YouTube Rival Rumble Strikes Deals With Glenn Greenwald, Tulsi Gabbard

In defiance of the “increasing repression” perpetrated by Big Tech monopolies, journalist Glenn Greenwald launched a new video channel, “System Update with Glenn Greenwald,” on Rumble, the free-speech video-sharing platform rising as an alternative to YouTube. He announced his endeavor on Thursday in a video posted to the channel, saying he’s “very excited by this move.”

Greenwald isn’t the only one moving away from Big Tech to Rumble. According to Greenwald, other notable thinkers such as former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Shant Mesrobian, Mujahed Kobbe, and Zaid Jilani will also be joining Rumble.

Greenwald portrayed his decision to move as easy. “Rumble is a platform devoted not to a particular ideology but to defending a free internet by guaranteeing free debate and free discourse,” he said in his announcement video. Better yet, Rumble “offers an opportunity to liberate ourselves from the repression — the increasing repression — of Big Tech monopolies.”

“We’ve seen just in the last month alone extraordinarily arbitrary and unjustified cases of censorship of people on both the right and the left, oftentimes to manipulate public debate to suppress dissent and oftentimes simply for no apparent reason at all,” Greenwald added. So it’s time to push back, he says.

Greenwald believes that like Substack, Rumble is one of the few places independent thinkers can go to freely speak their minds in the digital realm. He celebrated this ability to speak freely by focusing his first long-form video on a recent Washington Post article, which he said is “a case study in how the media deceives.” In this same video, Greenwald also slammed YouTube for temporarily kicking Sen. Rand Paul off its channel earlier this week.

“Big Tech monopolists are becoming increasingly repressive almost by the week … and it’s not hard to understand why,” Greenwald explained. “When the first big censorship events and deplatforming and de-personing events happened back in 2015 with Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos, many of us warned that if you cheer those deplatformings because you dislike Alex Jones or Milo Yiannopoulos, what you’re cheering for is a system that will inevitably expand to ultimately swallow and silence from the internet not just the people you hate but the people you like.”

Sadly, that’s exactly what’s happening today, Greenwald says. “It’s getting more and more extreme. In addition to being a medical doctor, Rand Paul is also the elected representative of the people of Kentucky, who twice sent him to the Senate to speak for [them] in our most important debates,” Greenwald told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Thursday.

“You have these unelected tech oligarchs being pressured by the Democratic Party to silence the people who were elected by the citizens of this country to speak on their behalf. And it gets worse and worse and worse. The censorship grows and grows and grows,” he lamented.

To overcome this censorship, Greenwald believes we must support different platforms that are actually combatting it and trying to create a place on the web for open discourse. The elites already censored and destroyed Parler. Greenwald hopes the same won’t happen to Substack or Rumble.

Source: The Federalist

  1. ken says

    Wanted to comment on rumble so I filled out their little form page. Then went to comment and found out that now I could not comment until I was “Verified”. To be verified they wanted my cell phone number, I assume so they could spam the crap out of me and sell what other info they could pry out of the phone but the problem is,,, I do not have a cell phone. Seriously!

    Have you noticed that when one of these information sucking platforms ask for your cell they never, ever have a choice ‘No Cell Phone’? They always say ‘Later’. They simply cannot believe there are a few that actually value their privacy that do not wish to be followed around like a school child and have conversations spied upon. I grew up when privacy and freedom was respected values unlike now when you are looked upon with suspicion that you want to hide something.

    IMO,,, rumble is just another YT albeit pretending to be a free speech platform trying to get as many users as possible before they too start YouTubing folks.

    1. Maiasta says

      Verification is needed in case you want to monetise any or all of your videos. I verified with them many months ago, and have received no spam whatsoever.

  2. Art says

    I have a flip phone. No data. No tracking. Just a phone.

  3. Whocares says

    Except, like Spotify, (that Rogan contracted to for just these reasons) Rumble is censoring.

  4. Voz 0db says

    So… the COWARDS from the “The Federalist” are talking about freedom of speech. They can go fuck themselves.

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