Wokeism Is Class War of the Upper Middle Class (and Wannabes) Against the Working Class

Rich kids burning down working class properties is just the extension of their parents' ideological hounding of the blue collar classes

Editor’s note: The article frames it as rich kids being “ignorant of the working class” but come on. How “ignorant” would you really have to be to not realize a shop is someone’s livelihood? It’s not ignorance. It’s willfully generated and carefully nourished self-delusion. When the supposedly “left-liberal” low rich and upper middle classes have such class hatred for the “deplorable” working class, is it any wonder that their kids relish in burning down their properties? In ancient Sparta the Spartans would go on periodic raids slaughtering their Helot slaves, culling their numbers. Spartans were more honest about the need of those on the upscale to continuously hold the rest down with active means. The upwardly-mobile Americans are much less sincere about their equally relentless war to keep the white and non-white trash down.

Across the country, pampered children of the overclass are taking part in the vandalization, looting and burning of businesses, many of which are owned by immigrants and members of minority groups, under the guise of championing the Black Lives Matter movement. In the 1960s, Malcolm X characterized white liberals as “the most dangerous thing in the entire Western Hemisphere,” and now we are seeing why.

Consider the case of Clara Kraebber, who faces felony rioting charges after a recent alleged window-smashing spree that police say caused at least $100,000 in damage. The Post reported that Kraebber is a wealthy Upper East Sider whose mother is an architect and whose father is a psychiatrist. She was allegedly joined in the rioting by Frank Fuhrmeister of Stuyvesant Heights, a freelance art director who has designed ads for Joe Coffee and has also worked for Pepsi, Samsung and Glenlivet, among other high-profile brands. Another accused rioter is Adi Sragovich, an accomplished musician and student at $57,000-a-year Sarah Lawrence College who grew up in the super-tony enclave of Great Neck, NY. Claire Severine, a former jet-setting model, was also arrested.

These affluent white rioters are attempting to hijack the BLM movement, promoting mayhem to impress their friends. Meanwhile, they will face a fraction of the chaos and violence suffered by downtrodden Americans — if they pay any price at all.

These privileged people hold luxury beliefs, which are ideas and opinions that confer status on the upper class, while inflicting costs on the lower classes.

Rich rioters burn businesses to the ground and cause chaos in the streets to increase their social status among their equally affluent peers, all the while claiming to fight for the underprivileged. In her 2018 book “Political Tribes,” Yale Law professor Amy Chua quotes a student from rural South Carolina: “I think protesting is almost a status symbol for elites. That’s why they always post pictures on Facebook, so all their friends know they’re protesting. We don’t like being used as a prop for someone else’s self-validation.”

Privileged protesters are keenly aware of how many “likes” they’ll get if they post a photo with the right hashtags next to a burning building. Never mind that the building housed a pharmacy, and now elderly members of that community no longer have access to life-sustaining medication. These senior citizens aren’t even props for privileged protesters — they’re nonentities.

The heirs of the overclass have little understanding of the policies for which they advocate, such as the infamous call to abolish the police. Only those who have never been victimized by violence could promote such a policy. These rich radicals despise police officers, many of whom are the same age as them but are far more likely to be non-white and come from working-class backgrounds. The Rev. Al Sharpton rebuked these rich radicals on Tuesday when he said, “To take all policing off is something that I think a latte liberal may go for as they sit around the Hamptons discussing this as some academic problem.”

And indeed, in July, wealthy families hired private security guards for protection while they summered in the Hamptons.

Rich rioters are cultivating dangerous environments where violence can fester. Compared to Americans who earn more than $75,000 a year, the poorest Americans are seven times more likely to be victims of robbery, seven times more likely to be victims of aggravated assault, and twenty times more likely to be victims of sexual assault, according to the US Department of Justice. Rich rioters must be ignorant of such realities. Or maybe they hope the poor will become even more victimized than they already are.

Source: New York Post

  1. NobodysaysBOO says

    the French revolution was a lone time ago.

  2. ke4ram says

    “such as the infamous call to abolish the police.”

    fine with me. Then we could take care of the real trash.

    1. Le Ruse says

      Well, looking at their mugs, I would say that they are in the top 5% in Mensa ??
      Their IQ must be well above 600.. IMHO !

  3. nick1111 says

    !0 years of hard labor will be good enough for them

    1. Le Ruse says

      & don’t forget to put on top of the gate ..
      You work ! You eat !
      You don’t work ? You don’t eat ?

      1. Zaphod Braden says

        Oh com’on “Freedom Through Work” LOL

        1. Le Ruse says

          “Freedom” ?? No mention of freedom, only you work to eat !

          1. AlexanderAmproz says

            Smart Social future model lies in Scandinavia… !

            Les 35 heures Françaises sont une foutaise politique !

            A survey by the TUC found 45% of employees want a four-day week. According to a study by Henley Business School, 77% of workers said a four-day week improved their quality of life. When the city of Gothenberg in Sweden introduced a six-hour day for some nurses, the nurses became healthier, happier and more energetic.


            1. Le Ruse says

              Yea agree.. Scandinavia was the social model post WWII & then in about 2000 it got perverted & properly FUBAR by import from Turd Countries !
              See Scandinavia today ! I’d rather move to North Korea than any Scandinavian countries as a white European man !

  4. Deborah Lagarde says

    These bullies will get bullied….Dixie Chicks got bullied (by both sides! For opposing Neocon wars they got bullied by “conservative” country music industry, and now they got bullied by their leftist friends and had to change their name)….David (Boss) Hogg got bullied on Twitter for opposing violence…white privileged celeb hypocrites get bullied for being white….so don’t worry, these bullies will get bullied-by their own! What goes around comes around.

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