YouTube Bans Sky News Australia for a Week Over COVID Dissent

Not even the big fish are safe


Editor’s note: Sky News Australia is COVID Rouge all the way, but offers one show that is somewhat skeptical. Not a radical show, just the kind of fare you might encounter on FOX. But even being pro-Covidian all the way, but offering a small counterweight to the cult is too much for YouTube. Your editorial policy has to be pro-mind virus all the way, or they will make you change it.

YouTube has suspended one of the largest media companies in Australia, local Sky News, from posting on its platform for allegedly breaching Covid-19 misinformation policies. It has also reportedly had some of its videos removed.

The one-week suspension was issued following a review of Sky News Australia’s “old videos,” the channel announced on Sunday. Under the terms of the temporary ban, for seven days, YouTube will allow no videos or livestreams to be posted by the channel, which has 1.86 million subscribers, and some earlier videos about coronavirus have been reportedly permanently deleted from the platform.

The ban was issued after some of its online content had been reportedly found to include videos that “denied the existence of Covid-19.” “Numerous” such videos have been removed from the channel, so as not to “cause real-world harm.”

“Specifically, we don’t allow content that denies the existence of Covid-19, or that encourages people to use hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin to treat or prevent the virus,” a YouTube spokesperson told the Guardian Australia, adding that no “sufficient countervailing context” has been provided in the allegedly offending media reports. [Ie, you can’t ever report on, or even mention, those things at all, without also including the regime-mandated view of them.]

According to YouTube’s policies, a week-long suspension counts as one strike. If three such warnings are issued over the course of 90 days, a channel is permanently removed from the platform.

Sky News Australia, which is a subsidiary of News Corp Australia, said it acknowledged YouTube’s “right to enforce its policies,” but “expressly rejects that any host has ever denied the existence of Covid-19 as was implied.” Its digital editor, Jack Houghton, has called the suspension a “disturbing attack” on both human and media rights.

Suggesting that YouTube had disagreed with Sky News Australia’s reporting on the debate about anti-Covid measures such as mask-wearing and lockdowns, Houghton said he “wondered” why other controversial videos on the issue remained on the platform. “I am yet to be informed of President Joe Biden’s YouTube and Facebook ban after uttering this false sentence: ‘You’re not going to get Covid if you have these vaccinations,’” he argued.

Source: RT

  1. Felix says

    Why am I to care that the enemies of the people of Australia, the Corporatist, allies of US neoliberalism are banned?

    Yes they tell the truth about the COVID scam, that is the gift the CIA have given them, but their tyranny is as bad as the tyranny the COVID scam is offering us.

    The neo-liberal assholes at Aussie Sky are as criminal as the COVID scammers themselves; It is just like Off-Guardian claiming they are being censored, by their ‘colleagues’ at Facebook, to give them added street-cred, as they themselves delete any comment that they disagree with on their web site.

    These banning’s of the far-right (sky) by the far-right (Facebook) are just intended to give cred to disreputable organisations like Off Guardian and Aussie Sky, with the revolutions that has kicked off in much of Europe.

  2. Felix says

    “A man has died after taking part in an anti-lockdown rally in Berlin. According to reports, the 49-year-old had been taken to hospital after collapsing during the protest. He later died in hospital on Sunday (August 1). An investigation into the death has been launched.”

    This MURDER will not sit well with the German people.

  3. ken says

    The crybabies still have their website. Have no idea what they’re whining about but the typical Aussie today is far from what I originally thought of them.

    All they had to do was prepare, knowing YT was eventually coming after them. Could have told YT to stuff it where the sun never shines had they went to Bitchute, Rumble etc.

    I would think by now it would be quite obvious what a POS YouTube has become. But then watching the insanity and dirt stupidity over the last 18 months that indicate common sense is now on the endangered species list.

    Many websites (AE is one exception) are scared shitless to say:

    The masks are useless.
    Lockdowns are for despots sexual gratification.
    The virus is insilico,,, aka computer generated fraud.
    The vaxx is killing tens of thousands. (reported)
    The vaxx is maiming hundreds of thousands. (reported)
    The vaxx is not effective. (f-ing obvious)
    The vaxx will sterilize. (Arkansas governor says vaxxes won’t sterilize but covid might— what a load of crap!)
    Governments are NOT misled…. they are liars!
    The CDC, FDA and NHS are compromised and you are the paying victim.

    Anyone still using YT is either a gov shill,,, or just plain stupid…. have I just repeated myself?

  4. Pablo says

    Now we all know why the Media Owners wanted to form their Media Monopoly: so they can promote THEIR Agenda. These Media Owners don’t give a rat’s a## about Free Speech or tolerance. They want CONTROL. And the Governments allow this to happen. The Media Monopolies MUST be smashed into a thousand pieces!! Or it’s gonna be “Goodbye, Free Speech.”.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      This is been going on since the 90s.

  5. Juan says

    If only everyone would stop using those god damned social platforms…

  6. Ying Jun says

    I hate both YouTube and Sky News. So it is good that they are eating each other. People need to meet each other face to face and organise large political groups. No more using tech to communicate. Using tech is a digital footprint/evidence for when they come for you.

    1. Eddy says

      My thoughts exactly, Ying Jun. However my experiences with Australian people leads me to believe, they will NEVER stand up and protest/reject what’s being shoved down their throats. It’s simply all too much for them to comprehend. There’s also the FACT, that the Australian Government and the traitors therein, have introduced legislation over the last 15 years or so, building up to this event, that disallows the people from basicly taking any action to re-assert their democratic right for self determination. These laws were passed deliberately revoking the freedom Australians had to voice their opinion on all such matters. For crying out loud we even have courts held in secret now, no one is allowed to know what goes on therein and the alleged perpetrator is denied their rights as well.Where is the democracy in that, and why are people not in the streets objecting to that and kicking out the Members of Parliament who passed these draconian Laws in the first place ?? The subjugation and the stealing of Australian citizen’s freedom has been a matter long in the making, like boiling water with a frog in the pot, majority of people are totally unawares of what’s being done to them by our traitorius Government and it’s lackeys who do not represent the Australian citizens.

      1. Alan Nott says

        and the take over is now seriously under way with a Rub-eye appointed to the high court in west aussie

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