YouTube Deletes Second Rand Paul Video, Kicks Him Off for a Week

“They are now banning all my speech, including speech that is given on the Senate floor"

Sen. Rand Paul is fuming after YouTube censored the second one of his videos for violating community guidelines on COVID-19 and suspended him from posting more videos for a week.

“They are now banning all my speech, including speech that is given on the Senate floor, which is protected constitutional,” the Kentucky Republican senator told reporters on Tuesday. “YouTube now thinks they are smart enough and godly enough that they can oversee speech, even constitutionally protected speech.”

YouTube last week removed a video of an interview the Kentucky Republican senator did on Newsmax.

Paul discussed his suspicions about the origins of the coronavirus, his feud with Anthony Fauci over what funding for research in China’s Wuhan lab came from the United States, and argued that most face coverings do not help stop the spread of the virus.

Paul, an eye doctor, then recorded, and on Aug. 3 uploaded, a second video chastising YouTube for taking down the video and promoted one of its competitors, Rumble. He defended his comments on masks.

“Saying cloth masks work, when they don’t, actually risks lives, as someone may choose to care for a loved one with COVID while only wearing a cloth mask. This is not only bad advice but also potentially deadly misinformation,” Paul said in the video.

YouTube responded by taking down that video as well, saying that it violated YouTube’s community guidelines. On Tuesday, Paul’s office said that the company imposed a seven-day ban from posting more videos.

YouTube did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This is not the first time Paul has faced censorship from YouTube. In 2019, the company took down a video that the senator uploaded in which he mentioned on the Senate floor the name of the alleged whistleblower, whose concern about former President Donald Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president led to his first impeachment.

Paul acknowledged that YouTube, as a private company, has a right to ban them if they want to but said that YouTube is acting as “an arm of the government without any repercussions or push back.”

“It is really anti-free speech, anti-progress of science, which involves skepticism and argumentation to arrive at the truth,” Paul said. “YouTube and Google, though, have become an entity so huge that they think they are the arbitrator of truth.”

He advocated for using alternatives to YouTube, such as Rumble. “My hope is that maybe through competition, we’ll prove them to be wrong in their ways,” Paul said.

Source: The Washington Examiner

  1. yuri says

    after examining USSR school curriculum and media Geoffrey Gorer described the censorship in USA as “ludicrous”
    “censorship reflects a society that has no confidence in itself”. Justice Potter Stewart
    “amerikan academia is far more effectively censored than was Soviet academia”. Georgi Derlugian (2018)

    1. GMC says

      It’s quite evident that the lies, propaganda and misinformation that the USA used to program their own populace against the people of the CCCP – have come home to — not only roost but to imitate those fallacies – 10Xs over.
      I don’t believe that the Soviet people wanted to overthrow their own government , the way many Americans are starting to believe in.

      1. yuri says

        of course few in USSR trusted the media—Hofstadter, Gorer etc observed that amerikans pay far more attention to media and journalism than do Europeans…in a recent interview a black political scientist at Univ of Washington remarked, “when I predicted that Trump would defeat Clinton I received no attention in USA; however in Europe where ideas matter I received a great deal of attention”
        never addressed is the peculiar amerikan incapacity to think dialectically and make connections—examined by by Univ of Wuhan, /tocqueville, Richard Sennet, George Lakoff, Geoffrey Gorer who wrote, “amerikans only comprehend discreet discoordinated facts”….concepts of “significance” Husserl, “structural continuity”. Dilthey,, “hermeneutics” Gadamer, “dialectics” Sdleimacher/Hegel/Fichte,Plato, Berdyaev/shestov are impenetrable to the amerikan mind…this does not suggest that the above are entirely right as they examined truth, aesthetics, history…Kierkegaard so despised Hegel he wrote, “take paradox away from a thinker and you have a poor professor”….Nietzche, Shestov, Batallie, Heidegger, Gadamer are all closer to Kierkegaard than Hegel…..facts are nearly irellavant…Talleyrand wrote, “since the masses are eager to believe in something nothing is so easy as to arrange facts for their benefit”….Schleimacher and others demolished historcism (empirical history)famously writing, “a society is not judged by the alienated fruit it produces, but by its blossom (moral virtue)”

      2. yuri says

        It is interesting that the most anti soviet today are the republics that received the most resources and money—Georgia, Ukraine, the baltics—-elsewhere there is little anti-Soviet sentiment and even the young by 60-70% have begun to admire the development that was produced between 1925-1990

        1. tunamelt says

          “admire the development that was produced between 1925-1990” LMAO!
          Long lines, food shortages. Holdomar. Gulags, firing squads. That is some development comrade!

          1. yuri says

            idiot racist amerikan detected…”amerikans are the living refutation of the cartesian cogito ergo sum. amerikans are yet they do not think. the amerikan mind puerile primitive lacks characteristic form and is there fore open to any standardization”. Julius Evola
            you are proof Evola is correct

    2. Maiasta says

      Correction: Censorship reflects a government that has no confidence in itself. “Society” cannot censor itself, because society is not homogenous.

      1. yuri says

        obviously false as all cultural historians, sociologists, philosophers, anthropologists demonstrate…amerikans the most homogenous crippled by an impoverished conservative language—-lakoff, Boorstin, Hofstadter, Boroditsky, Adorno, Gadamer, Heidegger, etc
        “the limits of your language re the limits of your world”. Wittgenstein
        USA followed by other anglophone nations the most individualistic societies on earth—Hofstede, etc
        “amerikans poorly understand that individualism produces uniformity”. Philip Slater )Parsonian)
        “what unites the slavophiles, Alexandr Herzen, Peter Kropotkin and the marxists is the belief that western individualism is an enemy of individuality”. Vladimir Golstein (1999)
        David Riesman (liberal) described north amerikans as “over-conformist semi-automatons…so does the marxist Mezaros
        Alan Bloom—(conservative) the same (Closing of the amerikan Mind)
        “individuality has entirely disappeared in USA”. Horkheimer/Adorno…they described north amerikan conversations:
        “shallow, bombastic, fatuous”. Erving Goffman “flaccid”
        the virulent anti-communist Arthur Koestler compared amerikans to 5th century Romans: “a similarly contactless society populated by automatons…a similarly soulless politicallyy corrupt everybody for themselves society”
        “only in amerika do people act like machines are treated like mCHINES AND ONLY IN AMERIKA ARE MACHINE metaphors used to describe human behavior”. Geoffrey Gorer
        Neil Postman wrote, “amerikans do not converse–they entertain each other. amerikans do not exchange ideas they exchange images. the problem with am Erika’s is not Orwellian, it is huxleyan: amerikans love their oppression”
        George Simmel—the greatest philosopher of culture in western civilization examined more than 1000 societies—he found that only in primitive individualistic tribes where individuality did not exist were genders homogenized and fashion brought closer to the body….when Riesman described amerikans as “over-conformist semi-automatons the only people with tattoos were the lowest ranks of the US navy, biker gangs, criminals…..of course in civilized collectivist societies where there is individuality tattoos are largely confined to criminals and primitive tribes… Goethe, Kant Gadamer–none Marxian–described tattoos as “barbarism”
        “the previous danger in US was that everybody will be slaves; the present danger is that everyone will be robots”. Erich Fromm
        “the amerikan ideal is that everybody should be the same”. James Baldwin

        1. yuri says

          another fragile amerikan Karen downvote….expected
          “amerika requires a stupefied population”. Christopher Lasch
          “amerikans love big because they feel so small…in amerika stupidity is a precious natural resource” Philip Slater
          “amerika is a culture of stupidity”. Arthur Sclesingerb Jr
          “stupidity is a virtue in amerika”. Charles Pierce
          “amerikans are ignorant and unteachable”. George Santayana
          “nothing can thrive in amerika unless inflated by hyperbole and gilded with a fine coat of fraud. amerikans cannot think except by means of slogans—they identify garbage as quality. the stupidity and ignorance of amerikans has long been a topic of hilarity in Europe”. Paul Fussell
          “amerikan are not educated to think sociologically or historically—the functional illiteracy and ignorance of amerikans has made us an international joke”. Morris Berman

      2. yuri says

        “the state always reflects the values and desires of its people”. E Durkheim
        Philip Slater attributed amerikan invasions of Vietnam and Iraq—both supported by 80+% of the US people, to “a particular culture and the psychology of that culture”. He wrote 2 decades ago, “amerikans have always been genocidal enjoying killing from afar”
        “amerikans bewilder Europeans”. G Gorer
        “European and traditional cultures possess a super-ego; amerikan culture does not”. Daniel Dayan
        “as one digs deeper into the nation character of amerikans one sees that they have sought the value of everything in this world according to the answer to a single question: how much money will it bring in?” ,,,,”nobody is as keen or alert in their love of private property as amerikans”. Tocqueville
        “amerikans are farcical when it comes to money and force majeure–the 2 things they worship. my country has created 1 art form–the TV advertisement. you should not expect a democracy from a society like this”. Gore Vidal
        “the double symbolism assigned to money by amerikans is considered paradoxical for a European”. Geoffrey Gorer
        quite obvious—amerikan conversations always are about money…it is nonsense to claim that amerikans are not homogenous–maragaret Mead and others place the nodal point for fully amerikan at the 3rd generation…a recent study by amerikans examined Chinese immigrants, 1st and 2nd generation…the immigrant considered happiness to be harmony as do all civilized peoples; the 2nd generation considered happiness as do all amerikans—money and success…As Gorer wrote, for “amerikans success is love”

        1. yuri says

          love the down votes….nothing has changed since Tocqueville wrote: “the least reproach offends amerikans the slightest sharp sting of truth turns them fierce”
          “only in America is the father vestigial; the amerikan mind and conscience is feminine. amerikans are troubled by a basic insecurity inadequately disguised by their boasting and bragging…amerikans are insatiable for reassurance, signs of friendship and love”. Geoffrey Gorer

  2. ken says

    Rand and his dad know the virus has not been proven to exist. They also know the injection is lethal but don’t say anything about that.

    So while they ‘talk’ about censorship and free speech people are dying with barely a mention. People scream we’re all gonna die from the fake disease but act as if it’s no big deal thousands are dying from the injections. They demand more take the injection and die so they feel safe.

    Businesses, Universities, and others are coercing people to take the shot or lose their job, their education. This is against US Law, against the Nuremberg Code which the US is a signatory and just plain despicable.

    Because of their gullible ignorance, the graphene flowing in their blood is slowly killing them but instead of warning they are demanding others to do the same stupid thing.

    Rand is an opportunist. There are points to be made acting as a resistance. In my lifetime the republicans had the house, senate and executive three times and did absolutely nothing.

    The promise to eradicate Obama Care went to replacing Obama Care to leaving it in place.

    The promise to stop the influx of illegals has went nowhere.

    The wars continued and of all things it was a demoncrat that stopped the Afghanistan debacle.

    Controlling spending,,, The republicans just assisted in the LARGEST pork barrel spending bill in the history of the world. 2700 pages of robbing the your country and further destroying the currency.

    The government of the US is completely corrupt. IMO it is not savable. When government starts sending out free money,,,agencies start breaking private contracts,,, the Supremo’s sit by and watch,,, it’s just a matter of time.

    1. Maiasta says

      “They also know the injection is lethal but don’t say anything about that.”

      If even a simple truism like “masks don’t work” gets your video censored, what do you think You Tube does to people who say the “vaccine” is lethal? I recently posted a short clip of Eric Clapton simply recounting his experience with the “vaccine”. It didn’t last even 5 minutes before You Tube took it down and gave me a one-week ban. Most of the Clapton interview is still available elsewhere on You Tube, but once you’re on their radar, they will vigorously censor and delete you for the most minor “infringement”..

      And yes, i know, it’s a complete waste of time being on that despicable platform now, but Rand Paul is a public figure, and still has to reach as many “normies” as he can.

      1. ken says

        “Rand Paul is a public figure, and still has to reach as many “normies” as he can.”

        Assuming those normies would listen to any sensible person… after all most tune into CNN!

        There’s a woman in Oklahoma calling kids without masks murderers. I doubt she would listen to anyone pointing out facts.

        The insanity of some are pegging the meter. This winter is gonna be a freakout for sure….

        1. Maiasta says

          I don’t underestimate their stupidity, but i also acknowledge that things are not as fixed as you’re suggesting. Many people have ‘woken up’ over the past year or so. Not nearly enough, it’s true. But the trend is consistently going in one direction. Nobody sees through the hoax and then returns to slumberland.

          If Rand Paul (or anyone else) can contribute to that process, then all power to him.

      2. Ultrafart the Brave says

        If you have videos to upload, why not do everyone a favor and upload them to bitchute and rumble? At least they will stay there for people to see, unlike YouTube which wipes anything that challenges their favored narrative.

        1. Maiasta says

          Yeah, i’ve already switched to Rumble. Am preparing some translations on this topic (graphene oxide):

  3. NGg says

    Zionist mafia runs the show

  4. FREESPIRIT says

    When the people start HANGING those who believe they are SPECIAL and ABOVE our RIGHTS, then and only then, the World will change for the better.

    Our enemy is beyond REASON and are in the REALM of SUPREMACY, believing they are a CHOSEN PEOPLE thanks to Biblical nonsense and their own sickness diagnosed as PSYCHOPATHY

    Henry Ford saw through them in the early 1900’s with his “The INTERNATIONAL JEW” :

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “When the people start HANGING those who believe they are SPECIAL and ABOVE our RIGHTS, then and only then, the World will change for the better.”

      I’m with you 100% on this.

      I read somewhere that the inner ring of the cabal behind this Satanic global coup numbers about 8,000 in total. Identify and remove them (with extreme prejudice, so that they don’t respawn any time soon), and the problem is pretty much solved.

      I can think of at least a dozen Australians off the top of my head that should be swinging from the nearest lamp post.

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