YOLO Lavrov Tells EU to Just Bribe Lukashenko Like It’s Already Doing With Erdogan

Want border guard service? Be courteous or pay for it

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday suggested that the European Union could provide financial assistance to Belarus in order to encourage it to stop migrants from crossing into the bloc.

He referenced a 2016 deal under which the EU provided funds to Turkey, which promised to take back migrants and refugees who crossed the Aegean to enter Greece illegally.

Lavrov said the EU could do the same with Belarus.

Countries from which refugees enter the EU “should be treated the same,” said Lavrov.

“Yesterday during certain political expert discussions it was said: why when refugees were coming from Turkey did the EU provide financing so that they stayed in the Turkish republic? Why is it not possible to help the Belarusians in the same way?” said Lavrov.

Lavrov made the comments at a news conference in Moscow with Archbishop Paul Gallagher, the Vatican’s foreign minister.

Russian media cited Gallagher as calling on European authorities to act to defuse the humanitarian crisis resulting from the migrant standoff.

The Kremlin said earlier on Tuesday it was concerned by events on the Belarus-Poland border and praised specialists from its close ally Belarus for what it said was their responsible work there.

In a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow was in close touch with Minsk on the subject and called on all sides to act responsibly.

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday discussed the migrant crisis by phone with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko, the Belta news agency reported, saying the two leaders voiced concern about Polish troops gathering there. The Belarusian foreign minister was due to holds talks later on Tuesday in Moscow with his Russian counterpart.

Source: Reuters

  1. Steve Ginn says

    WTF has that pimp from the Vatican got his nose stuck in this minor issue when the Vatican just completely ignores what the kikes are doing to the Palestinians?! Fucking hypocrites!

  2. steve kastl says

    Lavrov is too intelligent for the West. Like a PhD talking to a kindergartner when he talks to Blinken.

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