With Weed Soon to Be Legal It’s Time to Create Mint Cigarette Smuggling Jobs for Mexican Cartels

Weed has been decriminalized in many US states, and soon enough will be across the land. That puts Mexican drug cartels which have been a major supplier in a challenging position, all the more so since weed will soon be legal in Mexico as well.

But not to fret. It seems America’s FDA has a jobs program for them that could help them survive, and at the level of material wealth they have become accustomed to:

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday announced its long-awaited plan to ban the last flavor still allowed in cigarettes — menthol — and also said it would ban all flavors of mass-produced cigars, which are popular among youths. The ban would apply only to sales, manufacturing and imports — not personal possession.

Out with the monopoly for the criminal underground on weed, in with the monopoly for the criminal underground on mint cigarettes (the real devil’s lettuce).

Is your child secretly growing mint to sprinkle his cigarettes with?
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  1. Mr Reynard says

    Wowwwww Lunatics of the World Unite, you only loose your menthol cigarettes?

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