Why Is Alt-Media Embracing the Police State?

Closet Maoists coming out of the woodwork

It should be obvious by now to anyone that the covid19 pandemic, whatever its origins, is being used to fast forward a “new normal” world of unparalleled government power, surveillance and curtailment of individual liberty.

We are looking already at:

  • Compulsory DNRs for some elderly.
  • Biometric chips or bracelets to monitor whether or not you have permission to be outside your home or engage in work
  • Drone surveillance as normal.
  • Apps on your phone that can detect any breach of the self-isolation policy.
  • Huge new police powers of arrest and detention for anyone suspected of carrying the virus.
  • Suspension of elections for indefinite periods at government discretion

And this is only the starter course. We can be pretty sure they are currently just easing us in. The real stuff will be rolling along in the next months or maybe years (depending on how quickly they feel able to get this on).

This is the fabric of nightmare. A worst-case horror story that is the absolute quintessence of everything the alt-media is supposed to oppose.

Surely, you would think, any self-respecting alt-media person would be opposing this with everything they have while they still have a voice.

Well, some of us are of course. And we’re going to be posting links to other sites currently doing great work challenging this rollout.

But, weeks into this crisis, there are some very prominent voices still refusing to either question the official narrative of the pandemic or unequivocally condemn the fast dawn of the “new normal” Brave New World.

We’ve held off from confronting this for a while now. We figured people needed time to adjust or wake up to the reality of what was happening. It’s shocking after all, and deeply disorienting, and different individuals need different amounts of time to get their bearings when something that shakes their worldview comes along.

But adjustment time is long over by now.

Let’s also be clear, we’re not condemning people for simply disagreeing with us. We expect disagreement on some issues. It’s a source of strength for all of us.

But this is not about relatively minor differences of opinion or interpretation.

This is sophisticated analysts, with resources and experience, failing to condemn, and even supporting, what amounts to de facto international martial law.

This is Labour activists who mere weeks ago were calling Boris Johnson a murderer and psychopath, now cheering as he is handed total control of their lives and their children’s lives.

This is respected journalists, commentators and academics who loudly condemned the cynical lies about WMDs or ‘chemical attacks’ in Douma, the fake videos and fake White Helmets, suddenly and uncritically accepting the veracity of every government virus narrative, every unsourced video and media meme that has #covid19 as a hashtag.

This is people who have campaigned against the Patriot Act for 19 years, signing off on the new US anti-covid19 legislation without a murmur; who know that governments always abuse their powers, thinking they somehow just won’t abuse these.

This is people who know about Guantanamo and who have seen Julian Assange humiliated and abused, somehow thinking the people who did these things won’t use the new post-covid police state to do them even more.

This is something more than simple denial. It’s – what?

Are they simply paralysed with fear, either of the hyped-up virus, or the scary dystopia we are all suddenly inhabiting? Is it Stockholm Syndrome? Is it still possible some of them will wake up or unfreeze and see what is going on?

Are some of them gatekeepers, sleeper assets being activated in this extreme situation specifically to divert and delude the questioning and sceptical people who tend to follow them?

Well, I guess we can’t completely rule that out, can we, though I wouldn’t want to make that claim about anyone.

Are some just being self-serving and shallow, playing at being dissident while the price was low enough? Did they think writing a popular alt media blog was an easy way to be cool, but never had any intention of standing by any of it once it got a bit risky to do so?

I mean you are not gonna get that coveted slot on RT or Buzzfeed by taking on this major ‘new normal’ narrative are you? So that’s a factor potentially.

You can see the appeal of just sitting on the fence and talking in vague terms about how this fascism malarkey is a bit worrying, but stopping short of actually condemning it.

That way you keep the option open to be ‘radical’ again once it looks safe enough to do so, but also don’t risk your comfy and lucrative relationship with the Establishment Left, who are all eagerly embracing the new age of mass incarceration and really want you to do the same.

Are some, as has been unkindly suggested, just too stupid to see what’s going on? Do epidemiology stats hurt their brains? Does thinking too much take up valuable psychobabble time? Is it hard to see the black clouds of tyranny rolling in when your head is too firmly planted in your own delightfully quirky posterior?

Or – we have to ask this – are a number of them simply, well, fascists? Do they actually support tyrannical top-down authoritarianism? Has their beef with the PTB merely been that they themselves are not currently high enough up that hierarchy? And do they see the covid19 rollout as some sort of revolution that will launch them and their chums into the positions of sweet supremacy they always knew they deserved?

Easy to preach permanent lockdown and biometric implant slavery when you figure none of it will apply to you and your family, I suppose.

All of these potential explanations may be the answer in some cases. And there could be a hundred other reasons besides.

But, in the end, do the explanations really matter? Do they change anything? Excuse anything?

The fact is these people stood at the barricades cheering and rallying the masses until the tanks could be seen rolling down the street – when they promptly upped and went over to join them.

Is there anything else to be said about that?

And where do we go from here?

Source: Off Guardian

  1. widhalm19 says

    The vast majority of highly-urbanized, totally-dependent people do not want liberty nor freedom, no, they want safety, security and predictability. Liberty requires responsibility, accountability and self-reliance which are three virtues the urban mob rejects utterly and completely. Just look what’s happened with this nasty cold virus. There is only one way past this pandemic and that is straight through it to establish herd immunity. Is that what the sheeple are doing?

    1. bob says

      You go first my friend

      Oh and if you find yourself knocked flat out with this virus maybe you’ll take it more seriously,that’s assuming you survive

      Oh, but i forgot you’ll gain full mental immunity by reading idiots at Off Guardian 😂

      1. widhalm19 says

        Typical answer from a smart-ass sheeple. Go bleat for us somewhere else ….

        1. bob says

          Go get yerself some covid brother,then we’ll see who’s a smart ass

  2. bob says

    More BS from Off Guardian

    They’re basically a bunch of conspiracy nutters,angry because they got banned from the Guardian newspaper,so they carry on with this drivel about covid 19

    They actually have a bunch of folks on that site who think David Icke is a controlled asset,whatever that means

    They have turned themselves into the purest nutters going,anyone else who doesn’t buy into their dang BS is now some how a TRAITOR to the cause

    What a bunch of clowns,i dont often wish ill upon people but that lot at Off Guardian really should get covid 19 just so they can discover it not just like flu

    1. widhalm19 says

      If they are “nutters” then what are you wishing other people ill with a disease that is not like the flu? C’mon sheep, bleat for me ….

      1. bob says

        REALLY to teach them a lesson,basically covid 19 ISN’T flu!

        1. widhalm19 says

          Yea …. SARS COVID-19 is a nasty cold virus. People die. Grow up ….

  3. watcher12 says

    lie to me 50 even 100 times and then I’ll know that you have to be telling the truth now, don’t you?

  4. Emmet Sweeney says

    Excellent article. Sadly 100 percent correct.

  5. ke4ram says

    The Alt Media is at full speed ahead. Zerohedge, Drudge at the front of the pack. Yes ZH is now running some truth but not in the beginning. Absolutely sickening. Never, ever in my 71 years have I witnessed so much propagands bs. This out does the Nazi’s and Stalin. And so many buying in to it! Man, the gov schools were more successful then even I thought. It’s not just the younger gens,,, it’s also the late boomers. Everyone is running around with that Deer in the headlights look. Problem is, the lights may be on but nobody is home. No one takes the time to study this out. Just believe whatever the fascist commies say,,, regardless of how stupid.

    I’ve given up talking,,, they just look at you like you grew horns! Americans in particular deserve what’s coming. I’ll bet the morons will be out on July 4th celebrating their ‘freedom’. Now I understand HOW those in the past lost their freedoms. But it’s too late now.

    1. glib1 says

      Zerohedge was quite ripe for the picking. Heavy censorship of people pointing out the obvious at Unz, Saker, and Moon of Alabama was less expected. Anti-empire has grown by leaps and bounds in my eyes.

    2. Olivia Irving says

      ke4ram, there is the picture of The Prisoner (Patrick M Goohan), to which I keep referring.

  6. Undecider says

    It was a turning point when Alex Jones embraced the “official” Sandy Hook narrative.

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