With Bernie Derangement Syndrome Clintonism Has Officially Become a Mental Illness

They're so afraid of a total pushover they would rather throw 2020 than allow a level playing field for the only candidate Trump fears

It’s getting pretty damn near impossible, even for a vengeful anarcho-cynic like myself, to deny that the system clearly despises Bernie Sanders. Both the DNC and their moronic B-team in the so called mainstream media seem to be downright apoplectic over the fact that the grizzled old buzzard is leading the presidential pack in all the ways that count.

Not that you’d ever know it by watching the news. Based on the coverage, you would think Bernie was trailing behind the Yang Gang in the polls. Even at the debates, they avoid his perpetually pontificating old ass like the drunk chick at a wedding party, while they softball grounder after grounder to poll-fucked centrist losers like Amy Klobuchar.

CNN’s January surprise, a totally toothless collection of anonymous accusations about a single hypothetical sexist comment made years ago to progressive rival and pathological opportunist, Elizabeth Warren, is just further proof of this prejudice. The sheer absurdity of the idea that Bernie just randomly went all Archie Bunker all over Warren’s ass and everyone, including her, just happens to remember the event just in time for the last debates before the Iowa Caucus, is downright dumbfounding. The only thing more bugfuck nuts in my mind is the fact that any suite-and-tie wearing member of the status quo actually considers this asshole a threat. He’s a fucking poseur and he’s their best hope for taking back the White House. Clintonism has officially become a mental illness. Call it Bernie Derangement Syndrome and call those TERF’s at the DSM.

In case you missed it, I’ve never liked Bernie Sanders. It’s not the pie in the sky welfare spending or the tiresome FDR (founding father of the modern American concentration camp) worship. I could begrudgingly live with all that. But it’s the simple fact that the motherfucker, a self-proclaimed Eugene Debs loving leftist, just isn’t antiwar. It’s the one issue I vote on as an anti-imperialist syndicalist vehemently apposed to any mockery of “democracy” that doesn’t begin and end on the factory floor. Oh sure, Bernie says all the right shit and voted No on a couple bloodbaths, but when push comes to shove, he’ll vote for any atrocity sanctioned by the Democratic Party, whether it’s starving half a million children to death in Iraq under Clinton or sending half of Africa to hell through the black hole of that rapist’s wife’s Libyan no-fly-zone.

And this is largely what defines Bernie’s absolute lack of character. In spite of his populist pleasing Independent pedigree, like all social democrats, Bernie is a creature of the party. The party, the party, the party, all else falls beneath the godlike benevolence of the party, including the peasants, fuck, especially the peasants. If the party wants a war, the party gets a war. If the party deems it necessary, they’ll feed the war-shy proletariat to the Freikorps dogs like puppy-chow, and Bernie will loosen the leashes.

This is what makes the powers-that-be’s Bernie Derangement Syndrome so goddamn vexing to me. This is the limp-wristed prick who stood silent with that goofy Chucky Cheese grin and his hands in his pockets while Hillary the Barbarian pegged his young supporters out of one rigged primary after another. The bitch cheated on him worse than Bill at a Weight Watchers convention, and he still fucking endorsed her.

What is so damn scary about a devoted pussy who has never once taken a serious stand against his ungrateful party?

Are the so-called centrists really so greedy for the crown that they’d rather lose with Biden than win with Bernie? Or is there something bigger to this electoral mental illness?

I think the only quasi-logical answer to this question lies among the riving young throngs of America’s other electoral class inflicted with BDS, my longtime frenemies, the Sandernistas. Young, intelligent, yet almost stupidly loyal, these kids follow Bernie like battered Pitbulls trailing Michael Vick. No matter how many times that old bastard sets them up to get fucked in the rape-cage, they follow, limping and bleeding, they follow. But unlike their duplicitous master, these kids are the real fucking deal. Much like the unsung better half of Trump’s deplorables, this set is sick to death of the very wars their sensei condones and commits. And unlike Miyagi, Daniel-son likes to kick ass.

This was proven to be fantastically true when a few diehard Sandernistas actually managed to crash congress. AOC may have learned to play good dog to that million dollar plastic surgery disaster, Nancy Pelosi, but the Muslim half of the Squad has proven to be an epic migraine headache for warmongers on both sides of the aisle. And what’s even scarier than the veiled scourge of little Ilhan the Great, is Bernie’s former DNC rep, Tulsi Gabbard, who has actually launched a legitimately revolutionary campaign, I believe in a semi-successful Kamikaze mission designed to push Bernie into a more consistent antiwar direction. This madness simply can’t stand. The children of the revolution are out of control. So their dickless leader has to go, by hook or by crook.

The saddest thing about the many faces of Bernie Derangement Syndrome is that it exposes the very flaws that keep a legitimately dangerous movement from achieving the kind of revolution they so clearly crave. Much like their parents in the new America First movement, these kids wanna burn Babylon to the ground for its sins, but they’re just too goddamned shackled by the learned helplessness of statist hegemony to realize that they don’t need a deflateable cult of personality to achieve this.

Like much of America in these all-or-nothing days, it takes me back to that ultimate allegory for post-imperial nihilism, Breaking Bad. I just want to slap these sweet babies and tell them, You are the danger, children! It is you, not your surrogate Walter White’s who are the ones who knock. Stop being little Pinkmans and burn this meth lab of an empire to the ground with Heisenberg in it. Sometimes I feel like a genderfuck Mike Ehrmantraut. No more half measures, dearest motherfuckers. We need a real revolution, not another empty-handed charade.

Source: Exile in Happy Valley

  1. Tom Surguine, already signed . says

    Gee Nicky! Why don’t you tell us what you really think! “Breaking Bad”! Have seen that one oh maybe 50 times….incredible! “JOLLY GOOD SHOW” Nicky! Have not laughed this hard in a long time…. no wonder I’m an expat”…Tom, in Manila!

  2. Garry Compton says

    Pretty F… good synopsis of the DNC and the scam they have been running for – too many years. Except the Scam, has been spread out to every State in the Union, and “buy” both so called – Parties.

  3. CHUCKMAN says

    There are no scams here.

    What you see is what you get with the Democrats.

    They are a War Party.

    Harry Truman and Korea?

    Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam?

    Bill Clinton and Yugoslavia?

    Barack Obama and the Neocon Wars plus organized extrajudicial killing?

    They only differ from Republicans in talking about social programs at home, programs that will never be realized.

    The country spends about a trillion dollars a year on the military-security establishment – and all of it is borrowed.

    Except for Tulsi Gabbard, not one Democratic candidate opposes America’s greatest horror, the empire it imposes on the planet. And she can hardly get her name into the newspapers.

    Empires only exist by oppressing people.

    And you cannot have both an empire and a real country.

    America has chosen to have an empire.

    It serves the same plutocrat interests as the two political parties, both completely funded by big money and representing nothing else except in rhetorical excesses.

    The Washington power establishment serves the same people and is financed by the same people.

    The Pentagon and CIA and FBI and NSA work to make it all happen.

    That IS America. There really isn’t any other one.

    There is no Jimmy Stewart America. No frock-coats-and-sacred-honors America.

    Just a brutal world empire with a lot of democratic and social window dressing. It likes to pretend and pose as something it isn’t.

    And it is becoming more openly brutal since it has come under the challenge of relative economic decline, since “the American Dream” faded into the same mists as other advertising slogans. Breakfast of Champions.

    It thinks nothing of killing another country’s national hero and calling the act “deterrence.”

    It thinks nothing of occupying parts of countries and stealing their natural resources.

    It thinks nothing of supporting a colony like Israel which literally shoots Palestinians down in the streets and regularly steals their homes and farms.

    It thinks nothing of running coups and blockades to hurt millions of people – in Bolivia, in Ukraine, in Venezuela, in Brazil.

    Same for sanctions, American laws which should apply only to Americans but are enforced against everyone else on the planet.

    The rule of law, that most fundamental building block of all society, has no real meaning for an imperial power.

  4. Tom Surguine, already signed . says

    Aloha Chuckman….& please be advised that u have informed your no doubt huge readership many of the reasons that we now live in s.e. Asia, & will never return to “the land of the FEE, & home of the SLAVE”…& thank u very much….expat tom

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