roads between Kiev and Belgrade & the kingdom of Montenegro (so citizens of Vladivostok and Leningrad may take the train to a vacation-spot on the Adriatic).

  3. Helga Weber says

    There must be a lot of “Ukrainians” who have russian family members, I wonder how much they want to fight.

  4. Mr Reynard says

    Hmm.. Seeing above Zelensky & Wearing a tie ?? IMHO this tie I would assume will be Licorice Flavoured ??

  5. Juan says

    Battle rifles, effective at 500 m? that’s a little stretch, those taxi drivers sure are good shooters huh?

    1. Hungary Guy says

      Yep, I can be effective at 200 meters with AK, as a Reserve…

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