Why Did the World React So Hysterically to COVID?

"What the hell is going on?"

Over the last few months, I’ve sought to demonstrate that covid is nowhere near as bad as it is portrayed by the mainstream media. I’ve written about how the mortality rate is below 0,2%, meaning that for most people the risk of dying if you get infected is less than one in 500 (and less than one in 3,000 if you’re below 70 years of age). I’ve also written about how the disease preferentially strikes people who are anyway very close to the end of life, so the amount of lifetime lost when someone dies of the disease is usually small. And I’ve noted that 2020 will likely turn out to have been a very average year in terms of overall mortality, in spite of the supposedly deadly pandemic that is currently raging.

Some have countered that covid might not be that deadly, but lots of people have “long covid”. I’ve pointed out that 98% of people who get covid are fully recovered within three months, and that there is no good evidence that covid results in long term health consequences (there is bad evidence, based on low quality science, that has intentionally been used to scare people).

I’ve also pointed out that the measures taken to fight covid, such as the huge fear campaigns, canceled childhood vaccination programs, and school closures, will result in far more years of life lost than will be lost to the virus directly. And the data I’ve used to point out all these things is publicly available, and published in some of the most prestigious and respected scientific journals in the world.

Given that this is the case, what the hell is going on? Lockdowns have in many cases been more severe the second time round than the first time, even though we now know so much more about the virus. It made sense to be extremely careful in March, when little was known about covid-19. It doesn’t make sense any more.

I have a hypothesis, that is really just my attempt to make sense of the situation, which I’m going to share with you. A lot of these thoughts have been developed together with Ulf Martin, who’s written extensively about what he thinks is going on on his own web site. If you have an alternate hypothesis, please share it in the comments section below, and we can discuss. As everyone knows, covid-19 started in China, and China is a totalitarian dictatorship that has a long history of strict control of its media messaging, and a well-developed propaganda machine.

I think the Chinese realized early on that covid-19 wasn’t very serious, no worse than a bad flu. That’s probably why their initial response was to try to suppress public discussion of it and just let it blow over. But it soon became clear that that was going to be impossible, with stories spreading rapidly on social media in spite of their attempts at censorship.

So instead, they changed tack, and decided to stage a show, straight out of a Hollywood movie. Therefore, in January and February the world was treated to carefully choreographed images of lockdown in Wuhan. We saw the entrances to apartment complexes being welded shut, people in hazmat suits fumigating buildings, people lying dead in the street, and fleets of vehicles spraying disinfectant over everything.

Maybe this was merely intended to be a show of strength. Maybe the goal was to manipulate other countries in to the extraordinary acts of self-harm that ensued. Or maybe that was just a lucky bi-product. Regardless, China claimed to have defeated covid completely in little over a month. On the 11th of February, China reported 6,900 cases a day. A month later, there were supposedly only 15 cases a day in all of China, a country of over one billion people.

At present, when the rest of the world is dealing with a second wave, China is still reporting less than 20 cases per day. They are also claiming that less than 5,000 people have so far died of covid in China. That’s less than Sweden, a country with less than 1% of China’s population. Yeah, right. [On the other hand Japan has only had 3,000 deaths and that is possibly with 50% seroprevalence in Tokyo, so it is possible that East Asia is simply different in some way, more resilient to it for some reason.]

For some reason, even though we know that China is a dictatorship, with a well-developed propaganda machine, we are trusting their numbers and their information. We’re trusting that China’s temporary lockdown in Wuhan was so successful that the disease was stamped out completely in the country, and still hasn’t shown any sign of returning.

Clearly, this is impossible. As I’ve written about earlier, the evidence shows that lockdown is ineffective. And by the time Wuhan went in to lockdown, in February, the virus had already been circulating in China for months, and must have been widely spread throughout the country. Locking down one city in a situation where the virus was already widespread in the country was really a meaningless action, purely done for the purposes of propaganda.

And what was the result? Global media went into overdrive, spreading the Chinese images across the world. When cases started to appear in other countries, everyone was already primed to see this as a deadly pandemic. Demands were made in both established media and social media that governments take similar action to China, since China’s actions had “clearly” been shown to be so effective. Democratic governments, afraid of losing voters, complied. Voters, seeing increasingly draconian measures being taken by governments, felt that this justified their fear, and became ever more afraid, and ever more demanding. A positive feedback loop was created. And the rest is history.

A hundred years from now, historians will not be talking about covid-19 as an example of a deadly pandemic on par with the Spanish flu. They will be talking about it as an example of how easy it is to induce a state of collective mass hysteria. Given that this is the case, how long will the present hysteria continue?

I think most governments have dug themselves into a hole in relation to covid. They’ve portrayed it as for more deadly and dangerous than it is. They know this. But to admit the error now is impossible.

Partly, that is because lockdown has resulted in so much suffering that it would be suicidal to say that it was all for nothing.

Partly it is because the mass media and general public are so convinced of the seriousness of the disease, that any government that argued the contrary would be labeled as irresponsible and deranged.

So, the only way out of the hole is with a magic bullet. And that magic bullet is the vaccine.

It doesn’t matter whether the vaccine has any effect whatsoever on overall mortality, or whether it protects the old and infirm, who are at most risk of severe disease, or prevents spread of infection. The only thing that matters is getting out of the hole as quickly as possible, without admitting ever having done anything wrong.

Once enough people have been vaccinated, governments can state that the crisis has been ended. Heads of state can be lauded as heroes. And we can all go on about our lives. [That’s an optimistic view.]

A lot of people have been asking me about my views on the vaccines lately. I’m digging in to the data right now, and should have an in-depth article ready in about a week.

  1. yuri says

    wrong—it is the angloshere that is fascist. there is evidence that Covid appeared in ?Italy, France before china. we may not know for years. the vaccine by Pfizer has created thousands of severe reaction, and killed at least 5 so far. UK and Denmark r violating recommendation for administration of the 2nd dose; effectiveness may be less than 60%.

  2. GMC says

    My 2 rubles – is that all these countries that are bowing down and doing the Covid shuffle, have the same Central Banks, and we all know that they are connected to the Federal Reserve. Of course the Federal Reserve, prints 10 Xs more money than any citizen would be aware of, and this extra money goes to keeping the International Corruption and every type of bribery – moving right along. It’s a Banking Thing , a Globalist Thing, NWO thing and we { some of us } shall see exactly the outcome – some day.

  3. ken says

    We ASSUME sars2 started in China. Little is mentioned about the research moving from N. Carolina to Wuhan China paid for by Fauci at the CDC.

    How can we have a second wave when we know the virus has never been isolated as a single virus causing this disease they are now calling covid. All admitted by the CDC but somehow always omitted in write ups.

    If memory serves China does not use the useless PCR test. They use a CAT or some other means. They also do not test those that are not sick. The PCR is only good for frightening people that have no clue. It is being used to implement a authoritarian government to force Climate Change issues.

    Why government admitting to an error is impossible? Are we as a people so far gone that we think ourselves perfect? We have a governor in Florida that locked down,,, then obviously saw the fraud and is returning everything to normal. THAT IS admitting you were wrong. No one expect a apology with tears… just correct the wrong and continue on.

  4. Kieran DSouza says

    far from a magic bullet the vaccine will further mire the lock down fascist governments with long term health issues as the vaccine is not properly tested, is an RNA vaccine which is a novel approach untested and no specific remedy if things go horribly wrong. if the fascist lock down governments have any lessions to learn, it is to leave decisions especially pertaining to matters of health in the hands of the citizens

  5. Vonu says

    Tho only people who know with certainty that the virus started in China are associated with Dr. Fauci, who had the prototype genome sent to the Wuhan lab along with millions of American taxpayers dollars. Whether the release was deliberate or accidental, the Wuhan having a record of negligence, is academic.
    The COVID virus is the extreme extension of Orson Welles’ War of the World broadcast, performed on modern technology with the same old American naiveté.

  6. Voz 0db says

    A couple of new labels “COVID-19” and “SARS-CoV-2” to refer to the good and old PNEUMONIA is all it take to put the global herd of ignorant in fear/panic/hysterical mode, specially today with the help of the Tools WWW and “SMART”phones that modern ignorant slaves use 24/7.

    The success of this Operation is mainly due to those two tools. Specially the “smart”phone.

    An Ignorant Uman believes in what the TV tells him… And today the TV is the “smart”phone and the propaganda goes around the Planet in a few seconds.

  7. Mark says

    Disappointing. You had me at first with the convincing description of an hysterical society running around like the proverbial headless chickens, proposing placebo feelgood remedies like facemasks in an attempt to appear in control, and to a large extent this is still what we are seeing; the terror campaign enabled a subclass of busybodies who see themselves as the real heroes in the trenches, exposing ‘anti-maskers’ and denouncing ‘vaccine-deniers’ and generally having a high old time sacrificing for the greater good. These are the stiff-upper-lip types you are seeing in the newspaper editorial pages, screaming for more restrictions, stricter lockdowns, huge financial penalties for those caught ‘gathering’. This is their Blitz, their World War Two, their chance to show their indomitability to the world even as they beg the government to take away any shreds of freedom the public has left. Is this an easy path for government to take? Well, what do you think?

    But then you took a hard left into Crazytown with the China Death Deception. China sent out warnings early, and those who shriek “Not early enough!!!” would be condemning them now if they had panicked and it had turned out to be nothing. Chinese medical personnel and scientists isolated the genome early and shared their results with everyone, and it was the west that chose to portray it as a grim reaper loose in the streets; they had the same opportunity as everyone to say it is just another coronavirus – be careful, but don’t panic. It was likewise the west that chose to hide much of its research from the Chinese, citing suspicion that ‘China did it’, and it was the intrepid Ambassador to the United Nations of Great Britain, Karen Pierce, who recently (in an interview with Bloomberg TV) exhorted the west that “China and Russia must not emerge as the winners from the coronavirus pandemic”. It is thus framed by those who are supposed to be our leaders as some sort of contest in which there is no silver medal – winner take all.

    I don’t think I would be telling the readers here anything astounding if I suggested the western efforts to suppress the virus are instead prolonging the crisis, or that that appears to be deliberate, even as untested vaccines are rushed into service under Emergency Use Authorizations; the latter action would look crazy in an environment in which large sectors of natural immunity already existed thanks to broad circulation among a not-very-vulnerable population. The WHO is emerging as a major villain, and you can hardly blame the audience for that considering they have even altered their website definition of ‘herd immunity’ so as to imply it can only be achieved through vaccination. It is pretty bizarre to suggest the whole thing is being kept alive just to make Big Pharma rich and to usher in an age of annual enforced vaccination, but those seem to be the short-term eventualities. Look at Canada – it bought more than twice as many doses as it has people, even allowing for every man, woman and child in the country to have the two doses current ‘research’ suggests. The Prime Minister pledges to donate the overage to poor countries that cannot afford the vaccines – wasn’t that nice of him? All taxpayers’ money, of course, on top of the cheques the government has been handing out every month for the best part of a year, to console them for abandoning their jobs. I wish I could say Canada was a standout idiot among more sensible nations, but it’s not. None of these are the reactions of thinking people, at least not thinking people who aspire to run a world with more or less equal treatment for all. These are the reactions either of people too shit-scared to think straight, or of a group which has an entirely different agenda – one it chooses not to reveal at present, but which will be made clear when there is no will to resist it.

    1. Shimrod says

      These are the reactions either of people too shit-scared to think straight, or of a group which has an entirely different agenda – one it chooses not to reveal at present”

      That is what I find puzzling; either they are panicked and beyond stupid, or….or what?

      I dont buy the stupid bit myself, I think there are some very smart (and evil) people who have an agenda. What that is remains to be seen.

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