You Are Getting the Yakuza Treatment

The mRNA-untreated are being repressed in ways that used to be reserved for yakuza mobsters

Sentencing someone for merely being a member of some organization, for example, the mafia, would be highly uncivilized. Japan is not highly uncivilized so it doesn’t do that. Instead, the very civilized Japan viciously represses any ordinary citizen who has any business dealings with anyone who in Japan’s opinion is a yakuza.

Japan maintains a list of individuals belonging to “anti-social forces”. Anyone caught transacting with anyone on the list receives heavy fines, and can find himself added to the list himself. The consequence is that for people on the list it is impossible to have a bank account, buy a house, or rent an apartment.

The 18,000 people on the list were added without a trial or hearing, and the list is not public. These days the list is maintained by The Center for Removal of Criminal Organisations by mainly retired cops working from media reports. The government is intentionally ambiguous about the definition of “anti-social forces”:

There is no concrete definition of “Anti-Social Forces,” as the Japanese government has refused to specify the term, arguing that different bodies may belong to ASF at different times.

So then you have a government posturing against “anti-social” non-compliers not even charged with anything. And doing it — not by going after them directly — but by twisting the arm of the compliers to ostracize them and make it impossible for the anti-socials to have even mundane and legal interactions. What does that remind you of?

That’s right, that’s just like the crackdown on a bar owner in the West if he dares welcome guests who are mRNA-untreated. Many politicians and public health apparatchiks in several countries have by now admitted that aspects of the “vaccine” passport regime have no epidemiological rationale and are merely punitive and coercive in nature, designed to force the “anti-socials” into compliance or make an example out of them. In other words, you are now getting the yakuza treatment. You are for the time being still allowed a bank account, but you certainly can’t set foot in a bank.

Japan pioneered unpersoning the rare yakuza “anti-socials” and the West took the scheme and applied it to millions upon millions of mRNA-untreated “anti-socials”. The great hysteria pandemic will eventually go away, but will the instrument of unpersoning and harassing anti-socials? Now that we have digital IDs updated from a central database in real-time as the deciding factor of whether you can spend money, earn money, or just draw breath; wouldn’t it be nifty if this instrument was deployed against all manner of other anti-socials? Those who enjoy wielding power have already admitted the current restrictions have nothing to do with the virus per se, so why stop with the yakuza and the mRNA-untreated? We didnt stop with the yakuza, why would we stop with the “unvaccinated”? If this is such a good, invaluable and righteous instrument as Trudeau, Macron and Dmitry Peskov have told us, then why not roll it out against all kinds of other “selfish” behavior? All you need is the right kind of moral panic and off we go again.

BTW, why is your government treating you as if you were a yakuza mobster? Is that sane? Is it just? Are the people who agree that you deserve it brain diseased?

To comply with the law, businesses must follow these four steps:

  • Сheck customers against Anti-Social Forces (ASF) databases at the onboarding stage;
  • Update their compliance policy to include procedures on dealing with ASF;
  • Publish a notice on the company website stating that there will be no relationship with ASF;
  • Establish Suspicious Activity Reporting and record-keeping systems with regard to ASF.

  1. TZVI says

    Similar to the Inquisition and the concept of pureza de sangre. (pureza [limpieza] de sangre), just with a new twist.

    In many places we have become like “Animal Farm” where some groups are more equal than others…

    1. GMC says

      Or the Doctrine of Discovery in 1500s , when dealing with Natives of the New World. If they are deemed , not to be Christians and esp. Roman Catholic ones – do with what you wish with them and confiscate their lands. That Doctrine spread to every religion that set foot on the New World.Now the Natives are anti vaxers and other free minded foks.

      1. TZVI says

        When I lived in Florida, most of my friends were part Cherokee, the “regular” Locals could not stand them. One landowner by me called my Pretty pale skinned proud (part) Cherokee “Injun”. I had not heard anyone call them that outside of a old western film, untill I got to Florida west of the Apalachicola River ( central time zone)…

        One Cherokee friend ( more reddish skinned) was attacked by 30+ ATV gang members, old guy served in the chair Air Force ( aka Chair Force) in Vietnam, got 1 year Probation cause they claimed he pulled a Firearm…I doubt it was true, but if he did, he was too nice to pull the trigger.

        That same local ATV gang would get high on amphetamines and like the Totenkopf but-holes they were, would drive around and shoot up the forest where I lived…so you gotta keep them at bay…( yay free fireworks!)

        They never chased me off, Chemtrails did. Something about not being able to fight the Government, had breathing issues ( Pre CPOD) untill I came to Africa. I live near ten coal fired plants, and breath better than in rural Florida…at least on most days…they spray here as well. Many other people have issues breathing where I was…

        I only fenced in part of my land when my family and I left the USA ( something about “a strong city needs no walls” 🙂 )…made money selling my land full of olives, grapes, pomegranate, deep well, etc.. Took off to the southern hemisphere away from the coming WWII…3.5 years now…no looking back. 🙂


        Point of the Article is we are going to be treated like Lepers…or maybe like the USA , Japan, Israel, and many many others ( like what Germany did with Andreas Novack?); or like France treats opponents of Nuclear energy ( killed off).

        Will we be treated suspected Criminals and “T” erorists…hound them with Microwaves / “havana syndrome “( any generation of cell tower), Sonic warfare, use Biological agents against them, deny employment, cut off internet, use ultrasound to make them hear voices, etc. etc. etc.??

        Some like to think this is a test, and those who are smart enough not to take the injection(s) might be allowed to live in the brave new world…I think they are living in dreamland…in the end God will decide who lives and dies, we can only do our part.

        1. TZVI says


          “One landowner by me called my pale skinned proud (part) Cherokee NEIGHBOR an “Injun”.

        2. GMC says

          I lived for over 3 decades with the Athabaskan { I was adopted by them } and the Skimos in Alaska. My partner in Nam and many in my outfit were Indians from the Res. in America. Totally different world it was – totally. Lower 48ers have no clue.

          1. TZVI says

            I’m in my mid to upper 40’s, and while I was a teenager when the cold war ended, My father was in the military.. (Navy, Served on the Saratoga starting in 72). You are so right, even from my childhood the USA has become something “other.” The fish rotted from the head down.

  2. Jerry Hood says

    Thanks to zionazi USrael, all evil in this world oroginate there with their Rat-childs and Rat-fellers, Gates, and other super-rich Rats….The common goy in USrael tells you: ” in my house we do not talk politics and religion”= ametican goyim rats…

  3. Dale says

    The Great Unwashed are being mercilessly squeezed. Seems more and more that the ‘least bad’ place to be, in the world, is a handful of US states.

    1. edwardi says

      I hear of folk packing up and moving to Alabama, a few red state governors who are refusing the mandates. Several actions are pending now that could prohibit any more federal mandates. Data is starting to catch up to reality, and expose the frauds. The Real Anthony Fauci book by Kennedy really strips away all the frauds, this defintely not being Toni’s first.

  4. ken says

    The US has several incarnations of yakuza. The no fly list. Terrorism lists, and soon to be social credit score maintained by some contractor working for the federale’s, a system recently known as fascism but now called private public partnerships.

    The passport came into being during WWI for the exact same reason as today’s vaxx passes… Your safety. Was supposedly temporary sort of like many taxes or fees. This basically fenced in the cattle. Applying for a US passport they ask you why you want one which is really none of their business but the cattle comply. And there it is,,, the one word that displays modern society… comply.

    We have complied to so many of their dictates that it is no longer a choice, but a requirement. We have entire agencies of thousands of citizens subjecting us to tyranny simply because government says so and because, without these illegal laws those people would be forced into finding productive jobs,,, very difficult task being totally unskilled.

    The picture above shows a person of the herd forced to show papers to the two gun toting government enforcers. The word “Enforcement” has the word “Force” within it, so it means we ‘force’ you to comply,,, or else.

    The mobocracy, 51 out of 100 dictate 49 to comply, leaders vote on a law,,, constitutional or not,,, then a high mucky muck signs it and these folks in state uniforms force you to comply and no one sees the problem with this. They call it democracy. Those 51 are likely paid by others to vote the way they do. Today the bills enacted are so long there is no way they have time to read it. 99% of today’s laws are written by those that pay off the ‘elected’. And it’s all legal!

    Now they are taking it to the next step where a single tyrant is in command, called a dictatorship. mobocracy ‘laws’ now include ‘rules’ from the dictator. A dictatorship requires the government to keep very close tabs on everyone and their movement so
    laws/rules are made to ensure only the real compliant are allowed to move, conduct business etc. Restaurants, pubs etc are actually checking papers themselves under threat from the dictatorship. People are refused travel because government knows people will leave if they can… Blue states are now evacuating to red states in droves,,, thus some sort of passport will be required to stop this movement.

    In the 18th century a <10% minority in the American colonies decided enough was enough and rebelled using force because they knew working ‘within’ the system would not work. They actually won the battles but lost the war as they allowed the new government to become as evil, or more, as the government they broke away from.

    If the Supreme court finds that forcing injections is somehow constitutional then we are at that decision point again,,, choosing to live as free humans God intended or live under Satan’s tyrannical boot like cattle to slaughter.

    1. TZVI says

      Plato’s Republic would have been more sane…you are so right, many good USA citizens are targeted:

  5. Mr Reynard says

    They did ask nicely that lady ?
    “Ihre Aussweiss Schweinehund ? ” Und Macht Schnell” !

  6. Cap960 says

    I will never consent to be poisoned. My motto. “Give me a jab. Give you a stab.”

  7. nnn says

    It is not COVID spreading, it is fascism spreading

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