Why Did George Bush Make Up the ‘Putin Dissed My Dog’ Story?

Dubya figures out a way he can play with the cool kids again

Earlier this month war criminal George Bush got himself to the vapid Ellen talk show and he had just the story for it too. He explained Putin got his head into a dog comparing competition where he dissed Bush’s Scottish terrier and bigged up his “bigger, faster, stronger” hound:

President George W. Bush stopped by Ellen on Thursday and recalled a story about Russian President Vladimir Putin not exactly taking a liking to then White House dog Barney.

It wasn’t anything that Barney did; it was just that Barney, a Scottish terrier, is small. Bush got a deeper insight into the Russian leader’s character during a trip to Moscow.

Bush explained, “A year later, Putin says, ‘Would you like to meet my dog?’ Laura and I were with Putin at his dacha outside of Moscow.

I said, ‘Yeah, I’d like to meet him.” And out comes this giant hound kind of loping across the birch-lined yard, and Putin looks at me and says, ‘Bigger, faster, and stronger than Barney.’”

Bush went on to say that Putin has a chip on his shoulder.

Cool story bro. Except this is the picture of the then Putin’s dog:

Does this looks like a “giant loping hound” to you? This is a black lab, and a short-legged one for the standards of its breed.

If Bush ‘misremembered’ what kind of a dog Putin had what else was he telling porkies about?

Actually Russia’s president explained at one time that his previous dog was famously docile and non-threatening which is the only reason he would take her to state functions.

His new dogs — pups which were gifted to him by Bulgaria and Japan and grew into very large dogs long after Bush left office — however are never present precisely because of their size and excess energy.

So exactly contrary to Bush’s fairy tale Putin has done anything but tried to impress foreign visitors with the size and speed of his dogs.

Actually Putin has been pictured with ponies, chicks, koalas, and at one time owned a pet goat. Does this sounds like a guy who would ridicule a Scottish terrier for its size?

On the other hand George “WMD” Bush is precisely the kind of person who would make up crap.

Dubya is no dummy. He may have been universally reviled as the worst US president since Nixon when he left in 2009, but a good Vladimir story can be a ticket back to polite society. Establishment media is perfectly willing to rehabilitate him if they can use him against Russia and Trump.

In fact the re-imaging of Bush is well under way:

Oh yeah on a final note, this is Vladimir Putin — the hater of small dogs — with a poodle:

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