Why Does Klaus Schwab Think That Vladimir Putin Was a WEF Young Global Leader?

You can forgive an old man

There is a very interesting 2019 video of an interview in Costa Rica in which Klaus Schwab lists Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, and Vladimir Putin as former World Economic Forum “Young Global Leaders”. (Hat tip to reader.)

Apparently WEF “Young Global Leaders” must be 38 or under when they are admitted. At 38 Putin would have still been in the KGB in the dying days of the USSR in 1990. 

Also, WEF didn’t start the Young Global Leaders program (as “Global Leaders for Tomorrow”) until 1993 when Putin was already 41.

I doubt Putin was a WEF Young Leader, I think Schwab misremembered. But I also think that Schwab wrongly remembering Putin being a young WEF hope is notable.

I think that an old guy like Schwab (in 2019 he was already 81) can be excused to under the pressure of a live interview wrongly remember someone whom he first met in 1992 and who still addresses him with “dear Klaus” was one of his old “Young Global Leaders”.

An ex-Junger Globaler Führer or not, there aren’t many sitting heads of state who are happier to conference with good ole Schwab than Putin.

Not a former formal Young Global Leader but something just as good?
  1. Sam says

    I’m not as smart as you guys. But is there a reason why Putin is completely a part of Great Reset as far as vaccination and covid passports are concerned but at the same time seems to not be a part of it when it comes to enforcing woke culture,open borders,military etc? Is it possible that he is a part of the covid story unwillingly or is he the one driving it in Russia and a large number of high ranking officials are preventing him for implementing it more? For all the pandemic approach similarities Russia,China,Turkey,Hungary,Poland etc still arent following the great reset agenda completely in terms of all the other degeneracy.

    1. padre says

      I think it is because he choses his battles very carefully! He doesn’t want any unnecessary smearing from the usual suspects!

      1. Amy says

        If he had resisted right away all the brainwashed sheep, scared they were going to die, would have slapped him down in disbelief and the MSM too would have destroyed his credibility forever.. So maybe he had to pretend to join in and even develop his own vaccine (which is not MRNA). I have not heard any horror stories of Russians dying by the thousands.
        What would you do if you landed in and surrounded by a pit full of killer vipers?? Fight them and die or pretend to be one of them until you had the opportunity to get out and then slay them?
        Remember he or Trump do not have ultimate power. Decisions are made with the approval of Govt, which too is full of traitors pretending to be friends. Not easy!!!!

      2. natalia frolova says

        Read FitzInfo site or search for Putin’s rabbi many photos of Putin with Chabadniks surrounding him and videos on YouTube of Putin wearin little hat at the wailing wall He always looks scared when with the Lubivichers

        1. Q B says

          wow Centuries-old game “Blame everything on Jews” is still here. I thought Russia evolved after the failure of Soviet Union…

          1. klaus says

            The old game is not to accuse the Jew but to hide his guilt.

    2. Sasha Smirnoff says

      It’s a good question and one that I have also pondered. Herman Gref of Sberbank is all aboard the Great Reset train, as well as the woman who is in charge of the Health portfolio. Her name eludes me. I am beginning to wonder if Putin is simply a plant, a fake populist, much like Trump, but much more intelligent and pragmatic. Every national government with very few exceptions has been infiltrated and subsumed by the WEF, and I have no reason to believe that Russia should be an exception. The useful charade of nationalism, independence etc. has to be maintained, as does an artificial “state of tension” with the West, but I think it is all theater. A theater that will from time to time feature actual combat, but a kabuki sort of combat, where the endgame is known to all, but maybe not to the unwitting stooges – like Ukraine. All of it reeks.

      1. Mutthead52 says

        Popova and Golikova.

      2. Roman says

        Very good comment! I agree with you 100%. The problem is that if everything is undertaken on global scale – global problems and global solutions may also end up in global catastrophe with no winners! Only time will tell…

      3. Roman says

        Sasha, you look like a very intelligent person. Congratulations!
        Please, watch the interview on March 25, 2020 with coronel Vladimir Kvachkov: https://goldenageofgaia.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/EX-RUSSIAN-INTEL-OFFICER_-Depopulation-agenda-is-real.mp4?_=1
        Pay particular attention to what he said about China! MSM would never report on this! All the best to you and everybody else!

        1. Sasha Smirnoff says

          Flattery will get you everywhere – will do, and thank you for the link. All the best to you and yours as well Roman!

        2. Krunkernaut says

          Thanks stranger. This is really on point, timely, accessible, and enough scope and depth for the uninitiated. I’m stressed. How do I let them know?

        3. Sebastiam says

          Very interesting but, for all we know, they could both merely be actors and this video filmed yesterday.
          Just saying.

      4. Victor Quero says

        I was quite shocked when I found out that Kirill Dmitriev (“Chief Executive Officer, Russian Direct Investment Fund, Russian Federation”) was part of this creepy Schwab’s organization:


        Now, of course it’s impossible that the incumbent president (Putin) doesn’t know that the director of his “Direct Investment Fund” is a Schwab’s man. Absolutely impossible.

        I also would like a convincing answer to the question you pose. For example, I would never had imagined that, when the Global Agenda unfolded its might, Russia would comply and Sweden would go its own way. Almost like they intentionally swept sides. This really baffled me.

        1. athol says

          There names are being scrubbed from WEF site..no longer there.

          1. Jerri Kohl says

            Use the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine. You can find much that has been scrubbed from many a site therein.

          2. Knothead says

            This is such an interesting conversation to read. So Trump and Putin are considered iconoclasts. They’ve seen what their peers (the elites) are doing/have done and either they’re complicit, or they are turncoat to the elites. Which is it? I tend to lean that they are complicit, and pretending to be for the people/freedoms/anti-establishment. Mostly just because I can’t reconcile certain inconsistencies. But I’ve found some private journalists that provide compelling evidence Trump is a good guy. But yeah, Ivanka was also a recent graduate of the WEF’s young global leaders. These private journalists don’t really address these types of inconsistencies.

            1. Knothead says

              The names being scrubbed is another inconsistency. Why would they want to hide it? Who is doing the scrubbing? All of it makes me doubt that we the people have anyone on our side whatsoever. The only silver lining may be that we the people are getting so damn good at spreading news out about these corrupt organizations they now feel the need to scrub certain details.

      5. Mince Charles says

        I’d agree with most of that. Vanguard own a proportionally high and disparate amount in BlackRock which in turn owns most of everything below it. To say that they own everything is wrong. But to say that they own almost everything is correct. similarly, the fact that we are wondering if all heads of state are converted illuminati members and not just most of them is rather an academic point. If senior figures in the governments are infiltrated, it may as well be considered to be as good as a global one world government in all but name.

        1. Knothead says

          Which heads of states of which countries looked at the data coming out and declared Ivermectin one of the official treatments for covid, and you got your answer.

          1. staying alive says

            Good point!

      6. Samantha says

        Remember that Russia is NO LONGER in debt to imf or wef. So those monsters don’t have him by the short and curlies, like the rest of the world… Just saying😁

        1. mjhjava says

          I’d agree that Russia is in quite good shape with only 20% Debt to GDP; no debt spiral for them.. Strong resource base and tons of Gold. Only downside are the sanctions (does Putin care?) and strength of the rouble. I guess he’s banking on trade with China?

      7. peter says

        Agree to Sasha! The powers that be play both sides. The video ‘I pet goat’ is pure predictive programming and after a 3 of 4 minutes you see tanks invading a country. On the ground: Yin-Yang = checkerboard black and white. Playing both sides in conflicts => order out of chaos over and over again.
        See for my first video on ‘I Pet Goat’:
        I’m now busy with part 2 – starting with the invasion. I believe only God is able to bring lasting solutions through Jesus Christ.

        1. Krunkernaut says

          Right on, sis. I’ve not looked at the second one, but I looked at the first, two weeks ago. I’d seen it before, and wanted to see it again. There was a prophetic or an unseen zeitgeist shockwave; looking at the data on Google Trends, you’ll see interesting spikes in viewership, across geographies. Africa was interesting to me, a few cities, in two countries.

    3. Commenter says

      The “reason” is because your whiny idiotic view of the “great reset” is rubbish. Putin is not some messiah, he’s just better at some things, and corrupt in other ways. Not bowing to nonsensical homosexuality laws doesn’t necessarily make him a top freedom fighter, sorry.
      The things you list as bad are the CONSEQUENCES of foreign policy of West & their greedy liaisions with mid east races. Russians aren’t in the same position as US, who are RESPONSIBLE for their current situation out of their habits and history. No one entity forced those things upon them. Same for certain European nations, who make crime deals that force them to do certain things in exchange. Look at British leaders and love for Saudis, even Russian oligarchs.

    4. Andrew Ray says

      Is the woke culture thing really part of the great reset plans? I haven’t looked at everything WEF pushes, but I don’t remember seeing that being part of it. I also don’t see how open borders is what WEF is pushing. (Ironically, Hungary is at the moment very open borders, in the sense that since last fall (if not earlier) there were no restrictions on crossing the land border into Hungary from its neighbors, while Slovakia and Austria had restrictions.)

      1. mjhjava says

        It’s supposedly part of the ‘Family Destruction’ cause I think?

      2. Eliza says

        Yes, the woke aspects translates to their social/equity narrative which is being used to justify redistribution of wealth and is part of social credit score controls. This is called ESG scores which stands for credit ratings based on Social, Environmental, and Government ratings. But the current emphasis on it depends on the area and what furthers the agenda in different areas best at the moment. Open borders is also part of the globalist goal to be able to move populations around where needed, such as more cheap service workers. Massive immigration also destabilizes sovereign nations and cultures. But as with the Woke.social justice aspect it’s being emphasized at the moment where it is seen as the most useful tool to further goals. Hungary is also possibly one of the least infiltrated by WEF countries. Covid responses have tested various reactions to usurping civil liberties and increased authoritarianism. Austria has implemented a draconian law demanding every citizen over 18 take the jab, not only the initial but ongoing boosters, and even at intervals of every six months or pay hefty fines of thousands of euros. Despite the fact it’s known the jab won’t eliminate the virus and has caused nasty side effects of massive blood clots, strokes, autoimmune reactions, heart problems, and even a few deaths in teens.

    5. james says

      ukraine invasion part of great reset? seems very timely on the heels of covid and the failure of total vaccine mandates

      1. Losa says

        They have been invading Ukraine, since Obummers presidency?

    6. Lorna says

      Putin probably does have power and money reasons for cooperating with WEF’s plans to subjugate the world (and I truly believe that both Russia and China are the models for sustainable living/Great Reset) ,however,I truly believe when push comes to shove and when the rest of the world is in a shambles and in enslavement he will try to rebel and take power from them unto himself. The end justifies the means…and in most despots playbooks it’s ok to lie and feign friendship in order to achieve what you believe are your righteous goals…

      1. Julien says

        I think you are right. How many global players do you see? I see 4: Russia / China / US / WEF. And how do you perceive their strategy?

    7. Leslie says

      Like Doald Trump, I don’t think Putin want’s anything to do with them or the NWO! Many leaders have photo’s with Schwab. I think Schwabs lying and hoping to win him over! No different than them lying to us about everything, telling us most the world is vaxxed; not al all true!

    8. Frankie says

      He’s playing the good cop but it’s all scripted and theatre in the end. Each of them has a role to play in the reset agenda to win over as many people as possible. Putin win over people who don’t like Trudeau or Biden and Biden and Trudeau will win over people who don’t like Putin. Team work to fool as many people as possible. People want to believe anything except that people will lie to them without remorse.

    9. mjhjava says

      China? Not sure I agree.

    10. Theodore says

      The way the current situation evolves, it might be reasonable to assume that, in order to support the idea of a Russia- NATO paradigm, the doubts about Putins assosiation with WEF might just be PR. Putin needs popular back-up and NATO needs a Wickerman. I find it hard to believe that Putin would be kept in charge as a Trump-like useful idiot for so many years.

    11. Gwen says

      I read recently that Putin infiltrated the WEF to get the info on those people and companies that were WEF or enemies of Russia. He then cleaned out much of the corrupt ones in Russia. He supports and recognizes the independent republics in the Donbas region, that have been consistantly attacked by the WEF/Nazi factions in Kyiv. Know your enemy.

      1. Sam says

        The way Russia and everything Russian is just flat out cancelled gives me a strong sense that WEF and Putin aren’t on the same page. I think the plan was for Ukraine to be in NATO and then a false flag on Russia…
        I mean look,when I realised what was happening i thought ‘the west will be the only ones caught in their own trap’ and i think its happening. I may not agree with and wouldn’t want to live in China,Middle East,Russia,North Korea,India,Pakistan and many other countries but they all seem to be primarily focused with their own populations. The west are the only ones exporting their ideology and trying to ‘convery'(blackmail) everyone.
        If he actually played along with WEF with the intentions you mentioned that he deserves to go down in history. I’m certain this war wasn’t how WEF wanted it…

        1. Myra Bowyer says

          I agree with you 100%. If you listen to liberals and others associated with the WEF, you can tell that they’re panicking. It’s gotten to the point that they don’t know what to do anymore besides call everyone childish names who doesn’t agree with them. That doesn’t happen if the organizations plans were going according to plan.

    12. Sloj says

      Considering that America is to fall and Russia/China to rise, Efemenize and unpower the man is the way to go..,

  2. Helga Weber says

    All I know is, that all these smart young global leaders are terrible for the rest of us.

  3. Sally Snyder says

    Here is a look at who is funding Schwab’s World Economic Forum:


    One has to wonder if the leaders of these companies aren’t expecting to get special favours from the World Economic Forum as the Great Reset is implemented.

  4. XSFRGR says

    Like anyone who makes it to the top Putin had to make his way through the institutions until he was powerful enough to become an institution; which he now is.

  5. april preston says

    Who made Klaus king? How sweet he gives a crystal. Is that that gift made from the remains of humans after the bioreactor converted them to their, “crystal conscience?”

  6. alberto says

    Covid Vax is the mark of the beast and if anyone want to understand where is Mr.Putin, and by the way Mr. Trump, it’s easy to see in what side of that mark is Mr. Putin and all his so called friends. Some years ago a former KGB spy, Mr. Golytsin wrote a book about Perestroika and the true spiritual fathers of Mr. Putin(Andropov, Gorbatchev,…): a prophetic book!

    1. Mary says

      Golytsin was a CIA agent. Cannot be trusted

  7. Cassandra says

    I’d guess there are a lot of unofficial members over the official age. This ‘forum’ was planned for a long time and how else would this lot be ‘formed’ and ‘trained’ to do their evil work? They also have honorary membership. I suspect there are a lot of older people in it – what better than KGB members?

  8. Jonah says

    I have a theory on how Russia, is worked into the reset plan. The Ukraine is what will be used as a excuse to start a war with Russia, it will obviously expand to many more countries fighting, it will very quickly look like ww3 is inevitable. This is the genius part of the plan, the leaders are all actually on the same side! Then we will be offered a way out. How will that happen all we will need to do is lose our sovereignty. Probably a nuke will be fired off into some densely populated US city, scaring the shit out of Americans, giving them a massive incentive to sign up to a world wide government. To end the war we will need a world government. Can’t have a war without “enemies”.

    1. Greg Hindmarsh says

      I think you hit the nail on the head, calling it a month ago!!

    2. cucciolo says

      That’s why the west needs to approach Ukraine with the aim of neutralizing it in a peaceful manner. At least that makes most sense to me, when you play it by the official narrative.

    3. staying alive says

      Well, you were right about the war 🙂 It feels like a distraction. What’s happening in the background is the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty which if it is agreed to – we will lose our sovereignty that way. WHO (WEF) will determine what is a pandemic, what the treatments will be and how many we’ll have to have. They’ll need to chip us in some way for tracking purposes, etc. Presumably, if we don’t comply we’ll lose the right to work, travel, leave home and lose rent assistance, social security… We have so much to lose if this treaty goes through.

  9. young global leader says

    Whait and see before !
    There is another video where KS remember well Mr. Putin :
    “I think that an old guy like Schwab (in 2019 he was already 81) can be excused to under the pressure of a live interview wrongly remember..”

  10. not sure says

    I wouldn’t characterize it as “misremembering”. I would say that Dear Klaus and associates have been in this same business informally, long before they ever presented a formal institution for the public to consume.

  11. Bob says

    Interestingly, Putin is listed on the WEF website.
    Maybe he is “grand-fathered” in as some kind of honorary “graduate”.

    1. kathrin says

      Thank you for that link!

    2. Hayes says

      They took it down…

  12. John Wiltshire says

    I think it’s naïve to believe any of this Luciferian globalism started with the WEF it goes back at least to the formation of the UN and many believe much further. Of course Putin was schooled by the Cabal

  13. Noname says

    Apparently the age limit was lifted to 43 when the program was accepted, so that Merkel could join. So this age limit alone is not enough to disprove Putin’s involvement. Klaus made the same statement about Putin being a YGL at least one more time:

    1. Noname says

      *incepted not accepted

  14. Laura Lewis says

    The original age to join was 43 so Angela Merkel could be part of it so it’s possible that Putin was.

  15. Ivan says

    The programme started in 1992. Merkel was allowed in and the age was raised to 43 to allow her to do so. https://worldfreedomalliance.org/au/news/world-economic-forums-young-global-leaders-revealed/

  16. Hannah says

    You say Putin couldn’t have been a YGL because he would have been too old when it started so then your saying that Schwab wrongly remembered Merkel and Blair too because they would have been older than 38. I don’t believe someone in Schwab’s position got it wrong for 3 people! They can make whoever they want a YGL regardless of rules. The Cabal don’t play by the rules anyway!

  17. Chilly says

    And how old was Angela Merkel?

  18. Chacha says

    Did Putin get a nose job or something? He looks so different in those pictures and it is much more than age-related imo

    1. Daily Motion says

      Vladimir Putin missing: Russian President refuses to comment on 10-day disappearing act – ‘it would be boring without gossip’https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/vladimir-putin-missing-russian-president-appears-in-public-for-first-time-in-11-days-10110525.html

      Some speculate that the real Putin was executed after having stood trial for treason and replaced with a double. Footage exists purporting to show someone who looks a lot like Putin in a cage in a Russian courtroom in 2015 identifying himself as Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

  19. Daily Motion says

    ‘The program has since its inception has included politicians, business leaders, royalty, journalists, performers and other cultural influencers who have excelled in their fields but have not yet turned 40 years of age (originally 43 in order to include Angela Merkel)’ written by By Jacob Nordangård at https://grandmageri422.me/2022/02/10/klaus-schwabs-puppet-young-global-leaders-revealed-trudeau-in-canada-buttigieg-in-u-s-macron-in-france-and-many-more%ef%bf%bc/comment-page-1/

  20. Rania Kinge says

    Because Russia’s central bank does depend on international financieres they can crash Russia’s economy at any time… and the balance of power between the bankers in and between the government is very fragile… t

  21. Wouldn't You Like to Know? says

    Is this a website that aligns with my views of Covid being a plandemic and how the WEF and globalists have been put in place for a reason? Completely crazy how people can’t see the truth… How Fauci funneled money through EcoHealth Alliance to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for gain of function research, and how this all has to do with people like Bill Gate’s and Klaus Schwab’s plans of depopulating the Earth and starting the Great Reset.Not to mention one of the biggest wealth transfers due to the economic crisis.

    I came across this website while trying to research the reason for the Ukrainian Invasion because I heard that Putin knows full well about Schwab’s plans, and doesn’t agree with them and that there’s something in the Ukraine to do with it..

    Hope I’ve come to the right website. Where open discussion is allowed and not labelled as misinformation because people can’t handle the truth or it doesn’t align with the media’s narrative!

    What is this website anyways? Never heard of it? Mostly get my news from Russell Brand these days hahaha and doing my own research into statistics. I’ve found out so much…

    Like how there hasn’t been a case of influenza in Western countries since June 2020? Coincidence or bullshit? Why weren’t Americans told to wear masks when over 80,000 people died of the flu during 2017/18 peak season. The media says we aren’t getting the flu because we’re all social distancing and wearing masks. Lies. Or how the Pcr test was never intended for virus screening, and they are running it through double the cycles, giving false positives.

    You won’t believe this.. Or maybe you will; coroners have been investigating ‘Covid’ deaths because people dying of gun shot wounds in America have even been added to the number of Covid mortalities. Yep. Because they tested positive weeks before they died. What about the fact that the CDC has changed the definition of a vaccine. We all know how inoculation works, ever since the term ‘vaccination’ was coined when Edward Jenner infected James Phipps with pus of a milkmaid with cow pox, then after introduced him to small pox, to which he had gained immunity.

    Nowadays it’s so obvious our governments think we’re imbeciles.. Trying to lure us with trashy junk food to get the jab. Instead of advocating healthy living, clean eating, and natural immunity. Or completely ignoring proven studies of medicines that have been around for decades that can help people with Covid. Honestly though, how many people even have Covid? I believe it was biologically engineered, whether released on purpose or not, but I don’t believe the case numbers. Or those of the ‘vaccinated’. What about the fact that the CDC failed to release information of how the vaccines do bugger all, and ‘wane’ after 3 months or less and how governments worldwide knew this, and pre ordered boosters when they bought vaccines.

    I could go on…

    Big Pharma has always been corrupt yet I talk to people who don’t even believe it’s about profit margins.. And lining their pockets.. The pharmaceutical industry has been corrupt ever since Rocker fella decided to infiltrate modern medicine, and used oil to create medicines, that in turn made people sick. Doctors are no better than drug dealers. Ugh. What kind of world do we live in?!!

    Heh, I was going to mention something else but now I’ve forgotten. Oh yeah, Project Mockingbird. It’s almost like that’s still in play, especially when you hear reporter’s reading from the same scripts. Hmm.. I feel like I’m going crazy with all these sheep surrounding me. Even when you give people the data and facts, they still deny what’s right in front of them.

    Anyone know where else I can find reliable information?

    Also, do you think that Schwab is in favour of this war, and the economic crisis? I think so.. As the WEF needs a breakdown of society to push for total control and a one world government. But what does Putin want with Ukraine? Apparently NATO forces are infiltrating the Five Eyes, even my own country (which is apart of the Five Eyes). It seems Klaus, along with the powers that be, are the reason the world is in this predicament. After rehearsing for a plandemic years before this started, you’d think governments would have been better prepared.

    Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if China backs Russia in a WWIII if that’s what it comes to. They’ve already got their eyes on Taiwan, as they manufacture 92% of the world’s semiconductor chips, which would be invaluable to China.

    1. Sam says

      You’ve made many good points. Sounds like you’re relieved you’ve discovered this site.
      I think my own question has been answered,which a few of the posters have hinted at earlier.
      Not to be naive but i think Putin waited for the right moment to show his true thoughts on WEF. They’ve even taken him off their website(check it out). I think because the covid narrative failed,this war was the globalists back up plan to push through their plans. They’re basically trying to cancel Russia,which is clear to me that Putin had pissed them off immensely. Makes me hopef that there are many world leaders who go to Davos,only for show,but deep inside are careful of it. Lets all pray to god Russia take this. Not because theyre saints,but because theyre fighting the evil.

      1. Wouldn't You Like to Know? says

        Thanks for the reply, funny enough it’s late at night here and I need to take a shower.. (Probably gonna wait til tomorrow but I need to wash this makeup off) but I thought, heh, I’ll have a quick look to see if anyone bothered reading my post or replied!

        Sometimes I feel like I am some crazy tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, especially when I see people my age going to bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes and living life like they’re blissfully unaware. I’m unvaccinated so I couldn’t even go to those places if I wanted to! Much less a library or gym, or anywhere really! Only shops. The hypocrisy! Proves we are just feeding into consumerism, and this shit has nothing to do with Covid.

        Today I went to buy an ice coffee, but because I can’t go inside the cafe, they usually have a window open to serve customers that want takeaways or don’t have a vaccine pass… It was closed so I had a friend go in to the cafe for me to order my takeaway coffee.

        So picture this, I’m not allowed to go into a cafe, pay and wait outside but I can go up to an open window adjoined to the cafe, order my drink and wait right next to tables of vaccinated patrons… It’s such a joke! And businesses in my country don’t realise that they don’t have to adhere to the vaccine pass mandate.. It’s under their discretion whether they want to let the unvaccinated in or not. I saw one business that said “Unvaccinated Only” and I was thinking, good on them! Probably going to lose a lot of customers but at least they’re standing up for what they believe in.

        I’ve heard other countries, like Britain, have ended vaccine passport mandates so I hope we’ll follow suit. We had a great win recently, which will be a precedent for further cases… So our defense force and police who wouldn’t get vaccinated were fired, or put under so much pressure that they caved and got the vax. But because there were so many against it (media again made it sound like a small group of outliers), well, they banded together, layered up and went to court and won! So no more vaccine mandates for them, and the people that were sacked have been reinstated! So I think this will get the ball rolling here!

        And maybe you’re right about Putin not agreeing with the WEF.. My Mum apparently saw or read something online and some Ukrainian was saying some fucked up shit was happening there, like laboratories or something, and how Putin was actually doing the right thing.. I don’t believe it because I haven’t done research or had reliable information but maybe there is something going on.. Like why would he start an invasion now of all times? During a pandemic.. Maybe it’s a part of a bigger plan, like I said in my previous post. A disintegration of the world, total economic crisis, then the WEF can take over. I mean, Russia is pretty fucked up.. They’re commies.. But pretty much every government is corrupt so what can you do..

        This is actually funny in a way, cause if we were living back hundreds of years ago as serfs or middle class, we’d be bitching about Kings taking over land or some invasion haha yet we probably wouldn’t be aware of everything like we do now, we’d only know how it effected us. Well, we still aren’t clued in but at least our eyes are open! Man, I’m tired and babbling now. Gotta go get ready for bed and get some sleep. But if you do know of some reputable news sites or interesting articles, let me know! I have a constant thirst for knowledge! And I don’t watch TV, for obvious reasons… Cause reality shows are shit and the news is fake. I actually thought of Fight Club for some reason while typing all this out.. I love that line he says about consumerism and how our war is a spiritual war.. So classic..

        1. Sam says

          Sounds like youre in Australia or New Zealand,not many places with such over the top measures. I read recently that in South Australia the courts over ruled the vaccine mandate for the police. I’m in Europe and it seems apart from Greece and Italy most countries here have ended,or will end soon,most measures. But you can’t fight nature. Enough people eventually see what is happening. I bet even whereever you are most people took it because they had to but don’t want to admit it now.
          I feel that most people even in highly vaccinated countries went along until they realised that this was never meant to end. I do feel that the people behind covid lost that battle but that certainly this war is another orchestrated attack on our liberties. What kind of work are you able to do if it’s what it sounds like,that you cant work anywhere unvaccinated? After spending almost my entire life in a first world country i moved to a transitioning country thinking it will probably be freeer in case something like this happened…
          I’m not saying that Putin is a saint but in times like this its definitely a ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’
          I feel Ukraine was supposed to join NATO first and then this war was supposed to happen. This isn’t exactly to script of WEF. Its made me think(i think i mentioned earlier) that many leaders go to Davos just for the photo opps and don’t necessarily follow their script. Your best guide to information whats happening now is history books. Humanity is one big cycle that constantly keeps repeating. When i realised this,that was the most comforting thing. A lot of empires got to a stage where they treated people like slaves in exchange for bread. Things are about to get much worse before they get better. And they will get better. History is the best way to read the future…

  22. Monk says

    I’m a bit late to all this but, he has said it multiple times, Putin being a former YGL. Therefor I do not believe that he misremembered.

  23. klaus says

    The Kabbalist Jew rules over the whole land, whether with Chinese, American or Russian Jews. I was an atheist for 47 years (my current age), but today I wonder if the Kabbalist Jew would not be an envoy of the devil trying to expose us to the sin of luxury, pornography among others. Maybe it’s God’s way of separating those who will go to paradise.

  24. Ronald says

    Are no accidents everything is planned out. They are all working together following agenda.

  25. Ron says

    Hi. When I see the mainstream media portraying Putin like he is a monster it makes me think he may be doing at least something right. Bio weapon labs in ukraine justify military action partly. I wonder if he is resisting the globalist regime or a player in it.

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